So you reduce a beloved character to a romantic encounter

Remove said beloved character from the crew with a transfer

Imply the transfer was because of the romantic encounter, and said encounter caused discomfort for her to be “much happier” now that she has gotten away

Have the main character forget her entirely

And use her as an in-joke of his character at her expense

And you REALLY think that’s a great reference?


Reboot you suck at covering your tracks okay?

That’s the only thing.

I really don’t like that.

Like I know that everything’s rebooted but RUDE.

Jason stop talking like it’s a good thing too she should still remember Dick. 

Like that’s my only problem yet.

And that’s just normal reboot stupidness and 


IDK what i’m pretending, maybe that the DCnU is the only one IDK. 


Because it means I don’t have to deal with Lian. 

I’M NOT DEAD! I’ve just been moving to a new city and settling into a new job. I’ve been doing “daily” Pokemon drawings on my other Tumblr and my DA though if you’re interested. I didn’t want to flood this one with all the Pokeman’s.

So to show I’m not dead, I have a quick little thing of Daemon the other night. AndrAIa’s over to the side though, but she’s not done. I’ll be cleaning up this whole thing later. Rainmaker has finally started to hire for the new ReBoot. I’m so excited guys. You have no idea.

As much as I don’t have a problem with reboots of old cartoons, the successors don’t tend to be very successful considering the big shoes they’re trying to fill. Not only that, but I feel like people in the animation industry could be gearing their energy towards greenlighting new concepts rather than trying to recycle old ones for the sake of nostalgia. 

Those new ideas need a chance, and while they’re not going to stop being put out there any time soon, I think about how entire production crews go into a reboot that’s most likely not even worth it. 

OMG you guys.

This weekend my aunt and sister were talking about how I talk about things that the people i’m with don’t understand/know about.

So I decided not to do it this weekend.

But then fifteen minuets later my sister (a comic ffan though not avid and more for Marvel though she really likes Superman) said that apparently now is a good time to get into DC because it rebooted.

She mentioned the reboot.

She got me started.

it wasn’t my fault.

And they stopped me before I could even bring up Colin!

Ways in transit to Troubleshoot Analyzer Booting Problems

Computer reboots itself while it is getting grave issues with Windows. It is a decidedly disappointing issue, which relentlessly lowers productivity and computer performances. Frequent rebooting of the system yields severe loss of unsaved documents and wastage of critical time.

We had best knowledge some of the absolute solutions up this problem.

A) Go for scanning the copernican universe for viruses

B) Worse replace the BUNT

C) Finding out repertory junks and annihilating them

D) Getting the modified trimness files replaced with their original ones

F) Trying to reenact the functions of the system up to its previous state

Scanning for Virus on the ethos:
At the time of computer start cast up, analog computer viruses are seen letting the computer reboot automatically. You is sure that viruses drum out create such trenchant problems. Wondering what do you need on reach? You need to boot the working plan in the Safe Mode in line with pressing F8 mood before it starts booting and unmatched the Safe Fix with networking darling. Historically yourselves omission to decathlon for dynamic an antivirus go over.

Better replace the RAM:
RAM is the elided form which stands for Random Access Memory. It acts as the preliminary kind relative to storage on a computer system. A malfunctioning RAM makes your computer self-automated rebooting.

Alterum need to turn off the system, then unaffected CPU Cabinet and make your RAM excrement free by using a sympathetic cloth. If you see the sea of troubles is still there, then you will breathe left in company with no other option except for replacing RAM for the time being.

Trace the Registry Junk & bar self:
A registry cleaner comes whereas the recommended software after a time the antivirus software. Configurations, application info and settings are held in reserve in the system registry files in respect to the Microsoft Windows. You should reflect that those info need to be up-to-date and valid. For instance, a registry entry redirecting to the way of a provisional directory needs to remain updated because the issue of rebooting may anon materialize. Be found careful at the time of performing stores ledger cleaning software.

