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Listen, I’m all for Damian having a complicated and at times difficult relationship with his mother, Talia, but that’s because LIFE IS LIKE THAT.

I mean, I love my parents but tbh there are times when I’ve seriously thought I’d have to straight up fight or murder one of them so like, ya know. Relationships are difficult, especially familial ones, ESPECIALLY when you’re family itself is complicated and full of imperfect people just trying the best with what they got.

If Damian and Bruce can have a complicated and occasionally hurtful relationship, but still be on good loving terms with one another so can Talia and Damian.

Talia has ALWAYS put her family first, even at her own expense. (Her defending Ra’s but not always supporting him or his beliefs) Why would she suddenly turn her back on her own child, especially a child she had herself with a man she loved and even was married to? It doesn’t make sense.

She doesn’t have to be perfect, no one ever is, especially not in comics, but let’s not pretend that abusive “crazy” Talia is game changing and wild. It’s racist. It’s sexist. And it’s complete and total bullshit.

You want drama, well there’s enough in the text as is for potential drama.

Damian is the child of Batman and the daughter of one of his greatest enemies. He’s a child who was born into a very dark and very painful life. And not just because of who his mother is. He was born to a woman raised in a violent cult controlled by her own father, is extremely capable and intelligent in her own right but constantly belittled and abused by said father and other family members simply because she is a woman. (Ra’s weird obsession with having his heir be Bruce of all people instead of his own daughter, and using her for more heirs basically, plus the general bullshit of being raised by the League of Assassins, I mean do ya’ll really think she had an easy life? It makes sense she was raised the same way Damian was) And his dad is Batman, the poster child for everything wrong and fucked about Gotham, mental health, trauma, etc. etc. Bruce is a very troubled and hurt man who doesn’t deal with trauma well and his children and the people he love more often than not suffer for it. His parents aren’t together specifically because of their own issues and their inability to work through them in a healthy and stable way conductive to a healthy relationship.

Like, that’s drama ya’ll. That’s real. Ya’ll always complaining about not enough realism and accurate portrayals of certain things, well I’m telling you, that’s accurate. I can personally attest to this. 

Sure it’s fiction and not a biography, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t do better with our stories. 

Why is it so important to people that Talia be an evil hag who’d kill her own child, yet look after another as if they were her own? Does that make sense to you? That Talia would choose Jason of all people over her own kid? Come on now. Check yerselves.

LEGOS!! Another piece of art I prepared for an upcoming con in my town! This is generally based of the game Lego Dimensions, but I suppose it’s just as much of a celebration of all things Lego!

  • me, in the year of 2040, sitting my future child down on the bed and drawing a deep breath: okay kiddo, now that you're old enough, i think it's time for the talk. I need to tell you about the birds and the b–
  • my kid, a horrified look on their face as they wave their hands frantically: no, no im–
  • me: –bat.
  • kid: what
  • me: the birds and the bat. bruce wayne and all of his children. there are now 268 of them now after the 45th dc reboot and i think it's about time you learned about all of them.
  • kid: dad wait–
  • me: so the first ever robin showed up in detective comics issue #38 in 1940 and

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I really wonder why mera was never in the Justice league like no offense to Arthur but a) she could kick his ass and b) she controls water!! Like?? @dc come dudes

right before flashpoint happened and dc rebooted, there were talks/rumors of mera finally joining the JL/JLA because she was seen helping the justice leaguers and the teen titans more and more, but in all honesty listen, mera… mera isn’t like arthur. arthur will have to talk himself into not banging his head against a wall while the leaguers are fighting over something for the sixth time that day and may even succeed in not sighing internally for four minutes and a half straight, but mera is far more likely to actually DELIVER that punch when hal and bruce won’t shut up

i just imagine arthur very badly and obviously feigning illness and going “oh no i’ll have to call in sick maybe you can go and make them choke on their glasses of water and then i’ll have to save the world on my own, calm, non ball-bustery terms. maybe leave diana alone, she’s cool. she’s cool. batman, however,”

Why is everyone acting like the Phantom Zone storyline is 100% happening?

First of all let me point out the TV show canon, Mon-El was shot by a lead bullet at Cadmus in 2x07, Jermiah removed it and he slowly recovered, the wound healed at a human pace and he needing a crutch for a while. So I’m sure the canon on the show is different from the comics, in the sense that lead can pierce through the skin and they get lead poisoning but they can recover from it. He didn’t need to be sent to the phantom zone after 2x07! 

