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D-d-d-danger! Lurks behind you!There's a stranger out to find you What to do, just grab on to some...


DUCKS: (After seeing the fandom.)

[Lol XD Can’t blame nobody, THE SONG IS JUST TOO CATCHY! <3]

ok ok ok look-

You’ve all forgotten something.

Samurai Jack Season 5 is not a reboot.

It is a continuation.

This is why certain things that would be changed in today’s society really aren’t. Think about it! In the 2000s if the series continued, Jashi would be simply looked over without the fandom getting itself torn in half. Besides, Genndy would have had this spread out, and it wouldn’t even have happened. Ten episodes that have to condense plots that are entire SEASONS is an impressive feat.

Remember that. And one more thing-

“Straights” do not get everything. Though progress is slow, anyone who isn’t straight are becoming normalised in public! What the hell happened to #lovewins ? You can have whatever you want. But maybe you should have fed the creators of the content you want; say, a year or so before they produce an episode? Consider the development time of a 24 minute long animation. We cannot bend reality.

Get that in your head before you bombard any of the Samurai Jack team’s twitter pages, or any social media with “JASHI SHOULD NOT EXIST, IT’S PEDOPHILIC, EWW I HATE YOU”, okay? Opinions will get you nothing but discourse.

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honestly it really pisses me off how a good portion of the fandom treats lotor, like before he was even shown on screen people were already hating him and talking about how problematic and gross he was, like the original series honestly hasn't had much stock in the new series. a lot of the characters are changed drastically if not almost completely, so automatically shitting on a new character with a lot of potential is really gross and i just,,,,hate this fandom so much

ppl do know vld is a reboot right……….like literally all the characters are written differently opposed to the old voltron;;;;;

So…I don’t watch the Powerpuff Girls. I’ve never watched the Powerpuff Girls and I have no intention of watching the 2016 reboot. I do, however, come across news about the series from time to time, mostly regarding its questionable popularity and decisions. 

I have no thoughts either way about adding a fourth Powerpuff Girl–this isn’t my fandom and thus I feel I haven’t any right to stake claim to such thoughts…but oh my gosh, Cartoon Network were you drawing in the dark or did you travel all the way back to 2006 for creative inspiration? 


What’s so wrong with having Bliss blend more synonymously with the other girls?

If it were up to me, she’d look something like this, except maybe with a bunny hairclip instead of the star. Plus I feel like you’d have a better shot at selling merchandise to kids if she were the same age as the others??

Just an idea. 

As I have been wanting to make this blog more fandom diverse, I thought I should make a list of fandoms I am willing to write for. If you don’t see a fandom on here that you like then just shoot me an ask and I’ll see what I can do for you!


Once Upon a Time

The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

Criminal Minds

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit



Scream (MTV)

Star Trek (reboot)

Teen Wolf

The 100

The Vampire Diaries

*If you want anything specific that you don’t see here, feel free to ask*

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oh no... .did you see a pic of professor in what i can assume is dated 90's (honestly looked more 80's) hair and a smaller bliss... they're going all out with their marysue OC if she's technically ~ThE FiRsT PPG~

My theory is that they just kind of researched what the “fandom” of the PPG is (in order to appeal to it!) by looking at DA for an hour, because that would explain SO MANY THINGS.

Note to future cartoon reboot makers: never do that. Ever.

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Unfortunately for Colin I don't think this season will be successful at all. I mean look around, this fandom is dead. Last year it would be booming but it's dead now. It isn't Colin's fault either reboots are just never successful and no matter how much Adam and Eddy don't want to call it a reboot that is what it is. It also wouldn't surprise me if at the end of the season they wrap up Hook, Regina, and Rumple then put the focus on the newbies for S8. I think they're transitional characters.

You know, I just wrote a dissertation titled “Negative opinions and reality checks: why do people think others need or want them?” It’s with my editor now, perhaps I’ll share it at a later date… when I’ve had some sleep and I’m not cranky af.

Leonard McCoy: Reuniting When He Starts Shore Leave Headcanons.

Requested by someone, can’t remember who.