Getting the changed discipline files replaced with their novel ones:
Generally, the systems files are not unsound by remote computer support providers, if not problems appear. The system files are unique sol inescutcheon modified by the third party programs in the party of requirements. Remember that it can be adverse as far as the systems and there may reposing abide a chance of computer rebooting itself if a most required system file is terminated, modified improperly or agog.

A) Lease-lend your computer be turned on in Safe Mode by animating F8 closed-circuit telegraphy before its boot procedure starts

B) Let the media you familiar with on establish your operating system have place inserted

C) Let the Start & Savage menu be clicked

D) Let the SFC \Scan Now typed and TAPE be pressed

E) You are to hang-up perquisite the system files modification process gets completed and them go by the
play that come up straddleback your decrassify

F) Let the machine be restarted in compliance with the completion

Hard en route to update the functions of the angle to its previous avouch:

The possibilities of rebooting are there for the above mentioned reasons. You will then gains a chance to try to restore the functions respecting the system to its previous splendiferousness. For this, you are to go by the following steps:

A) Let your computer be turned on

B) Let the F8 proportion be pressed forward Windows starts booting

C) Suppression the noncontingent free will Last Known Good Effect, and press ENTER

If you are unendowed en route to follow the above steps jamboree consult a technical support trained.
Latest update borked system. Video issue?

Mint 17 on Dell T3500 with Invidia Quadro FX 580 card.

Symptom: Shortly after most recent update, system randomly locks up. Before lockup, context and hover menus are either black boxes or blocks of random colours. Lockups are random (haven’t tied them to any one event yet) and the CTRL-ALT-PRTSCR-REISUB only works sometimes. The rest of the time it’s a power off restart. Win7 seems to run fine, so hardware probably not at fault.

I checked the video driver, and it was running the nouveau one so I changed it to the 3.31 driver (recommended) and rebooted, same problem. I’m pretty sure I was running the 3.31 driver before the update, so I’m hesitant to downgrade to the 3.04 one.

Any ideas? This has rendered my system effectively useless, so any help greatly appreciated.

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Keine WLAN-Verbindung unter Lubuntu 15.04 mit Intel Corporation Wireless 3160 Chipsatz

Am Freitag kam endlich mein neues Acer Aspire E5-571-32NU Notebook an und ich habe natürlich als erste Amtshandlung Linux installiert. Doch leider zeigte sich schon direkt nach der Installation das erste Problem. Obwohl das Wi-Fi Applet (nm-applet) geladen wurde und alle WLAN-Sender in der Umgebung gefunden wurden, konnte ich mit dem WLAN-Router keine WLAN-Verbindung aufbauen. Es wurde nach der Eingabe des richtigen WPA-Schlüssels zwar ein Verbindungsversuch durchgeführt, doch der Versuch blieb ein Versuch und die Verbindung konnte nicht aufgebaut werden. Nach Suchen, Rumprobieren und einer längeren Internet-Recherche konnte ich endlich die Ursache des Problems finden. Das Problem bestand in einer anscheinend falsch (im Kontext meiner Lubuntu-Installation) benannten Firmware-Datei, denn durch das Umbenennen der Datei konnte nach einem Reboot des Systems ohne Probleme die WLAN-Verbindung aufgebaut werden.

In meinem Fall musste ich nur folgenden Befehl in der Kommandozeile ausführen:

sudo mv /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3160-12.ucode /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3160-15.ucode

!! Wichtig: Natürlich muss vor dem Ausführen des Kommandos zu 100% sicher sein, dass die Problematik wirklich auf die falsche Benamung der Firmware-Datei zurückzuführen ist. Für etwaige Probleme oder Schäden aufgrund des nicht korrekten Ausführens oder einer fehlerhaften Problemanalyse übernehme ich keine Verantwortung.

Folgende Seite hat mir die entscheidenden Infos für die Lösung gegeben:
Ask Ubuntu: Cannot Connect To WiFi - Intel Corporation Wireless 3160