i might be late to the party but look at this star of a fucking disney channel movie validating the queer that the fans of her movie see. LOOK AT THIS ACTRESS WILLINGLY ACKNOWLEDGING A NON-CANON WLW SHIP AND VALIDATING THE OTHERS WHO SEE IT!!!!!!!


THE L WORD REBOOT, REVIVAL, REPRISE, whatever it is, we’re excited!


Because the only thing better than one giant dork is two giant dorks  😂

Lucas Till and George Eads are the best bromance imo

As a Transformers fan

I’ll start by saying that Michael Bay molested my inner child in ways I didn’t think were possible…..seriously by ‘The Last Knight’ I had no expectations and yet he still managed to disappoint.

A lot of people talk about who they’d like to see take the helm and reboot the movie franchise but I have another idea.

What I want isn’t a movie, a movie needs to condense too much.
I want a multi-season series based on the IDW comics with an 80s power metal soundtrack

Seriously if you’re unfamiliar with the IDW comics you owe it to yourself to change that.
Come back and tell me you don’t want to see Megatron’s story told on screen in full from Miner and revolutionary, to warlord, to his search for redemption aboard the lost light.
Tell me you don’t want Bumblebee, Prowl, Starscream and Metalhawk and Arcee rebuilding Cybertron.
Tell me you don’t want the “Last Stand of the Wreckers”
Tell me you don’t want to see the Decepticon Justice Division in all of their sociopathic, horrific glory.

Let’s make this shit happen.


Seriously considering starting up a petition telling NBC that we fans of ‘Miami Vice’ DO NOT want any sort of reboot of the series made (it was announced earlier this month via a link posted by SpoilerTV on Twitter that a reboot is officially in development). Wanting to get an idea beforehand…how many fellow fans of mine would sign this proposed petition? Please let me know by responding YES or NO to this post, and PLEASE, PLEASE REBLOG THIS so that other fellow fans can see this and weigh in. Thanks to all in advance.