  • It doesn’t matter who is with him as soon as he see you standing in front of him for the first time in months he will pull you close and kiss you like there is no tomorrow. 
  • Literally you too just stood there locking lips for 5 minutes once, it wasn’t until Jim broke you two apart telling you how awkward it was to watch you too that you finally stopped. 
  • After your reunion kiss (the first of many) the next thing on his agenda is to have a lengthy video call with Joanna, telling her about his journey and how excited he is to be seeing her in person later in his leave.
  • The sounds out of his mouth when he eats his favourite meal that you cooked from scratch should be illegal. He has had nothing but replicator food for so long that he almost forgot how wonderful real food was. 
  • After you eat the two of you snuggle up on the sofa, talking about what what you both had been doing while apart and how much you missed each other while separated.
  • When Bones sees that you’ve fallen asleep when he dragged on with one of his stories he picks you up bridal style and takes you to bed. He never lets go of you once throughout the night, as after so long away he finally has you in front of him and he no longer has to rely on his memories to remember how you felt in his arms.. 
Hey EAH/MH Fandoms,

A lot of you are seeing this as a dark time; Ever After High and their new face molds, “poorer quality”, and Monster High is facing an ENTIRE REBOOT!  I do not know a lot of your backgrounds in doll collecting.  After all, part of what makes this hobby great is that everyone does it differently.  However as someone who got into the hobby through collecting vintage Barbies, when I see someone throwing a tantum over every little change, I think it’s ridiculous.

Obviously, Barbie’s had to go through a lot of changes over the years to stay relevent, and that really shows when you’re collecting vintage dolls.  Check out this Barbie from the 1960s:

Nice, huh?  SO many details: a little hat, real fur, painted finger & toenails, little hoop earrings… she’s a DREAM.

I want to to imagine collecting these dolls, and loving them like we love our girls and ghouls. Now, imagine if this pretty, cleancut, conservative girl was suddenly rebooted to look like:

WAAAAAY different right?  I’d think that a lot of you would be appauled by this and say, “This isn’t BARBIE!  Where are the classy gowns?!? Where’s her jewerly?!?  I”M NEVER BUYING ANOTHER BARBIE AGAIN.” and so on.  But the thing was, these MOD dolls were meant to be a reflection of the youth, and young adults during late 60s-early 70s weren’t exactly elegent. Think about what was going on during that time: Woodstock, Vietnam Protests, etc… young people weren’t little Sanda Dee’s, they were wild, fun, and in order to stay relevent, Mattel had to make dolls that reflected this.

Because Mattel has been able to mold and change Barbie so much, she has been able to survive all these years.  (I believe she’s turning 57 this year!)  She had some dark times, yes, (Mattel’s money ran dry in the mid 70s, and they had to resort to baggy dolls *shivers*) but with the love of support of many adoring people, she’s been able to live on.  Say what you will about recent Barbies, but Mattel’s finally at a point where they are pleasing adult collectors AND children with the new Fashionista line.

Now, apply this to EAH and MH.  Our girls shouldn’t always be trapped in old fashions, with outdated hair and makeup.  If you don’t want Mattel to quit making these dolls all together, you need to accept that they will change.

If you don’t like a new doll, for whatever the reason, that’s fine.  Like I said before, everyone collects dolls differently, that’s part of what makes this hobby interesting!  If you don’t like the new girls, you can still concentrate on buying older lines!

However, throwing a tantrum isn’t necessary.  I love the EAH & MH fandoms, but the negativity is ridiculous.

I hope I haven’t rambled on.  If you read this whole thing, please know that I appreciate it.  I just feel like something needed to be said.  Happy collecting, everyone! :)

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What're your top three fandoms to read? What're your top three fandoms that you do write in or want to write in? What're your top three comfort fics? (Fics you re-read for comfort) What're your top three recommended mature or smut fics? What're your top three graphics that you've made?

