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The crew of the USS Enterprise wishes you a happy Valentine's Day!

Credits for Uhura and Scotty’s lines go to enterprisedating

[reboot edition]

Star Trek/Kingsman AU

  • Admiral C. Pike as Arthur
  • Captain Jim T. Kirk as Galahad
  • Commander Spock as Lancelot
  • Lieutenant Commander L. McCoy as Gawain
  • Ensing P. Chekov as Percival
  • Lieutenant H. Sulu as Kay
  • Lieutenant N. Uhura as Lamorak
  • Lieutenant Commander M. Scott as Merlin

- Imagine Kirk, Sulu and Chekov being Team Instinct because of their shirts

- Scotty and Uhura being Team Valor

- McCoy and Spock being Team Mystic

Kirk :

- Only bothers levelling up his Jolteon and Growlithe

- 7,563 Weedle’s that need to be transferred still

- Having like 3 pokeballs from only catching Eevee’s to get Eevee candy

- Referred to as Spark

- Changes all his Pokemon Names to puns. Like Digglet > Dicklet

- Names every Physic Pokemon Spock


- Literally Blanche

- Always feuding with Uhura who is literally Candela

- Carefully levels up his pokemon

- Pisses Kirk off because Spocks lowest CP is 567 and Kirk’s highest is 487

- filled most of his Pokedex

- Has a Pikachu which pisses Kirk off

ur fav is problematic: hikaru sulu
  • smiles too much
  • has a beautiful, happy family
  • is compassionate and intelligent and strong and handsome and kind and perfe
  • makes me, the most anti-child-having man to date, want a child
  • knows how to use a sword and probably teaches his daughter behind his husband’s back
  • 8000 houseplants all named either really normal people names (todd; mike) or strange word combos (princess starz; astral pony) because he lets his daughter name them

me: I won’t cry over star trek beyond… It’s all good. I’m sure I’ll survive.

me, the second time watching beyond:

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