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  • me, in the year of 2040, sitting my future child down on the bed and drawing a deep breath: okay kiddo, now that you're old enough, i think it's time for the talk. I need to tell you about the birds and the b–
  • my kid, a horrified look on their face as they wave their hands frantically: no, no im–
  • me: –bat.
  • kid: what
  • me: the birds and the bat. bruce wayne and all of his children. there are now 268 of them now after the 45th dc reboot and i think it's about time you learned about all of them.
  • kid: dad wait–
  • me: so the first ever robin showed up in detective comics issue #38 in 1940 and

That moment, when a pre-teen freak makes you watch TV series with her and her brother… And what you end up is this great craving to re-create one of newly discovered characters from an animated TV series ;-)

So, yeah, basically that is the story behind reboot release EAH doll I was given for my name-day last year [it is in August for those who were curious] and was turned into Teen Titans Raven :D

Doll ready for adoption in my Etsy store.

LEGOS!! Another piece of art I prepared for an upcoming con in my town! This is generally based of the game Lego Dimensions, but I suppose it’s just as much of a celebration of all things Lego! I drew in the reboot PPG and Ghostbusters due to the fact that they’re more relevant with kids (though I personally dont mind them too much, despite there being faults in them. Nothing’s ever perfect!) Overall, this was great fun!

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I really wonder why mera was never in the Justice league like no offense to Arthur but a) she could kick his ass and b) she controls water!! Like?? @dc come dudes

right before flashpoint happened and dc rebooted, there were talks/rumors of mera finally joining the JL/JLA because she was seen helping the justice leaguers and the teen titans more and more, but in all honesty listen, mera… mera isn’t like arthur. arthur will have to talk himself into not banging his head against a wall while the leaguers are fighting over something for the sixth time that day and may even succeed in not sighing internally for four minutes and a half straight, but mera is far more likely to actually DELIVER that punch when hal and bruce won’t shut up

i just imagine arthur very badly and obviously feigning illness and going “oh no i’ll have to call in sick maybe you can go and make them choke on their glasses of water and then i’ll have to save the world on my own, calm, non ball-bustery terms. maybe leave diana alone, she’s cool. she’s cool. batman, however,”

Apollo’s Inherent Selflessness

      Let me tell you a thing about Apollo that is deeply canon, often ignored, but has been made extremely apparent by Steve Orlando in his writing of Midnighter and Apollo. 

      Apollo does not know how to be Selfish. He just. doesn’t. 

      This personality trait was often hinted at in the older Wildstorm series involving Apollo, in complex and beautifully multi-faceted ways. But much of the character’s depth was lost when DC rebooted Stormwatch in the New52. Orlando’s Midnighter, Vol 2 run also plays with the character’s attributes, showing how Apollo came to Midnighter’s rescue even after the man had walked out on him and severed all connection for months, then promptly forgave him for his stupidity (despite having no reason to do so). But, to be fair, the Sun King was something of a footnote in the Midnighter story, and his behavior seemed to be directly related to driving Mid’s plot forward. Now, Steve Orlando is righting that wrong, and Apollo’s self-sacrificing nature has never been more obvious than during the scenes in Midnighter and Apollo #2, where he is being psychologically tortured in Hell. 

      Consider this moment. Here, Apollo is under the belief that he has been yoked alongside numerous other souls to carry a Lord of Hell to some unobtainable destination. He is wounded, has probably reached the limits of his solar generated power, and may only have one opportunity to escape his imprisonment. And yet, when he makes his move, instead of immediately taking flight and leaving the others behind in order to maximize his odds of escape / survival, Apollo tells them to grab onto him.

      He is bent on saving as many other people as he can, despite how it might hinder him. Even in the worst place ever imagined, he still cares so much about the people around him, people who can’t even be considered innocents in this scenario (considering their placement in Hell). 

Look at this. Look How Much He Cares When he Cannot Save These People! The Horror, for him, isn’t being in hell or being Tortured. It’s being unable to save these souls.

The man is selfless, ok? And I invite anyone who disagrees with me to 

                                                                         MEET ME IN THE PIT.

Listen, I’m all for Damian having a complicated and at times difficult relationship with his mother, Talia, but that’s because LIFE IS LIKE THAT.

I mean, I love my parents but tbh there are times when I’ve seriously thought I’d have to straight up fight or murder one of them so like, ya know. Relationships are difficult, especially familial ones, ESPECIALLY when you’re family itself is complicated and full of imperfect people just trying the best with what they got.

