I made a new reel for 2k17! I will absolutely accept your offer to host a House of Style reboot, no problem.


So you reduce a beloved character to a romantic encounter

Remove said beloved character from the crew with a transfer

Imply the transfer was because of the romantic encounter, and said encounter caused discomfort for her to be “much happier” now that she has gotten away

Have the main character forget her entirely

And use her as an in-joke of his character at her expense

And you REALLY think that’s a great reference?


Regarding Rebirth Jason Todd

I don’t mind if Lobdell is writing him again. I actually like what he’s done to Jason post reboot.

The problem I see is that many people seem to want “villain Jason”, the one who continuously tried to kill Batman and the other Robins, who never got over his anger, who became a punching bag for Dick, Tim, Damian and Barbara. They want Punisher 2.0.

Say what you want about Lobdell, but at least he knows how to write Jason with respect instead of the villainous joke he was in the pre New 52.

the slow development of Spock and Jim’s relationship is extremely important. They start slowly, just learning how to work together, then slowly into a friendship, and then a brotherhood within the tv series. But it is only once they separate and realize what they mean to each other that they truly become ‘space husbands’ and t’hy’la. it is friend, brother, lover, and we can witness it happening

The problem with the PowerPuff girls Reboot.

I really didn’t want to make a post on this but the show manage to get a lot worst after watching only two episode and I thought they are least decent! 

I’m the Animewolfgamer and today I’m going to say what I think of the new PPG show and spoilers…I don’t think its really good. In fact its pretty much close to teen titans go level of bad and what do I mean by that? Well first let me get you in on what has been happening recently. You see a lot of fans from the old show has started to go on a riot ever since CN announce a reboot to be coming. 

Just by that image along, it cause so many to loose there shit and to make fans go crazy, they didn’t got all the original people who worked on it. Hell they even gave the voices back to Tara strong and the other two. So ya, not many people weren’t excited about it. But like every sane person we have to wait till it comes out before we judge it. Now that we have…most of us are pretty much agreeing that its not as good as the original. In fact most of us wonder what happen within the production of this show as a lot of obvious fails has happen threw out this series. Lets start with the obvious one and that is the animation. 

Just by one look, you can tell something is wrong here. The animation is so low budget that it kinda rival Johnny test in that regard. There are so many animation errors that you can easily make a drinking game on it but I wouldn’t recommend it because you’re gonna probably die of alcohol poisoning after the 20th error. Here is the major problem of this animation style. They are using the same exact style of animation from the original show only that they updated everything to fit in with in the modern age. Here is the problem, the style doesn’t work anymore and even then, it only looked as good because back then, technology is very limited. Its not to say the original show had no errors because it does have its fair share of it.

 But it happens for less because of quality control! Another problem is how the art style goes against what the show is doing. I said this before that updating a style like this wouldn’t work but when you do completely new thing to this style, the results will be disastrous! 

All these errors are left in without any touch up and you wanna know how that came to be? The storyboards. Now within almost every cartoon that want a focus quality, you have to lay out the scenes and plan ahead. However this show doesn’t do that! Well Sorta as it turns out that the storyboard guys have talent. It’s the fucking animation that prevents them from being any great. 

In this one, we see that the bull actually having character to his movement and expression. But when they animate him, they remove all that. I think the issue comes when the style of animation being that its a update, it didn’t allow them to match them up. This happens threw out the series as every character in this show including the girls never get any expressive traits to make them stand out with the exceptions of memes.

Yes they fucking did this and its the wrong meme to do it. This is a primary example of animators going against a story board. Not to say I would like the meme to be in this show but at least give the correct one! When the two teams cannot see on what to draw or to know what the character are feeling, this is the results. But that is not the worst that this could offer as we just gone threw the surface of this. 

The voice acting for this show is pretty hit or miss but mostly its a huge miss. Now I’m not gonna say that I’m mad they didn’t got the original cast despite having the original from most characters back on board. Even then, Tara and the others did not do a good job presenting there case on it. Now opinion on the new cast has been pretty OK but Natalie who voice Buttercup is really annoying only because it has a hard time deciding on whether a tough girl voice or a soft tomboy. This is so noticeable threw out the show’s life span. But that is just the surface of it as almost all the voice acting here has lots of stutters and lack of emotion. I swear most of the lines they sound not nearly as invested and the only ones that does are the girls as they seem to be trying their hardest. I think that might have something to do with the animation not letting any expression. Voice actors need visual cues and a good director to avoid stale lines like this! But this also leads in to another problem and its a major one compare to the next point I’ll make on this and that is the story and plot lines this show has. 

