So I normally don’t do this but I want to warn you guys about a blog, steven-universe-edits. Basically they’re racist and taking people’s art and official SU art and white washing it, making characters skinny, and being a general piece of crap. I’d encourage you to block them and report them, and if there’s anything else you think I should do, let me know.

A bunch of people answered that they would want a Hogwarts AU, which got me thinking about which houses everyone would be in.

I think:

Series Napoleon Solo 
Series April Dancer
Series Mark Slate
Movie Gaby Teller

Series Illya Kuryakin

Movie Illya Kuryakin

Movie Napoleon Solo
Series Alexander Waverly
Movie Alexander Waverly

Although I have this vision of Movie Napoleon Solo being sorted into Hufflepuff and hating it, because he feels he should be Slytherin, but he’s too loyal to his friends. (Pretty much as soon as he and Illya got past their prickliness, he was willing to save him, try to set him up with Gaby, and betray his country for him.) Imagine a story where he and Illya end up in Hufflepuff and are all upset because Napoleon wants to be Slytherin and Illya wants to be Gryffindor. So they fight each other as though they were sorted into those houses, but whenever they face off against other people, they have each other’s backs 100%, because they actually are Hufflepuffs. 

But I’m not married to this sorting. Where would you guys put everyone?

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i admire ur ability to roll with anything, situ

Dar and i tried to have a private marriage in front of my cabin and his mom appeared and literally bit his face off for trying to marry a ‘lesser god’ idk what happened after that bc he told me to leave. all i know is it was loud and i followed a blood trail to find Dar half conscious in my bathtub so he drove her off somehow.

today has been that sort of day. Vi killing Vol isn’t gonna faze me.