Anonymous asked: RTD era or Moffat era?

Every time I complain about reboot Kirk characterization, people are like, “Well, it’s an alternate universe. Don’t you think that Kirk losing his dad might have changed his personality and given him some daddy issues, making him a bit of a womanizer?” And I mean yeah whatever okay.

But the problem is, we don’t NEED that Kirk. The market is flooded with swashbuckling, cocky male protagonists who forget the names of the legions of women they seduce. Reboot Kirk is just like every other blockbuster hero. Our time, and our society, doesn’t need him.

We need a Kirk who enjoys sex, but still respects the fuck out of every woman he meets. We need a Kirk who waxes poetic about a woman’s right to choose.

We need a Kirk who knows and remembers the name of every single crewman on his ship, because he JUST CARES SO MUCH.

We need a Kirk who was heartbreakingly handsome in Academy, but still worked hard. We need that Kirk who was gorgeous but studious: that lovely stack of book on legs.

We need a Kirk who is a man of deep feeling.

We need the writers to understand more about James Tiberius Kirk than the shallow image pop culture draws of him.

We need TOS Kirk back.


So you reduce a beloved character to a romantic encounter

Remove said beloved character from the crew with a transfer

Imply the transfer was because of the romantic encounter, and said encounter caused discomfort for her to be “much happier” now that she has gotten away

Have the main character forget her entirely

And use her as an in-joke of his character at her expense

And you REALLY think that’s a great reference?


the slow development of Spock and Jim’s relationship is extremely important. They start slowly, just learning how to work together, then slowly into a friendship, and then a brotherhood within the tv series. But it is only once they separate and realize what they mean to each other that they truly become ‘space husbands’ and t’hy’la. it is friend, brother, lover, and we can witness it happening

Let It Go: No More Golden Weapons Anymore parody of let it go from Frozen by Disney (Think of LEGO singing this) 

Rip offs showing in rebooted tonight
All the problems, can be seen
A kingdom of frustration
And it looks like we’re the kings

The fandom’s howling
Like this swirling storm inside
Looks like syfy’s in
Thought we’d give it a try

Just real them in, make'em have a spending spree
Sell them toys, they want to see
Steal, have feels, give them the show
Well, now they have a ‘show’…!

Let it go, let it go
No more golden weapons anymore
Let it go, let it go
At least the snakes opened the door
We don’t care what you want to say
Let the fandom rage on
The fangirls never bothered us anyway.

It’s funny how some merchandise makes fangirls scream and all
And the common sense that once controlled us, can’t get to us at all!
It’s time to see what we can do to test their limits till their through.
No right no wrong, no rules for we, we’re free!

Let it go, let it go,
No more golden weapons anymore. 
Let it go, let it go,
We’re going to make you cry!
Here we stand, and here we’ll stay;
Let the fandom rage on

Our power flurries through the websites all around
Your souls are spiraling into frozen fractals on the ground. 
And one thought crystalizes ya’ll like an Icy blast: 
Jaya’s never coming back;
The past is in the past!

Let them go, let them go
And Zane will finish with the Nindroid’s dawn
Let him go, let him go; that perfect nindroid’s gone.
Here we stand as a company
Let the fandom rage on!
Ninjagians never bothered us anyway….

if i see one more confession from that blog (you know the one) saying “at least frankie has a personality now in the reboot! because obviously being nice and sweet in the preboot canon meant she had no personality until now” i am going to throw these hands because yeah frankie’s personality in the reboot has changed and in a way i like it but preboot frankie is my daughter and her being the most pure wholesome character there is does not mean she was void of any personality she HAD PERSONALITY in fact it’s actually surprising that i like frankie as much as i do considering i usually cannot stand “character types” like her but she was written so well i love her with all my heart so it just goes to show she does in fact have personality and she is wonderful