So you reduce a beloved character to a romantic encounter

Remove said beloved character from the crew with a transfer

Imply the transfer was because of the romantic encounter, and said encounter caused discomfort for her to be “much happier” now that she has gotten away

Have the main character forget her entirely

And use her as an in-joke of his character at her expense

And you REALLY think that’s a great reference?


A White Actor Grows Some Bollocks - Quill’s Scribbles

You may recall that movie studio Lionsgate got themselves into a bit of hot water last week when they announced the casting of Ed Skrein as Major Ben Daimio in their upcoming Hellboy reboot. The problem was Major Ben Daimio is a Japanese character in the source material, making Hellboy the latest of numerous sci-fi and/or comic book adaptations to whitewash a prominent Asian character. I and many others made our views heard, voicing our strongest and angriest objections to this blatant bit of racist erasure (for whitewashing is objectively racist and totally inexcusable) just as we did with the likes of Doctor Strange, Death Note and Ghost In The Shell. But unlike those projects I just listed, the most extraordinary thing happened. Somebody listened.

Oh not the studio obviously. No, it was Ed Skrein himself. Realising the hornet’s nest he had kicked, Skrein actually announced via his social media accounts that he was dropping out of the role.

This open letter has received a positive response from fans and readers. Hellboy producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin made a joint statement in support saying:

“Ed came to us and felt very strongly about this. We fully support his unselfish decision. It was not our intent to be insensitive to issues of authenticity and ethnicity, and we will look to recast the part with an actor more consistent with the character in the source material.”

Even Hellboy creator Mike Mignola chipped in to offer his praise for Skrein’s decision to step down.

Now it would be easy to take a very cynical approach to all of this. Perhaps claim that Skrein only stepped down because he realised the damage all of this backlash could do to his career, but for once I’m willing to put aside my cynicism. I do actually believe Ed Skrein’s sincerity here. He seems to be genuinely apologetic, initially not realising the implications of what he was doing and now seems determined to make amends.

However I’m not exactly willing to praise him for his decision. At least not to the same extent others are. I can understand why people are praising him so heavily. This is an almost unprecedented move. Having put up with loads of A list white actors giving the weakest and most pathetic excuses to justify their own racist bullshit, the idea of a white actor growing some bollocks and actually stepping down from a whitewashed role purely on moral grounds is a novelty. He quit a tentpole movie purely because it was the right thing to do, and I am grateful for that. But can we try and keep this in perspective? This decision wasn’t courageous or brave. It’s just an actor turning down a role. A role that should never have been offered to him in the first place. While I’m pleased that Ed Skrein did the decent thing in the end, the fact is this entire situation should never have happened in the first place. Asian characters should be played by Asian actors. That should not be a difficult concept for filmmakers to wrap their heads around, and I feel I should point out I still don’t trust Lionsgate in the fucking slightest. Oh they’re going to cast a Japanese actor as Ben Daimio now if they know what’s good for them, but if Ed Skrein didn’t take the moral high ground, they wouldn’t have learnt a damn thing. Let’s not forget the studio’s initial response to the controversy came from this now deleted tweet from Hellboy executive producer Christa Campbell:

We don’t see colours or race. The slogan for closet racists the world over. 

See this is what so many white people in positions of power and authority within the industry need to understand when it comes to POC presentation. Being colourblind sounds good in theory, but in practice it can be very dangerous. When you make an actor’s performance or marketability the only criteria, you end up making stupid mistakes like this. When you racebend a white character, it’s fine. We already have plenty of representation, plus 9 times out of 10 being white isn’t actually integral to the character. For characters of colour on the other hand, you’ve got to take these other factors into consideration. Usually the culture of said character is integral plus it’s important for non white characters to be portrayed on screen not just for equality, but also for variety.

Recently I finally got to watch the Disney movie Moana, and I’m currently slightly obsessed with it. Not just because it’s a fun, smartly written musical with a great female protagonist, lovable characters, funny jokes and a heartwarming message behind it. It’s also because it explores myths and cultures I’ve never got to experience before.

