So... caught a new episode of the new PPG reboot...

And it involves the typical fairy tale cliches to then be poked fun at throughout the episode. Aside from the rap a lot of the fans got so griped with (I feel ya), I wondered about this take which felt a bit forced at times.

It was an okay episode. But, I think we know which cartoon did it best. 


anonymous asked:

apparently dc is doing yet another reboot. thoughts?

It seems more like an unboot, honestly. I just read DC Universe Rebirth and aside from a couple of things, I really liked it a lot. What did I like best about it? Well…

oh MAN do I have the best idea for a fic right now

It’s been years since I was fully driven to write fanfiction. The last time I wrote fully fleshed fanfics with chapters was four years ago, and it was for fuckin Hetalia of all things (and yeah no I’m not counting the short drabbles for WoW or my oc fics bc I’m talking about writing for canon characters)

But Overwatch has me so riled right now that I just want to write so much for it but I don’t have the time for it but also

the s h i p s