If Damian and Bruce can have a complicated and occasionally hurtful relationship, but still be on good loving terms with one another so can Talia and Damian.

Talia has ALWAYS put her family first, even at her own expense. (Her defending Ra’s but not always supporting him or his beliefs) Why would she suddenly turn her back on her own child, especially a child she had herself with a man she loved and even was married to? It doesn’t make sense.

She doesn’t have to be perfect, no one ever is, especially not in comics, but let’s not pretend that abusive “crazy” Talia is game changing and wild. It’s racist. It’s sexist. And it’s complete and total bullshit.

You want drama, well there’s enough in the text as is for potential drama.

Damian is the child of Batman and the daughter of one of his greatest enemies. He’s a child who was born into a very dark and very painful life. And not just because of who his mother is. He was born to a woman raised in a violent cult controlled by her own father, is extremely capable and intelligent in her own right but constantly belittled and abused by said father and other family members simply because she is a woman. (Ra’s weird obsession with having his heir be Bruce of all people instead of his own daughter, and using her for more heirs basically, plus the general bullshit of being raised by the League of Assassins, I mean do ya’ll really think she had an easy life? It makes sense she was raised the same way Damian was) And his dad is Batman, the poster child for everything wrong and fucked about Gotham, mental health, trauma, etc. etc. Bruce is a very troubled and hurt man who doesn’t deal with trauma well and his children and the people he love more often than not suffer for it. His parents aren’t together specifically because of their own issues and their inability to work through them in a healthy and stable way conductive to a healthy relationship.

Like, that’s drama ya’ll. That’s real. Ya’ll always complaining about not enough realism and accurate portrayals of certain things, well I’m telling you, that’s accurate. I can personally attest to this. 

Sure it’s fiction and not a biography, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t do better with our stories. 

Why is it so important to people that Talia be an evil hag who’d kill her own child, yet look after another as if they were her own? Does that make sense to you? That Talia would choose Jason of all people over her own kid? Come on now. Check yerselves.

myth: DC rebooted the new 52 because the timelines, backstories and relationships got substantially more convulted and out of character than the pre-flashpoint era

truth: DC rebooted the new 52 because damian wayne was close to getting older and taller than tim drake, in turn forcing them to consider aging tim. it could clearly not be allowed

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so do you know all the details about the Robins like when they become Robin for your comic?

Yes I do! Here are the basics, no details or explanations for now: 

-Dick’s parents are deaded, and he is adopted by Bruce at age 12. He trains with Bruce for 3 years, and becomes Robin at 15. 5 years later, he becomes Nightwing.

-1 Year later Bruce finds Jason (15) on the streets. Bruce takes him in, and after 2 years of training, he becomes Robin at 17.

-About 6-7 months later, Tim (14) figures out Batman and Robins identities, and requests to be trained by Bruce as well.

-Another year later, Jason is kidnapped by the Joker, shenanigans happen, and Tim takes on the Robin mantle (intended to be temporary). After Jason is deaded, Tim officially becomes Robin at 16.

-About 3 years later, Jason returns as Red Hood, and more shenanigans happen. Tim quits as Robin, and becomes Red Robin, now 19.

-3 years later, Stephanie as Spoiler (17) assists Bruce with taking down a crime lord (her dad lol). He is impressed, and offers her the mantle of Robin. She accepts. 2 years later, she becomes Batgirl.

-Damian comes in a year later, and becomes Robin shortly after, at 12. That story with be covered in my web comic.

Wow I said “year later” a lot.

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The DCEU has no track record whatsoever of consistency. The only thing you can count on with the DCEU is instability. Literally EVERY single week its something else. Whether it be a director and composer dropping out for "creative differences" or a release date change, a slate shift, announcing an unnecessary spin-off/sequel or "fast tracking" a movie that should have come out before their last disaster. Its constant crap coming from DC. I hope WW and JL are financial failures so we can reboot.

WB/DC still don’t seem to have a plan, it’s true. I’m not going to deny that the DCEU has a truck load of problems, but they’re all fixable. I’ve been disappointed with a lot of their choices, but it doesn’t mean that they haven’t made some good choices too, there’s still some great things there, salvageable things in the DCEU that I would like to see develop and move forward. In my opinion, at least right now, it’s still worth continuing with this franchise. 

As for ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ being financial disasters, that’s probably not going to happen. Even if ‘Justice League’ doesn’t join the $1billion club and only matches ‘Batman V Superman’ financially, that’s still a huge success. There’s a chance they could be critical failures, sure. But as long as they keep making money, which those two movies are going to do, then WB are not going to reboot.