reboot juice fast

I, too, have Urticaria. I’ve longed for the day that I could stop taking medication for it. Makes me wants to be a raw foodist again. I was in such good health at the time that I had forgotten to take it entirely because the hives were no longer an issue. But ever since I started to eat processed, & “junk” food, man oh man, do I have to take my medicine. :/

I love his willpower, & determination. It’s great watching a person so willing to change their life, & help others while doing so. It really gives me hope for mankind.

homemade coconut meat-sugar scrub for detoxing:

2 pounds sugar
1.5 cup African Shea butter ( slightly warmer than room temperature )
Blend with a hand beater in a large bowl until well combined and crumbly.

2 young coconuts ( meat only ), hard bark removed, chopped
1 tablespoon jojoba oil ( more if you have it )
1 cup virgin coconut oil
½ cup distilled water

Blend in a high speed blender until completely smooth.

Use the hand beater to combine the sugar mixture and the coconut mixture. Store in glass containers in the refrigerator.
I used brown sugar this time because that’s what was in the pantry. I prefer white sugar, the brown sugar is much stickier.
I suggest purchasing fresh sugar. The lumps in the brown sugar did not grind completely because the sugar was hard when I started.

To use: I use about ¼ cup of the scrub my entire body each time I shower ( twice a day while fasting ). I scrub it on dry and then rinse with water ( no soap! - the soap removes the natural oils in the scrub ) The jojoba oil and coconut oil leave my skin super soft. No after show moisturizer is required, allowing my skin to breath without something covering it up.
It’s messy. I found applying the sugar scrub in the shower while I am dry the easiest and most effective way.

( I used the brown sugar scrub: I will be adding 2 pounds of white sugar to get more abrasion/exfoliation from the sugar. I like it thicker and drier. )

Juice fast D/2:
…let the detoxing begin
Yesterday I wasn’t thinking and left the house for a Dr’s appointment without packing any juice. I had only managed half of yesterday’s beet juice before I left.
This morning my face is swollen rather nicely and I am nauseous something fierce.
I’m making a ginger cocktail: mineral water, ginger elixir, and lime juice.
I have candied ginger pieces to suck on.
The bonus for forgetting my juice is I don’t need to prepare so much today : )