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Prompt: Bones doesn’t know reader is mute and is constantly confused why she never talks to anyone or answers questions. Jim has to save both of them from further embarrassment. -Anon


Word Count: 2,490

A/n: I love mute!reader’s, I think they make the cutest love stories. And I’m actually taking my second year of ASL (American sign Language) so I have some experience with signing but describing the signs is almost impossible so if you get confused, just look it up :P Enjoy!

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Stubborn - Star Trek

“for your requests? can i please request something with star trek Bones getting hurt or sick or something? just imagine a grumpy southern doctor not wanting to cooperate cause he wants to take care of you not you take care of him”

You sat on the edge of a bed in medbay, clad only in your underwear, rubbing your hands together. A nurse stood above you with a dermal regenerator, sealing up the hundreds of cuts that covered your body. It had been over an hour since you had been dragged in here. You had been on an away mission to the planet below, celebrating the completion of a radiation treatment center on the new colony that the Federation had helped built. You were in a banquet hall, raising a toast of some alien wine, when several figures in white and black masks stormed into the room and began firing phase weapons and flinging gas canisters into the crowd of both Enterprise crew members and the Alteeans you had been helping.

You avoided the phaser fire, but were seconds from breathing in the gas escaping the canisters when you were shoved through a window by one of the figures. You landed outside just ten feet below, directly into an Alteean rose garden. You squirmed and felt both the three inch thorns and glass shards from the window cutting into you. You forced yourself up and out of the garden. You were running to tackle the figure who pushed you when you felt a lurch and found yourself suddenly on the Enterprise where you were rushed to Medical.

You had been pushed onto a bed when you noticed two medical officers carrying Leonard into a back room. You had fought to go to him, but a nurse held you back. So you sat, staring at the door. Waiting.

“You ok?” A voice called, walking into the bay. You turned and saw Captain Kirk walking briskly toward you.

“Im fine.” You shrugged as he made it to your side.

Just then the door in front of you slid open and out walked Leonard, clad in a medical gown and followed by the other doctor and two nurses.

“You need to lie down! Doctors’ Orders!” another doctor shouted.

“Counter doctors’ orders! Im fine” Leonard shouted. He took a few more steps and stumbled. You pushed your nurse aside and both you and Jim moved to his side. You both grabbed an arm and guided him to a bed.

“My god Y/N” Leonard exclaimed. “You look like you have been wrestling porcupines!”

“You don’t look so good yourself.” You said. And it was very true. He was as pale as the gown he was wearing, his lips were blue, his eyes were red, and he was shaking uncontrollably.

“Whats wrong with him?” the Captain asked.

“Jasdafor Nerve Poison.” The doctor said. “Its not lethal and not contagious. And we’ve neutralized it for the most part. But he needs to lay down and rest, give it a few days to wear off.”

“If you think for one goddamn second that Im staying in one of these beds for—“ He doubled over in a coughing fit.

“Does he need to be in here? Can’t he rest in his own quarters if he isn’t contagious?” The Captain asked.

“Well yes…but he would still need someone to monitor him and KEEP him in bed.” The doctor replied.

“Any volunteers?” The captain asked, looking directly at you.

“Can I leave?” You asked the nurse behind you. She shrugged and nodded, most of your cuts had been sealed anyway.

“Right. Uh…can I have a gown?” You were given a gown and you and the Captain helped McCoy back to his quarters, pushing him into his bed.

“Good luck” the captain whispered with a wink and stepped out as McCoy began to yell something about not needing a damn babysitter.

You ignored his whining and moved to a dresser. You quickly changed into your off duty sweats and a tank top. Opening another drawer, you pulled out a larger pair of sweats and a t-shirt, smiling at the framed picture you knew he kept in this drawer. The image was of you grinning in aviator sunglasses while Leonard kissed your cheek from behind, arms around your shoulders. It was from a trip back to earth a year or so ago. You had an identical copy in your own quarters…though you were rarely in your own quarters since you mostly slept here.

