reboot: space husbands

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

thank you to the amazing @acommonanomaly for the tag!! I adore your work!! :D

Not sure if I can apply the word “favorite” to any of my stories, but I do feel attached to some of them. In order of newest to oldest:

1. Sheath [M] [8.2k] 2017

Summary: Saito takes Sano on a business trip to Kyoto but doesn’t tell him why.

I’m particularly attached to this story because it’s atmospheric and the emotions run deep. The main character pines and overthinks everything, and just when he decides things can’t get any better with the guy he’s in love with, they do.

2. Where We Belong [T] [2.1k] 2016

Summary: from this prompt “Could I request a super fluffy sick Jim refusing to leave the bridge with Spock desperately trying to get him back to his quarters because he needs to rest and get better?” This is domestic fluff nonsense, basically.

I dedicate this story to overcoming every single migraine that has ever incapacitated me. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

3. Without Words [T] [13.9k] 2016

Summary: When Jim can’t decide how to tell Spock how much he’s loved, he says it without words.

I used to live in Japan and I miss it a lot, so I drew on good memories from that time to write this story. I put effort into creating the different environments.

4. Safe and Warm [T] [1.6k] 2015

Summary: Telepathic injury hurt/comfort. During their second five year mission, Spock is injured, sedated, and wakes up in an unexpected location.

I really like when they look after each other.

5. Fulfilling the Needs of the One (Or the Both) [T] [8.7k] 2014

Summary: Spock begins to wonder if his relationship with Jim has been one-sided in his own favor.

Old writing is embarrassing as hell and this was like…the third story I posted in this fandom. But what I like most about it is the memory of writing it. I was so excited and really enjoyed myself. I wish I always felt that way. lol

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my naym iz spok
wen i turn green
most humanz say
they find me mean

wen logik werk
i prove me rite
tho they dont care
n pick a fite

wen surak sayd
“logik iz blind”
he had not met

im rly trapped
between two livez
my vulcan n human
r separate sidez

and tho i thot
no1 understand
i wuz mistaken
there iz a man

bak in my past
my chance wuz slim
but i fownd my soul
his naym iz jim