reboot sulu

Star Trek/Kingsman AU

  • Admiral C. Pike as Arthur
  • Captain Jim T. Kirk as Galahad
  • Commander Spock as Lancelot
  • Lieutenant Commander L. McCoy as Gawain
  • Ensing P. Chekov as Percival
  • Lieutenant H. Sulu as Kay
  • Lieutenant N. Uhura as Lamorak
  • Lieutenant Commander M. Scott as Merlin

- Imagine Kirk, Sulu and Chekov being Team Instinct because of their shirts

- Scotty and Uhura being Team Valor

- McCoy and Spock being Team Mystic

Kirk :

- Only bothers levelling up his Jolteon and Growlithe

- 7,563 Weedle’s that need to be transferred still

- Having like 3 pokeballs from only catching Eevee’s to get Eevee candy

- Referred to as Spark

- Changes all his Pokemon Names to puns. Like Digglet > Dicklet

- Names every Physic Pokemon Spock


- Literally Blanche

- Always feuding with Uhura who is literally Candela

- Carefully levels up his pokemon

- Pisses Kirk off because Spocks lowest CP is 567 and Kirk’s highest is 487

- filled most of his Pokedex

- Has a Pikachu which pisses Kirk off

inserttemptitlehere  asked:

Hey look, it's a buzzfeed article about movies pulling the same shit that you got ostracized for disliking about DS9: katymacky(.)tumblr(.)com/post/158751057109/

this is a REALLY GOOD ARTICLE and despite my general distaste for Buzzfeed I’m actually really surprised at its genuine empathy here.

It’s really vital to recognize that queerbaiting EVOLVES with the times, and that the instances written about in the article - Yellow Power Ranger, LeFou, Reboot Sulu and Unnamed Kissless Husband - are basically included to SHUT US UP.

DS9 and Star Trek in general used queerness to accentuate the taboo and the wrong and nothing else. 

The same can be said for media created around that time like Babylon 5, Farscape, Firefly, etc… (I only list sci fi here because it’s what I watch and have the most experience with)

Modern media uses queerness to absolve itself of committing the wrong taboo of non-inclusion by having it in the form of a token and nothing else. 

Neither of those are acceptable representation.

And again, we deserve better.