I feel like probably someone else was doing an ask meme and I got mistaken for them but whatever, I wanna answer these. (Also if that is not the case and you are just a very curious anon, thank you! <3 <3 <3 )

top 3 fandoms to read:

  • mcu - obviously
  • star trek - typically older stuff though; I’m not a huge fan of the reboots and while I am always in favor of new people delving into fic writing, the older stuff is generally better quality all around and actually has ships I enjoy
  • labyrinth - it’s just always fun

top 3 fandoms that I want to write in:

  • miraculous ladybug - I very shamefully have a wip half-posted for this fandom. It’s totally planned out but I’ve gotta rewatch an episode to get the voices right again and I am just too lazy for that
  • the show that killed black canary arrow - I can’t watch this train wreck anymore but I still care about Laurel in all her incarnations so I keep tabs on what’s happening and that tends to leave me with fic ideas that will never be realized
  • harry potter - sometimes I wanna go back

top 3 comfort fics:

  • stormbenders - the zutara classic. I’ve read it at least five times
  • a fragile destiny - this epic is both a coming of age story revolving around Spock’s mother and an arranged marriage fic. It is easily one of my all time favorites
  • the hammer and the ice - a very brief AU about Jane in Selvig’s place during Avengers. It always brightens my day

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Talking about power creep. What do you think about the fact that the fandom claimed for a long time that Archie Sonic at full power was on the universal tier?

I think it’s just ridiculous. Is pre-reboot Archie Sonic strong? Yes, absolutely, he’s probably the strongest incarnation of Sonic yet. But universal tier? Guy still got punked by other, relatively weak characters multiple times throughout the comics. Maybe Super Sonic is universal, but not normal Sonic

2015 for the Fandoms so far...
  • Doctor Who fandom: "lol things are actually pretty ok over here happy 10th anniversary revival!"
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Wizards...grab your movie gear. We're back in business next year..."
  • Supernatural fandom: "Always keep fighting. Not just for Jared, but for everyone Sam & Dean for the love of Chuck get your shit together!"
  • Sherlock fandom: "Just 4 more months...oh God JUST FOUR. MORE. MONTHS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST BRING IT TO US ALREADY WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR OVER A YE-oh my God Cumberbabyyyyyyyyyy!!!!"
  • The Walking Dead fandom: "The prodigal hunter has returned...welcome back, Morgan."
  • Game of Thrones fandom: "Yep, winter's here alright. And we are NOT HAPPY!!!."
  • 1D Fandom: "no No NO NO NOOOOOO WHAT IS HAPPENING??? I CAN'T...HUH? WHAT? NO. NO? ZAYN. ZAYN! ZAYNNN!! ZAYNNNNNNNNN!!! ok...ok...we can get through this...this isn't so bad, be strong...ok, things are ok now...WAIT WHAT?? LOUIS? HUH? NAH ITS JUST A RUMO...OH ITS NOT. meh, it's not like it's a bad thing he'll probably make a great fath---OH COME ON WHAT??? THEY SPLIT? NO! NO! NO! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!!!"
  • Grey's Anatomy fandom: "If I lay here... (sniff) if I just (sniff) would you lie with (sniff) me and (sob) just forget the worldddd... (sobs) R.I.P Derek..."
  • Star Trek fandom: *lights candle for Leonard Nimoy*
  • Lord of the Rings fandom: *lights candle for Christopher Lee*
  • Parks & Recreation fandom: "I am LITERALLY...both happy and sad right now."
  • Marvel fandom: "Ok but you can have 3 Spiderman reboots over the last decade & a half but not one full length Black Widow movie I mean what kind of nonsense is that & what do you mean Ava DuVernay isnt directing Black Panther like that would've been the best thing ever but anyway awwww yissss Daredevil movieeeeee!!!!"
  • DC fandom: "Ugh I just don't know about Ben ughhhhh Ben as Batman just uggghhhh this whole movie ughhhhhh just give us Wonder Woman & Justice League already UGGHHHH oh hey, Suicide Squad looks pretty good!"

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1, 20, 22

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

Well, in Once Upon a Time, I never saw the appeal of Emma/Regina. Like, sometimes a reforming villain/hero pairing will appeal to me, but I just didn’t see the chemistry there.

And I don’t have an OTP in the Star Wars reboot, but the popularity of Kylo/Hux on Ao3 mystifies me.

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom(s)?

In Once it is absolutely Snowing (Snow/Charming). Nothing ever ruins their relationship and they are adorable together and too cute and sappy for words but in a good way.