Moana takes a lot of influence and inspiration from Polynesian culture and mythology, most notably adapting the stories of the demigod Maui (played by Dwayne Johnson). I have no idea how accurate this is, but I still loved it because it was something different. After seeing so many fantasy stuff like Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones, which are essentially variations on Norse mythology, as well as the trillions of Christian inspired fantasy stories, Moana feels incredibly fresh and unique. I found all the stuff about Maui and Te Fiti fascinating, and I would love to see more movies exploring these Polynesian myths and legends. There’s such an incredibly rich vein of creativity you could tap into here.

Something else I loved about Moana was they actually cast Polynesian actors as the characters. I’ve already mentioned Dwayne Johnson as Maui. There’s also Jemaine Clement as Tamatoa the crab, Nicole Scherzinger as Moana’s mum, Jango Fett himself Temuera Morrison as Moana’s dad, Rachel House as Moana’s granny, and newcomer Auli’i Cravalho as Moana herself. This is why diversity is so important in films. Not only does it give actors of colour more exposure and allow new talents like Cravalho to emerge and flourish, but it also exposes general movie going audiences to stories and cultures we wouldn’t normally get to see. And that’s why whitewashing is so offensive. It takes job opportunities away from actors of colour and also causes creativity to stagnate. When it’s an Asian character in an Asian inspired story, there’s lots of different directions you can go. When it’s a white character in an Asian inspired story, there’s only one story you can tell. The outsider. The stranger. The foreigner to their ways. That’s not interesting. We’ve seen that done loads of times. Plus if you truly want to immerse the audience in another culture, isn’t it better to have a character that actually represents that culture rather than some white dweeb who knows jackshit about it?

Basically what I’m saying is we need more movies like Moana and less movies like…

No I’m never dropping this. Fuck this movie and all who support it.

So while I’m pleased that Ed Skrein decided to do the right thing in the end, I’m still going to judge this Hellboy reboot with the suspicion and scorn it deserves. Sure they’re probably going to cast a Japanese actor as Ben Daimio, but only because they have to now to save themselves from further embarrassment. It’s not because they want to. If it was someone like Scarlett Johansson or Tilda Swinton, the studio would still be sticking to their guns and trying to justify their racist bullshit. 

I’m glad Skrein managed to fix things and reveal A list white actors like Swinton and Johansson for the selfish, racist, privileged pricks that they are through his own selfless actions, but until the industry properly recognises that whitewashing is NEVER a good idea, nothing has actually changed as far as I’m concerned.

weak discourse: story reboots are not a problem with modern media and the brief age of creativity that flourished following the invention of new electronic communications was a historical anomaly that won’t be repeated until new forms of media are created; historically people like retelling the same stories over and over again, that’s how stories got created in the first place.

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You know what bothered me a bit from that Wonder Woman quip in the Power of Four? It's a minor issue, but it's when blossom didn't like it! Blossom who in the original was the biggest Wonder Woman fan! She name dropped her as being a great female superhero, read comics based on her, and even dressed up similarly when she became liberty bell. I know it's not a huge issue and the reboot has many other problems, but it still annoyed me a bit :/

as a fellow wondy fan I too am disappointed about this

I was watching a couple of episodes of CW’s Beauty and the Beast reboot.  The problem is, um, the “beast” is actually a good looking guy. Only with a scar. That kind of makes him look sexier anyway.

The most CW thing ever.

“Let’s remake the old Beauty and the Beast TV show!”

“Cool. But the Beast can’t actually be ugly, though. Won’t play well to the demographics”

Thank God the movie didn’t try to pull this one. 

I got a bunch of these last night, and was in the midst of working on them before sleep dragged me away- but yeah, as I had mentioned, Our Little Fanboy was hardly done. For the record folks, I got these three in a row, so if you wanna read them in ‘order’ you’ll need to start from the bottom up. 


Boy, how to answer all of this- the short version is “none of what you just said makes any sense”, given that the games characters have received a pretty enormous amount of attention since Flynn came on board, Pre AND post-reboot, with Sonic Universe in particular serving as a major means of focusing on the game characters. I find it pretty incredible that you seem to be under the impression that somehow under Flynn the game characters are *under* utilized, while at the same time desperately screaming about how ‘interesting’ the game characters are by comparison despite that fact. 

