“Hmmm… This body is crude, but a deal is a deal, I will just have to change a few things. Come little lord, time for me to take possession.”

“Very well- Hrk… GAH!!”

The spines pierced the darkrai’s back, causing the lords bones to extend and rip apart his flesh as they moved to escape. It was akin to when he turned into his other form but rather than his body regenerating with the life he devoured, all that he felt was pain… and it felt amazing.

With each bit of bone that erupted from his body he could feel the power and the sting of pleasure fill him. His teeth ground together as they sharpened and ripped passed his gums. The lords thick blood oozed down his face from the crown like mass that had grown out of his skull and as the transformation ended, everything in that void like world went quiet.





“What a feeling this is.”

‘ The VENOM of a black mamba can kill a human in four hours if, say, bitten on the ankle or the thumb. HOWEVER a bite to the face or torso can bring death from paralysis within 20 minutes. Now, you should LISTEN TO THIS, ‘cause this concerns you. The amount of venom that can be delivered from a single bite can be gargantuan.  You know, I’ve always liked that word…     ’G A R G A N T U A N’. rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence. ‘ 

                                       WRITTEN BY REBECCA. 

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is cartoon network making a powerpuff girls reboot series? if so, that sounds awesome and i'd definitely be interested in watching

Yes! There’s been a reboot in the works for a while now, currently set to premiere later this year, some time in Spring, I think. I can’t find an exact date for a US premiere but the fact that CN is doing little teaser ads for it (like they did for We Bare Bears) makes it seem like they’re getting ready to premiere it in a few months

I’m really looking forward to the reboot. Its got a lot of really talented people working on it, like the very awesome @gracekraft, so I’m sure its going to be great

Alone in the Dark for PS2 is super weird

In 2008 Atari released Alone in the Dark - a reboot to a classic and genre defining series. It was a pretty big departure from the previous games and tried to embrace an entirely different style of gameplay. Physics interactions, dynamic lighting and fire simulation make up core part of the game mechanics. Puzzle solving is based on macgyvering together common game objects (e.g. combine alcohol bottle with cloth to make molotov) in ways that are, if not totally realistic, at least consistent in how they work - rather than traditional approach of puzzles that require specific once-off items for each obstacle.

The end result was pretty buggy and unwieldy and it wasn’t met to very positive reception. I personally love the game but it suffers from a lot of technical and control issues (and a really bad script). It’s somewhat of an Icarus story - it was really trying to be a truly “next gen” game - using systems that would not have been feasible a few years before on less powerful consoles or computers. So I was pretty surprised when I saw a Playstation 2 version of the game in a shop for €2. Turns out as there was a Playstation 2 and Wii version of the game released alongside the 360 and Windows version.

So I bought it and eventually got around to playing it and my god is it so fucking weird. It’s like a recreation of the PC version of the game but without any of the stuff the game was actually designed around. What is possibly the central mechanic of the PC game - combining items - is entirely absent in the PS2 version. The entire basis for so many puzzles in the game is just not there.

In the PC game has one puzzle where you must burn a monster nest to progress but it’s locked behind a gate and you can’t get at it directly. But there’s a respawning monster that runs between the nest and a pool of blood that’s readily accessable. The solution is to take a plastic bottle of flammable liquid, combine it with double sided tape to make it sticky, take the bottle and stab it with a knife to make it leak and then throw the bottle at the monster. It sticks to it, causing the bottle to leak a trail back to the nest that you can ignite to burn it. If you don’t have the items required there’s a kitchen area nearby that has them in the cupboards.

External image
External image

In the PS2 version the plastic bottles, knife, doubled sided tape don’t exist as items and even if they did there’s no mechanic for combining them. So what is this puzzle replaces with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The rooms involved still exist. That kitchen area is still in the game. It has the cupboards but they’re not interactive - just set dressing. The corridor beyond it has nothing in it. It’s literally just an empty corridor. It’s not the only room like this either. If you play through the PS2 version of the game being familiar with the PC version you’ll see a bunch of levels that have the layout emulated without the underlying any point to it. It’s like vestigial organs of game design.

In both versions there’s an area of the sewer where a power cable has fallen into the water, making it impassable. In the PC version you must use a long object to nudge the cable to hook it around a bent pipe, lifting it and holding it out of the water. It’s yet another physics puzzle using the mechanics that are present throughout the game. In the PS2 version the solution is to pick up a nearby axe and walk over to the offending cable at which point a cutscene will play where the player character cuts the cable without any user input. It’s the kind of once off use A on B puzzles that the PC game built so many systems to move away from.

External image
External image

And almost every scenario in the game follows the pattern of being recreated using more traditional mechanics or just cut out entirely. The open world is replace with a series of linear levels and the occasional maze. In the PC version when you look into your inventory it moves into a first person view of looking down with your jacket opened. It’s a smooth transition that doesn’t pause the game and is in keeping with the overall diegesis of the game design. The PS2 version copies the jacket as inventory thing but actually does pause the game when you do it as well as employing a conspicuous fade to black, breaking the smooth transition.

The whole PS2 game is just like a bizarre cardboard cutout of the PC game. There’s even more examples I want to bring up but I think this post is probably too long already. Playing this game was just so damn bizarre.

This is my year by year breakdown of my time on tumblr


Exposed to a lot of white culture (ugly british men and donald glover) Rage faces/memes prominent


Everyone becomes an Odd Future blog


Stock photo era. Everyone is problematic


The last ‘active’ year of blogging. Bridges the time between the ‘problematic era’ and current tumblr


Vines and IG memes 


bloggng is dead


blogging is deader 

Future predictions:


Odd Future revival era


Migration back to myspace. Replies return 


World War III. Draft re-instated, bloggers are the first sent to the front lines


Marvel announces fourth Spider-Man reboot


Cut to black, via The Sopranos 


ABOUT FOLLOW BACKS : okay so, one way or another this blog is getting an ample amount of followers again. my follow back limit is extremely small. it’s 250. i already follow this many blogs, and i don’t intend to do any follow backs at the moment. however, once an every couple weeks, i’ll sweep my list for inactives, and then when there’s room again i’ll check out blogs that are following me, see if i can become mutuals with anyone of interest. if you are somehow DYING to become mutuals, you can send me an ask and maybe we can figure stuff out but I highly doubt that’ll work. i rebooted this blog for a reason, a good reason. i’ll be sticking with the rules specified very FIRMLY this time around. thanks for being understanding.
'Cruel Intentions': Sarah Michelle Gellar Courted To Reprise Her Role In NBC Pilot
By Nellie Andreeva

NBC’s Cruel Intentions reboot, which was just greenlighted to pilot, picks up fifteen years after the cult 1999 movie, which starred Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

It follows the beautiful and cunning Kathryn Merteuil — the character played in the film by Gellar — as she vies for control of Valmont International as well as the soul of Bash Casey, the son of her step-brother, the late Sebastian Valmont (Phillippe), and Annette Hargrove (Witherspoon).

With Gellar’s character featured in the followup series, it is probably not surprising that the Buffy The Vampire Slayer star would be on the producers’ wish list. And now I’ve learned that Gellar has been approached about reprising her role in the pilot. It is unclear yet whether it would happen or not; she is reading the script.

i just saw a comment where someone said the ghostbusters reboot looks cheesy

this reboot looks “cheesy”, but the original, where the climax is a faceoff against a marshmallow mascot, was the epitome of classy, cultured filmmaking