In Parks and Rec the real answer is probably April/Andy, but a close runner up is Donna/Tom/Treat-yo-self.

22. Popular character you hate?

Again, I tried to enjoy Regina and her growth, but then she’d always do something that rubbed me the wrong way and I went right back to hating her.

And the prequel trilogy in Star Wars really soured me on Yoda. The whole Jedi Council was just icky and definitely part of the problem, not the solution.

And Draco Malfoy never won me over. Just don’t like the kid. Never have, never will.

These were a little late in coming, but I’m up for more if anyone cares.

it’s from this Salty Ask List

Are you in the Zombies Run fandom? Do you like FREE ART? Hell yes and YES!!

OK guys, here’s the deal. I’m trying to reboot this blog and my (lbr) stagnant art life and I’d like to do it by having a little FUN. 

From what I’ve seen the ZR fandom appears to be made entirely of kind, sweet, insanely intelligent and absurdly attractive cinna-buns, and I’ve spent a long time ogling your artwork and crying over your fanfic, so now I’d love to do something that makes you guys happy, too.

So here’s my plan: using Season 1 of ZR, I’d like to draw a scene from each of the 23 episodes with a different Runner 5 - YOUR Runner 5s! These pics may be pencil sketches or ink washes or full, glorious color, but at the end of it I’d love to have 23 scenes featuring some of the different and wonderful 5′s of the fandom.

“Sounds awesome” you say. “What do I need to do?”

  1. Be in the ZR fandom. I don’t care if that means you’ve written an in-depth analysis of how Netrophil started or if you’ve only walked one episode. If you consider yourself a fan and you want to engage with the fandom, you’re in.
  2. Message me! That’s it! Just introduce yourself and where you are in the ZR story! (just don’t be on anon when you do, bc that won’t help either of us).

That’s it! If you want to reblog this post so that others can see it, so much the better, but it isn’t a requirement for getting a picture.

Once I’ve gotten 23 messages, I’ll fill out the episode list based on the order I received the notes in, and write them under the cut below. I’ll draw the images in that order and tag them as #allthe5s

(yeah, I know, there are like thousands of you and I probably won’t literally be drawing ALL-THE-5S but that sounds like a better tag than #23-5s).

FINAL NOTE: I will be completely honest with you that I am the slowest artist alive, and I’ll still be drawing other things in the meantime, so I don’t have a hard and fast deadline I’m sticking with for getting all of these done. But rest assured that unless a refrigerator falls from the sky and lands on my head, they will be done.

Love you guys. Now send me your 5s so I can get drawing!

The list if filled! Thanks to everyone who reblogged and signed up!

1. Jolly Alpha Five Ninernonhoration - link

2. Distraction: thetalkingcrocus - link

3. Lay of the Landzeph-chan - link

4. A Lost Childcinderscoria - link

5. Paul Revere: drmaxinemeyers - link

6. Supply Runpuptart - link

7. A Voice in the Darktheinevitablesmiley - link

8. The Old Milldontwakethesnake - link

9. Recoverykayomielatoro - link

10. Tesssocks-and-ink  - link

11. Back to School: runnereight - link

12. Alternatescelinejaneway - link

13. A Regular Med Runexistingawkwardly - link

14. Patient 29fullofsoulandsunshine - link

15. Virtuous Circlethewondersmith - link

16. Scouting Missionkatesparrowlagertha - link

17. Information Exchange: eruvadhril - link

18. Eavesdroppingstardust-rain - link

19. An Unimportant Missionrunnerzero - link

20. Listen Inthemortalscout - link

21. Siege: o0yono0o - link

22. Hordeabelrunners - link

23. Aftermath: let-there-be-neverending-light - link

EXTRA: In that I feel bad that I probably posted this too late, went to bed, and woke up to a bunch of sweet messages - I probably won’t be able to include you guys in the S1 episode list, but if I have time I’ll try and draw something for you!







Ask me a question!

