reboot juice fast

I, too, have Urticaria. I’ve longed for the day that I could stop taking medication for it. Makes me wants to be a raw foodist again. I was in such good health at the time that I had forgotten to take it entirely because the hives were no longer an issue. But ever since I started to eat processed, & “junk” food, man oh man, do I have to take my medicine. :/

I love his willpower, & determination. It’s great watching a person so willing to change their life, & help others while doing so. It really gives me hope for mankind.

homemade coconut meat-sugar scrub for detoxing:

2 pounds sugar
1.5 cup African Shea butter ( slightly warmer than room temperature )
Blend with a hand beater in a large bowl until well combined and crumbly.

2 young coconuts ( meat only ), hard bark removed, chopped
1 tablespoon jojoba oil ( more if you have it )
1 cup virgin coconut oil
½ cup distilled water

Blend in a high speed blender until completely smooth.

Use the hand beater to combine the sugar mixture and the coconut mixture. Store in glass containers in the refrigerator.
I used brown sugar this time because that’s what was in the pantry. I prefer white sugar, the brown sugar is much stickier.
I suggest purchasing fresh sugar. The lumps in the brown sugar did not grind completely because the sugar was hard when I started.

To use: I use about ¼ cup of the scrub my entire body each time I shower ( twice a day while fasting ). I scrub it on dry and then rinse with water ( no soap! - the soap removes the natural oils in the scrub ) The jojoba oil and coconut oil leave my skin super soft. No after show moisturizer is required, allowing my skin to breath without something covering it up.
It’s messy. I found applying the sugar scrub in the shower while I am dry the easiest and most effective way.

( I used the brown sugar scrub: I will be adding 2 pounds of white sugar to get more abrasion/exfoliation from the sugar. I like it thicker and drier. )

I am giving more thought to how to eat after my reboot. I want to maintain the clear skin, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure measures along with the weight loss.
I love the idea of eating out, but because of my many food allergies (and lack of employment) I will probably be enjoying the foods of my labors.
I am collecting some menus from raw food and juice places. I figure if the food can hold up to sell retail, then I can prepare it ahead of time and enjoy it as if I had purchased it to go.
I figure a nice rotation of juice recipes, raw entrees, salad, soups and treats will make my life sexy and organized, even if it’s only in my head.
I can’t say I am suffering during this juice fast, but as I type this post in the droopy-eyed-insomnia morning tumblr surfing, I feel like I am stuck in a very extreme process. I know I would rather be as healthy as affordable 95% of the time (or higher) than juice fast (all juice) again. I want to be healthy on a consistent day to day and meal to meal basis.
I also want to erase the feeling that being high raw is “hard”. Or time consuming. Easy, delicious, beautiful prepared food from my own kitchen will be my next project of experimentation.