Oh man the stories and plot lines of this show. OK now when i first saw the two episode, I thought it wasn’t bad. In fact I thought it was Ok but it does have some problems. But however these problems soon became worst and worst when it keeps on going. I will say that I’m glad it didn’t became so action heavy because that would also not work for the girls. Instead they decided to lesson the action and focus on the slice of life and comedy element only. Now I would of been all go for it if it wasn’t for the fact that the comedy wasn’t funny and the plot lines are just as stale and cliche as you get without any variation on it. First off they are using so many memes in this show. I’m not joking that this is there most relied source of Comedy. The meme generator, the meme faces, twerking, and the lowest of comedy that you can think of. There is no clever wit to it and I wouldn’t mind if the comedy is above average for this show as I would welcome it then this! This is the main drive to this show and yet they continue to fail at it with every episode passing by. I honestly am wanting the action to take over as it would of been much better but we only get some so little by little and there isn’t a balance anymore. But when we do get action, the girls are a lot weaker then the original. I mean Bubbles break a bone so easily and I’m like very confuse on that. The characters that are so well love are no longer able to hold most of these plots and became the biggest problem as the characters don’t work in these type of situations. The show seems to be taking the girly parts only without bringing the good parts of them subversive in the first place. Every episode seems to play on these tropes but then lets these tropes take over the episode without giving any new look on them. Its feminism only they focus on the very terrible parts of it. I may agree that modern feminism is not great compare to the past, but I would like it if they do not use that as there main focus on morals. Now I don’t count morals to be an end all but this show really does a poor job at it. One of the best example is the Unicorn episode. This episode is about how Transgender deal with acceptance on what they are despite being something else. The moral is botch up a lot here and not to mention that it ended up making it trans phobic. In fact this show has a lot of guys in dresses jokes and every time they failed at making them funny which again makes them trans phobic. Look I don’t have a problem of cartoons making fun of this as humor is subjective and you have every right to mock anything but these jokes don’t have anything to stand out and its been done like a millions of times. Now I know people will be saying I’m taking this too deeply, well this brings up to my to next point and that is the creators words on what they have said in interviews. 

What you are seeing is the words from the creators mouths. They said it out right that this episode is about transgenders. Since this came out, everybody got angry about it. I’m not kidding that both the SJW and the Anti-SJW went nuts and told the creators they failed on doing that. I may only know a few things about transgenders but even I can say that they didn’t do a good job at it. The creators are too focus on giving these kind of messages that they didn’t focus on telling a good story before doing so. Say what you want about Brother hooves social, that episode gives a much better representative and not to mention the scene where they out right stated that. The writing in this show never was improving as it continue airing and I feel like the writers never had any faith or didn’t try because this is gonna earn them money on toys. But I think what makes final nail on the coffin is dropping Ms. Bellum in the reboot. 

Ok…Now I am going to sum up why this is just a terrible choice. You see Ms. Bellum is honestly the best representation of a beautiful and smart women on the show. This part of the article not only insults those kind of people, but it shows that these people do not know what make the original any good. Look I know that Bellum is not safe from rule 34 and how most see her as just eye candy but she is not just that. She is a strong women who know how to run the town and able to give the best advice to the girls. In fact she is the mother that the girls never had. So you can imagine the amount of anger I had when they remove her because she is offensive to female viewers. Before you ask, yes I have seen the episode on how they address why she is not there. Honestly its OK but still kinda shows a obvious problem. Now let me say something very important to close this off. You see women always have these problem when portray in media. I get the issue since I saw how badly this can get. But When a women is not allowed to be sexy, smart, and feminine all in the same time, you are giving a mix message to girls. I’m very tired of people saying you have to sacrifice one for the other and this is a prime example of it. 

So I hope you guys understand why I didn’t like the reboot. Now if you like it that is fine. You manage to enjoy something I don’t. Also don’t worry guys as this is the only time I will talk about this because like Teen titans go, I will ignore it and not give a single view. But if there is one thing I worry about, it might make an episode to address the criticism it’s getting from old fans. Its gonna happen knowing how the creators inserted themselves instead of cartooning themselves. But I’m not gonna respond to it as I’m am done and its back to watching cartoons that deserves my views. 

This is Animewolfgamer and I hope the next day will be even better. 

The problem with reboots of old beloved cartoons, such as Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls 2016 isn’t that they’re reboots. It’s that they aren’t trying to draw back the old fans who’ve grown up. They’re trying to pander to preteens and kids, but they’re also treating them like they can’t understand morals and lessons. They’re also getting really lazy with their animation and they’re leaving out or butchering references from the old show, like Miss Bellum or Terra. I don’t know about Powerpuff Girls 2016 but I know that Teen Titans Go is so laced with misogyny, especially with Robin’s character, who went from a flawed hero to practically stalking Starfire! And sure at face value, Teen Titans Go making fun of itself is funny, but at it’s core it’s just disheartening because they’re aware of how much they’ve messed it up, but they don’t seem to care enough to attempt to fix any of it. It’s making me really hesitant to give the Samurai Jack reboot a chance when it comes out.

All of the problems with the PowerPuff Girls reboot thus far...
  • No Sara Bellum
  • Mojo Jojo’s redundant speech pattern has been scrapped
  • Outdated memes
  • 5 year olds twerking
  • An episode that was supposed to tackle transgender issues that did literally every conceivable thing wrong
  • Sloppy animation errors 

Anything else I’m missing?