The stellar season of Flash wraps up with a string of unabashedly fun episodes and a helluva cliffhanger. Like its protagonist, the show bolts out the gate at top speed while giving viewers a taste of something readers have known for years: while he isn’t a part of the Trinity, Flash is secretly the most important character in the entire DC universe. Comic creators use his stories to introduce or popularize ideas that are integral to comics as a whole. In 1956, DC did something crazy with the intro of Barry Allen, essentially the first reboot in comics. Thanks to Flash, heroes have begun to come back in big ways, with the birth of Allen effectively marking the start of the Silver Age. The sci-fi plot device of parallel universes has become one of the most well-worn tropes, getting its start with Flash. The Flash of Two Worlds establishes Earth-2 as the world where all Golden Age characters reside and starts a trend in which creators introduce new Earths to tell stories that deviate greatly from everything that has come before. Eventually, it gets out of hand, with far many universes for fans to keep track of; to resolve this, DC brings the Multiverse to an end in Crisis on Infinite Earths. What does this have to do with Flash? Everything, as Allen plays a crucial role, one that leads to his heroic death. It’s a bit poetic, if not tragic: the hero who starts the Silver Age dies at its end. Then, Wally West takes on the mantle of his mentor, a huge landmark and canonization of what’s still seen as a cornerstone of DC: legacy. Its heroes are ideas, larger than life and bigger than any one person. They’re all symbols proudly carried by multiple people. Families form around them, bearing the Man of Steel’s shield or Batman’s signature bat-symbol like coats of arms or noble banners in a mythic tapestry going back more than 75 years. It’s been a long time since a live-action superhero story has been able to pull something spectacular off: with the feeling that anything could happen next. Again, the Fastest Man Alive heralds a watershed moment for comic books. “Run, Barry, run.“

The Flash is the Best DC Superhero, by Joshua Rivera.

date night reboot

the movie is being weird and we can’t get it to play. so we’re going to decoupage!

Archie Sonic The Hedgehog “Champions” Review

“All said and done, this arc is a real winner. It’s definitely the most complete story of the stories following the reboot thus far. The plot is fairly simple but has enough hooks to create interest, the art is appropriately zany and vivid to match the tone of the arc, most of characters are on point and at their best and there’s just this overall sense of fun that the comic has with the material its using. Any issues I have with the arc are minor at best, and aren’t enough to really alter the fact that this is one of the best that Archie Sonic has put on the table. I’d say this is pretty much a must-read; you don’t need it to understand the ongoing plot since it’s mostly detached from the overarching narrative, but it’s a fantastic display of what makes an entertaining comic tale.”  — VEDJ-F

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Reboot & Black Superheroes Interview - Tyler James Williams/ Jaden Smith Confirmed As Static Shock By Tyler James Williams

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Uh, Dick/Jason, truth or dare?


The problem with playing truth or dare with Dick is that Jason doesn’t really want to hear any of his truths (doesn’t want to believe he means it when he says he missed Jason, when he says Bruce went off the rails a little when he died, when he swears that Jason wasn’t just another blue-eyed boy sacrificed to Bruce’s mission and Tim wasn’t his replacement, any more than he’d replaced Dick, except Jason knows what kind of truth that is), but Dick’s also never shied away from a dare in his life.

“Well?” Dick prompts, tapping one blue-striped finger against the ledge he’s perched on. It’s a quiet night in Gotham, only a couple of muggings and one attempted rape to bust up. They’re watching for a shipment of drugs from Bludhaven now, but it sounds like maybe Batgirl’s taken care of it. (Jason hasn’t met the new Batgirl, and he hasn’t spoken to Babs, hasn’t asked her what it felt like to be replaced, but maybe that’s because she was still alive to give her blessing, and as much as he loved–loves–her, he’s not sure he could take her telling him to get over himself, because then he might have to actually do it.)

Jason unhooks his helmet so he can lean in and press a messy kiss to the side of Dick’s throat. “I dare you to tell Bruce about us.”

He can feel the vibration of Dick’s low laugh in response. “What makes you think he doesn’t already know?”

Jason shrugs. He no longer believes in the Bat’s omniscience and omnipotence. “The lack of a shovel talk?”

Dick hums again with laughter and presses a kiss to Jason’s mouth. “He knows it’s not necessary.”

Jason pulls back a little, caught off-balance. “What?”

“If anything, he’s more afraid I’m going to break your heart.”

“You do have that reputation,” Jason answers, mouth on autopilot while his brain tries to come up with a scenario where what Dick’s saying is actually true.

“Lies, all lies.”

Jason grunts skeptically and holds Dick’s gaze. His domino doesn’t have white-out lenses, and Dick lowers his so Jason can see those famous baby blues up close. “But I’m not lying now.”

Jason wants to believe him, which means he probably shouldn’t. The sound of a scream breaks the silence, and they both launch themselves towards it, the conversation finished for now. Jason’s sure they’ll revisit it again later, but he wants to do some research first.