reboot rewatch: 1x08 enzo the smart

↳time, huh! little kid, hmph! i don’t wanna be smart later, i wanna be smart now!


reboot rewatch: 1x01 the tearing

↳Bob, you’ve gotta tell me - what’s it like in the Supercomputer?
well, it’s got lots of ram, incredible capacity, and you can access almost anything. it was nice to visit, but it sure is good to be h o m e.


bob/dot: season 1

↳i knew Hack and Slash would take me to Megabyte, and i figured you’d be with them. i’m making up the rest as i go along.
you’ve been around me too long.


reboot rewatch: 1x07 the crimson binome

↳don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself. you’ve got all my spreadsheets right there. the password is… ‘guardian.’
‘guardian?’ dot….


reboot rewatch: 1x13 identity crisis pt. 2

↳what you are experiencing is a temporary distortion of r e a l i t y.


reboot rewatch: 2x03 when games collide

↳oh no, this is terrible! the User has downloaded another game!