You moved back to the bed where he had moved to a sitting position and tugged off his gown, pulling the tshirt over his head.,

“I can put on my own damn clothes” he mumbled and yanked the pants from you. You raised your hands in defeat. He pulled them on, with more struggle than he cared to admit and looked up at you.

“What happened? Let me see.” He demanded, motioning to your arms where the nurse hadn’t reached with the dermal regenerator.

“I fell out a window.” You said, folding your arms.

“you what!?”

“Im fine. It got me out of that gas. And by the looks of you, I apparently had the better experience.” You looked at him and smiled weakly. He really did not look good.

“Let me see.” He demanded again.

“Nope. You’re not a doctor right now. I am. And you’re my patient. Now lay down.” You demanded right back.

“It doesn’t work like that sweetheart. I take of people. People don’t take care of me.” He choked, trying to hold back another coughing fit and failing miserably. You moved toward him and pushed him down into the pillow, a little aggressively, before pulling the sheet up to his arms

“Jesus who taught you bedside manner” He groaned.

“You did.” You said grinning as you bent to kiss his cheek. He took advantage of this and snatched your arm, beginning to examine the few remaining cuts.

“I have a handheld dermal regenerator in my emergency kit just over here.” He said as he tried to rise again. You pulled your arm back and planted your hands on his shoulders, pushing him again into the pillows.

“Rest Leonard. Or I will go have Spock come monitor you instead” you hissed. He narrowed his eyes and stared at you for a few seconds before letting his head fall back in defeat.

You smiled in victory and went to sit on your side of the bed, grabbing a data pad so you could read a few things. Leonard rolled over and wrapped an arm around your legs, resting his head on your thigh. You absentmindedly began running your fingers through his hair.

“At least Im not contagious.” He mumbled.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to catch a bad case of ‘stubborn ass’” You replied. He snorted as he drifted off to sleep.

When Karl Urban introduced himself as Leonard McCoy and shook hands with Chris Pine, I burst into tears. That performance of his is so moving, so touching and so powerful as Doctor McCoy, that I think D. Kelley [DeForest] would be smiling, and maybe in tears as well.
—  Leonard Nimoy
Life in Her Eyes - Star Trek

Wedding Dance was awesome!! Thank you for writing it. I love Eomer!! And enjoy reading those stories. I also like your Bones ones too!!! So I have a Bones request. Dancing with wife!reader in their quarters for no other reason that he had a bad day in Medbay and just wants to hold her.

Leonard McCoy slowly peeled off his surgical gloves and dropped them in the bin. He watched from behind the glass door of the prep room as a nurse led a man into the med room. The nurse stepped next to the bed and pulled down the sheet. Leonard turned away as the man collapsed with a sob next to the lifeless figure on the bed.

Bones stopped to enter a few things into the computer briefly before signing out of the med bay. He walked down the hallway, keeping his head down. Hoping no one would notice the color draining from his face or the gathering wetness of his eyes. As he rounded a corner he shook his head vigorously, trying to snap himself out it. As a seasoned doctor, he was no stranger to death. He had lost more than a few people on the operating table. But this was different. The woman who had been brought in had been on an away team who were exposed to a toxin that caused sudden and severe internal hemorrhaging. Hemorrhaging too severe for even the advanced medical equipment aboard the Enterprise to keep up with.

What bothered Leonard, was the woman looked exactly like his wife. Looked exactly like you. And as the nurse brought in the woman’s husband, Leonard saw himself walking into a sterile room and lifting a sheet to find you, eyes closed and skin cold. The thought made his lungs feel like lead.

Upon reaching your shared quarters, the door opened and he was greeted by soft piano-like music. You looked up from the book you were reading and smiled at him. Your smile faded almost immediately, replaced by concern. The minute the door closed, Leonard sighed and a few of the frustrated tears he had been holding back spilled slowly down his cheek as he squinted his eyes closed.

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