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You seeing this, Cartoon Network?


August is gonna be fucking WILD.

(I know R&M starts on July but it continues in August)

                                          🍬 Sweet mother of monkey milk–!! 🍬

I really meant to make this post weeks ago, but my busy schedule kept me from doing so until now.;; Sorry, guys! But WOWZERS. I’ve hit over 900 followers and am on the road to 1k! Thank you, everyone! You have no idea how grateful I am that you all stick around and didn’t abandon me after my on and off hiatus’ over the years!

I remember when I fell in love with Wreck-it Ralph, going to see it in theaters multiple times until the urge–and eventual decision–to create a Vanellope blog struck me back in December 2012. I had considered myself late to join the WIR fandom, seeing as Tumblr was already swarming with many talented and kind roleplayers. But I was welcomed warmly regardless and have been attached ever since!

It was through my inner Vanellope that I was able to meet so many wonderful people, so here is my Follow Forever list. I’m sure I’ll forget a few of you incredible people, so don’t think I wouldn’t be interested in chatting or plotting with you!

🍬 Cherry on Top ;; @blastedroads.
It was through our blogs that we met each other all those years back and I have Wreck-it Ralph to thank for guiding me towards my best friend, soulmate and love of my life. Turbo and Vanellope are our roots; they will forever be special to me just as you are. I love you, my Richie & Turbutt.

🍬 Sprinkles ;; @curioosity, @ask-reboot-turbo, @ask-his-puffiness-king-candy, @8bitracingking, @slithering-saccharine, @sockopunch, @obligatorychinchillas.
It doesn’t matter to me if we have been interacting for years or have only recently brought our muses together, you have been around since the very start and continue to put up with my not-so-punctual bumper. For that…I will forever be grateful. Stay schweet!

🍬 Icing ;; @chosenwars / @fiixer@8bitwrecker, @chocolingthroughthepixelands, @bowserjrandthekoopalings, @smolsix, @eternalworks, @embersiisms, @intxlligentminds.
It may have been a quick Ask or it could be a current thread, but interacting with you all has been nothing short of bliss! Thank you for giving me and my Vani a chance; I hope to continue plotting with you & having our babs develop some sort of relationship~.

🍬 The Cake ;; @tragiicbackstory, @candytastic, @funnylcve, @sergeant-business, @pacstar, @brattizen, @sugarrushwrecker, @stayswxxt, @meltdownarcade, @litwaksfamilyfuncenter, @redhead-racer, @make-it-mavis, @nillaisms, @sweetlittlegloyd, @voocioo, @wreckingduty, @xhumbuugx​.
There are so many of you that I want to shout out, so I’m certain I am missing a good handful.;; But you all are so creative, seem so sweet, and I would love it if we could plot out a thread one day! I watch in awe as your minds come up with the most elegant (and sometimes hilarious) things, wanting to throw Vanellope into an interaction with your muses! 

Like I said, I’m sure I have forgotten some people. I do; however, cherish every single one of you and am overwhelmingly blessed to have a blog come this far. Thank you, everyone! If I ever make it to 1k, expect one sugary sweet giveaway!

ask-reboot-turbo  asked:

📱 //Iii can't recall if I sent one already whoops

[mistexts were almost made…]

 fuck dude. are you okay…?

 mean. at least as okay as usual. as okay as any of us are.. h eh

⋆ …guessin’ there’s a story behind that heartworm buddy’a yours..

 been meanin’ to visit for a while but. is it uh. safe. over there…?

⋆ …if there’s. anythin’ i can fuckin’ do. know there ain’t but 

⋆ you still up for hangin’ out in starbound some time? caught this neat firedoglizard lookin’ thing i think ya’d like a lot

anonymous asked:

Random challenge for you! Compliment 3 of your friends! (Not your S/Os they don't count you romantically love them)

This was… definitely random. Sure, I’ll bite. I’m doing more than three, though.

@ask-reboot-turbo​ You’re very pettable. 10/10 aes. Super pretty. 10/10 all-round, let’s be real here. Incredible. Can’t expect much else from The Hive’s Prince. Definitely need to hang out more.

@pickyourbones​ You’re still a cutie. You’ll always be a cutie. There’s no changing it now. Extremely huggable. You taste pretty good, too; kinda miss that. I miss you. We should hang out some time.

@ittybittytuffet​ Your hair is gorgeous. I see what you did there, and it looks great. I think you’re a great person and I really like that you do no harm, but take no shit. You know how to hold your ground, and I know how anxious you get, but you’re making a whole lot of progress there, too. It’s always nice to see you smiling.

@gutfukcThis was me. I meant everything I said.

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