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#1: What’s your favorite TV show?
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#5: What fandom(s) are you currently in?
#6: What is the fandom you’ve joined most recently?
#7: What annoys you about one of your fandoms?
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#9: What show(s) do you wish could come back/be rebooted?
#10: What shows(s) do you think need to end?
#11: What is your OTP? (If you have more than one, just name one of your favorites?)
#12: Is there a fandom you never expected to be a part of?
#13: If the creators offered to make your OTP canon, would you accept?
#14: What do you consider to be your best fanfiction? Your worst?
#15: If you could change one thing about your favorite show/movie/game, what would that be?
#16: Pick one of your favorite shows/movies/games. Who is your favorite character? Your least favorite?
#17: Think of a character whose name starts with the letters A-M. Now repeat this, but from letters N-Z. Now imagine both of the characters you thought of being in a relationship. Would you ship it?
#18: Pick two of your favorite fandoms. What would it be like if they did a crossover? You can draw a picture, write a one-shot, or simply share your ideas.
#19: Is there a fandom you’re afraid to tell your friends about?
#20: Is anyone in your family a fan of something that you’re a fan of?
That new 'Labyrinth' movie is not a reboot, screenwriter says
A few days ago, news of a new Labyrinth film began making its way across the internet, and while initial reports suggested that the film would be a...

I’m not sure if many have seen this already, but the news is out that the new Labyrinth movie IS NOT a reboot, but a sequel! The screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, tweeted that “[Labyrinth] is perfect as it is”. Honestly, I’m glad. I’d rather it’s a sequel, because I would hate for anyone to try and take Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie’s roles.

On the other hand, I feel that what makes Labyrinth so great is the openness of its ending. We have no idea what happened after Sarah won. Did she ever encounter Jareth again? Did she live her life normally after her adventure? Did she call for her friends often or never see them again? Was it a dream or reality? Was Jareth’s kingdom devastated after she beat him or did everything go back to how it was before she ran it?  I, and many others, have greatly enjoyed exploring these and many more questions in RPs, Fanfictions, and our own imaginations. I just hope that when this movie does hit the screens, it doesn’t damage the wonderful and diverse world the fandom has created.

And the screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, has since said that the news of the movie was simply badly timed with David Bowie’s death. The movie has been in development since 2014.

Campaign Jensen Ackles for Indiana Jones on Twitter! #JensenForIndy @DisneyPictures 

There have been some serious rumblings about an ‘Indiana Jones’ reboot lately (is nothing sacred?). If Disney is really going to do this, who better to take up the iconic mantel than Jensen Ackles?! He: 

  1. is an incredibly talented actor (both in comedy and drama),
  2. has got the ruggedly handsome good looks and physicality for the part.
  3. has said himself that this is his dream role!

And honestly, who else can sell that cocky, devil-may-care attitude the way he does without sliding toward arrogance?

What can you do to help Disney notice/consider Jensen?

We all want the best for our boys and this is an incredible window of opportunity! SPN FAMILY: let’s flood the world with #JensenforIndy! 


by Kitty Burroughs, aka quipquipquip

The Posterchildren: Originsor TPC for short, is a self-published novel featuring a diverse cast of teenagers with superpowers.  The book includes in its main cast Arab, Latin@, bi/pansexual, lesbian, and asexual characters, as well as characters with mental illnesses and learning disabilities.  Many minor characters are highlighted in the Timely Tales, short stories released regularly, to flesh out this rapidly expanding world. TPC is proof that a book can feature minority characters without making the plot revolve around that minority status.  This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kitty about her work on TPC, and she has graciously agreed to let me share the transcript of our conversation for you all to read.  Interviewing along with me is budding writer Renee Rhodes, raedeanne on tumblr. 

(My questions will be in bold, Renee’s in italics, and Kitty’s response in unbold. Questions and responses may be edited for clarity.)




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Don’t you think Jensen would make the perfect Indiana Jones for a reboot of the movies? Well the whole fandom does. 

We want Disney to see how amazing Jensen is for the role so here’s what YOU can do to help him get noticed!

  • use the #JensenforIndy (created by Robin) on twitter!
  • let the spn actors and TPTB know about this campaign
  • Tagging Disney in tweets would help as well
  •  Spread this around so everyone can be aware

We can all put our differences aside and come together as a fandom to do an amazing thing for Jensen so please signal boost!