Firstly, let’s talk Penders- Penders did not *care*, do you understand that? He didn’t bother to really research any of the games he was meant to promote and the same went for the characters that debuted in SatAM which, surprise surprise, the comic was meant to tie-into and promote as well. He’s given REPEATED reasons for why Sally had to die, all of them contradictory, and thought of offing Antoine and Rotor while he was at it because he couldn’t be bothered to think of anything for them to do. He was far, far more invested in using Knuckles as a vehicle for a science fiction story that could never have seen print otherwise, and operated without much oversight from either Archie OR SEGA because, surprise surprise, neither of them *cared* all that much so long as the books sold and promoted the hedgehog and the echidna. When Bollers came on board there still wasn’t encorcement on the issue, and so he dedicated his efforts where saw fit because Archie and SEGA, once more, did not give a shit.

By the time Flynn came on board the book had a very large extended cast, thanks both to the games getting a bigger cast and because of the myriad additions made by those creators who came before him. And hey, surprise surprise- even THOSE characters had fans, along with the fans of the show characters who had been on board with the book since the beginning, in *addition* to the game cast. And guess what? He still did a lot more with the game cast anyway, to the extent that a lot of fans of the other characters were worried that everyone else was being neglected in favor of the game cast. Turns out this was a bunch of bullcrap too, but as your posts have proven so very thoroughly, nothing stops entitled whiners from shouting that what they like isn’t getting enough attention. 

And to be perfectly blunt, I’ve seen enough from SEGA and know enough about some of the mandates to know just how crippling it could make things for Flynn. Did you know Vanilla and Cream couldn’t appear in the books for years because they were claimed as ‘Sonic X’ characterd, despite debuting in Sonic Advance 2? Did you know that Eggman Nega can never directly shown or referenced because of SEGA’s say so? Sonic can never have a true, lasting defeat, and none of the game characters can have backstories or grow beyond a certain point, and are strictly, *strictly* defined by their in-game roles. That Flynn is able to make them appealing as he does is a great thing, but in the end they can never, ever have anything more. There can never be a conflict as personal as Rotor’s issues with his father, a friendship as examined and compelling as Sally and Nicole’s, or a conflict as tragic as Cassia and Clove’s and it’s entirely a matter of SEGA refusing to actually let anyone play with their toys. The only game character who is permitted to come close to any of that is Shadow the Hedgehog, because he’s the only character in the games WITH a backstory and who developed a life and character beyond his initial role. 

That you take issues with the storytelling of the post-Reboot, isn’t my problem, and the fact that you either can’t or won’t comprehend why the book won’t ditch characters who had been with it since the book first started isn’t my problem either, beyond being rankled by the raw self-centered entitlement you display. Should fans of those aspects of the book be completely ignored when they’ve been supporting it for years and years, just because YOU can’t find value you in anything that didn’t originate in those damn games? You scream about the ‘OCs’ (yeah, because that’s what anything that comes from officially endorsed Sonic media that isn’t the games is) not being developed- puh-leeze, did you actually *read* any of the books? Cause frankly if that’s the impression you’re under, I really don’t now how to help you, because frankly you didn’t read the same thing I did if that’s the case. 

You don’t wanna accept that SEGA is allergic to proper worldbuilding and character development for the game cast, then fine, be my guest. That doesn’t change the fact that game characters pre-emptively become characters who can’t be used to their fullest potential thanks to being hobbled from the get go, leaving the bulk of deeper character development and storytelling to go to everybody else. It should not be this way, but it is, and it is a system entirely of SEGA’s own making. 

We deserve a lot better given what we love from the games, but at the end of the day it’s because of what SEGA will and will not allow, and nothing is going to change that fact. 

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I know you get a ton of messages, but i had to share. My friend's boyfriend is really honest sexter? And when my friend showed me some of the texts, I INSTANTLY THOUGHT OF STEVE AND BUCKY. And??? Why?? Because of you. Some texts were like "I miss your cute nipples" and "Tell your asshole I miss it, so it won't forget about me" and stuff like "Please show me your tongue right now". And my friend was just so smitten. This is how Bucky texts Steve, I AM SURE OF IT. Shamelessly honest.

