reboot: space husbands

can we talk about how in the motion picture novelisation kirk was literally asked “are you and spock fucking” and instead of just saying “haha nah we’re just friends :)” he went on a paragraph-long weird-ass ramble about spock’s refusal to address to those rumours, the nature of love vs gratification, completely avoids answering the question or even, like addressing it, and uses blatantly comparative language to describe sex with women indicating that he also has sex with people who aren’t women

all I can see is kirk going back to spock like “I PANICKED” and spock with his head in his hands like “…that is evident”

so I heard there’s a movement to fill the star trek fandom with positive works! so here’s my contribution; some scribbled smooching space hubbies. 

I went for AOS faces, but TOS body types because I am So Here for ships that are visually complementary, so spock’s a bit leaner than ZQ and kirk’s a bit more soft around the edges (buff + soft…boft?) than cpine. 

you know what else I love? when people with larger noses smooch and their nose gets all squished against the other person’s cheek. that’s…that’s really important to me. spock’s nose squish. look at it. LOOK AT IT.