I LOVE THIS. i had to. this is probably the silliest thing i’ve ever written.

“Who are you talking to?” 

“What?” Steve asks, guilty. “No one. Uh, Twitter.” 

Stark’s eyebrows raise, amused. “You’re talking to Twitter,” he says. “Is this like how you say you read the internet? Are you tweeting people you shouldn’t be tweeting? Are you tweeting someone from Fox News? Can I see? You should show me. I have seriously improved at public relations.” 

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Dammit! Twice now in the past day my battery has been showing over 50%, but then my phone shuts down and reboots and comes up with less than 1% power. I don’t know what the hell’s going on. Granted, I’m on a phone that’s about 4 years old, but the battery is less than a year old, since I replaced it at the beginning of the year.


I made a new reel for 2k17! I will absolutely accept your offer to host a House of Style reboot, no problem.

The problem with reboots of old beloved cartoons, such as Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls 2016 isn’t that they’re reboots. It’s that they aren’t trying to draw back the old fans who’ve grown up. They’re trying to pander to preteens and kids, but they’re also treating them like they can’t understand morals and lessons. They’re also getting really lazy with their animation and they’re leaving out or butchering references from the old show, like Miss Bellum or Terra. I don’t know about Powerpuff Girls 2016 but I know that Teen Titans Go is so laced with misogyny, especially with Robin’s character, who went from a flawed hero to practically stalking Starfire! And sure at face value, Teen Titans Go making fun of itself is funny, but at it’s core it’s just disheartening because they’re aware of how much they’ve messed it up, but they don’t seem to care enough to attempt to fix any of it. It’s making me really hesitant to give the Samurai Jack reboot a chance when it comes out.

the slow development of Spock and Jim’s relationship is extremely important. They start slowly, just learning how to work together, then slowly into a friendship, and then a brotherhood within the tv series. But it is only once they separate and realize what they mean to each other that they truly become ‘space husbands’ and t’hy’la. it is friend, brother, lover, and we can witness it happening

Let It Go: No More Golden Weapons Anymore parody of let it go from Frozen by Disney (Think of LEGO singing this) 

Rip offs showing in rebooted tonight
All the problems, can be seen
A kingdom of frustration
And it looks like we’re the kings

The fandom’s howling
Like this swirling storm inside
Looks like syfy’s in
Thought we’d give it a try

Just real them in, make'em have a spending spree
Sell them toys, they want to see
Steal, have feels, give them the show
Well, now they have a ‘show’…!

Let it go, let it go
No more golden weapons anymore
Let it go, let it go
At least the snakes opened the door
We don’t care what you want to say
Let the fandom rage on
The fangirls never bothered us anyway.

It’s funny how some merchandise makes fangirls scream and all
And the common sense that once controlled us, can’t get to us at all!
It’s time to see what we can do to test their limits till their through.
No right no wrong, no rules for we, we’re free!

Let it go, let it go,
No more golden weapons anymore. 
Let it go, let it go,
We’re going to make you cry!
Here we stand, and here we’ll stay;
Let the fandom rage on

Our power flurries through the websites all around
Your souls are spiraling into frozen fractals on the ground. 
And one thought crystalizes ya’ll like an Icy blast: 
Jaya’s never coming back;
The past is in the past!

Let them go, let them go
And Zane will finish with the Nindroid’s dawn
Let him go, let him go; that perfect nindroid’s gone.
Here we stand as a company
Let the fandom rage on!
Ninjagians never bothered us anyway….

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if sailor moon crystal was given to a better animation studio (i.e. the ones that did the free! anime) will it still been somewhat a decent reboot? or nah?

The problem with Crystal is that not only the animation is a mess but also the pacing, the character development, etc, basically the adaptation.

You can’t take a manga that was published 20 years ago (that was never intended to be anime) and turn it into an anime panel by panel.

That’s one hell of a task and they weren’t ready for that so that’s why story wise Crystal is awful as well.

So regarding your question, having a master piece animation won’t solve the problem because Crystal also needs improvement in the adaptation department.