Secondly, Let’s talk about comic book canons because little knowledge is a dangerous thing:  

Phantom zone was just one of the generational reboot strategies for DC.. They do a new series for every generation (New 52 for the kids now) so that kids can just start reading without having to start from the golden age of comics.. That’s why they mess up the canon so frequently and come up with silly explanations to bring back dead characters (Like the time they made up a weird explanation about how Barry Allen didn’t actually die after crisis of infinite earths and was just running in the speed force for decades) or they put away character in these “zones” for safekeeping instead of killing them, to be conveniently plucked out in case someone wants to use them in the next reboot for the next generation. 

They do that with multiple universes too: they create the multiverse, destroy the multiverse, then recreate it to manage characters they created or acquired or to justify contradictory canons or fix continuity errors left unchecked for years. 

How the TV show is using these zones

This is a TV show! They will only use these character safe keeping zones to pluck out characters into the Supergirl TV universe, like in Season 1 Phantom zone was used as a timeless space to conveniently pluck Supergirl’s character as a 12 year old child when superman was already an established hero. They pulled Fort Rozz out of the Phantom Zone at the same time too with Astra, Non & other alien prisoners- many of whom are living on earth as refugees and hanging out at the alien bar. But the Kryptonian characters conveniently stayed dormant until Kara grew up and became a hero, then suddenly they turned into the most impatient villains. 

In season 2, They plucked Mon-El from yet another timeless zone, The Well of Stars, where he was in a suspended state for 35 years without ageing so that they can justify him leaving Daxam as an adult and still being the perfect age to be Kara’s love interest in season 2.

In the future

In the future they’ll continue using these zones to extract other DC characters quite literally out of thin air (it seems like more characters from the Legion will be added to the Supergirl team in the future) or use it to send characters away, in case any actor temporarily leaves the show for other projects. 

So can we please stop treating cheap reboot strategies or character safe keeping zones as canon written in stone? Because in comic book universes even canon means means nothing, like there is a universe where Batman is a vampire and there is a universe where Bruce dies and his parents became the Batman & Joker (This one was the Flash’s fault, Flashpoint). 

He’s not going to the “Phantom Zone” anytime soon! 

DC Reboot brainstorm #4 - Kryptonians

Some more reforms for my reboot universe, ie me trying to come up with explanations for things that make sense to me.

I’ve concluded that Kryptonians’ powers all come from the ability to manipulate gravity. They can create a gravity “force field” around their body, which is how they are mostly invulnerable. They can also extend the field around things they touch, which is where their super strength comes from. “Heat vision” happens when they focus their energy in a compressed stream. It’s easiest for them to use their eyes to do this, but they don’t have to do it that way. And obviously they can fly too, duh.

These powers are at full strength only when they’re fighting, which means if they’re not careful they can be caught off guard. As far as kryptonite goes, it emits radiation that is harmless to most humans, but deadly to Kryptonians (which is how I always thought of it anyway…). 

Kryptonians don’t get their power from Earth’s sun. Krypton’s sun actually starts constantly emitting a very low level of kryptonite radiation, causing Kryptonians to become more and more sick with each generation, which also reduced their powers. Earth’s sun counteracts the effects of Kryptonite to a certain extent, which is why it appears that Superman gets his power from the sun.

The end

Let’s talk about Wonder Woman costumes! (because I’m bored and feeling catty) 

the original 1941 costume, honestly it’s one of the one’s I like the most, full skirts are kinda rare in comic  hero outfits, her boots being high heels is a little much, the iconic bracelets are a little small but I imagine they look a lot more like the kink fetish wear Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston’s girlfriend Olive Byrne wore. Over all though still one of the better Wonder looks

almost at once the original skirt got ditched for this, I’m not really sure what to call them other than bloomers, skin tight bike shorts are never a good idea for your superhero look, as we’ll see when we get to 90s Wonder Woman. 

in 1949 Wonder Woman ditched her high heel boots in favor of ballet shoes, the eagle logo on her chest changes a little and the bloomers got a little shorter as we head toward the more classic bathing suit look, in the late 1950s they’d give there’s ballet shoes high heels because…. women in comics 

this brings us to the darkest days of Wonder Woman, for some reason in the late 1960s a twat named Mike Sekowsky took over Wonder Woman comics. He thought it was a greta idea if Wonder Woman gave up her powers, her outfit, all the Amazons went away, and she opened a head shop in San Fransisco, learned ku fu from a racist caricature named “I-Ching” and fought evil hippies and followed plots ripped from the British spy TV show “The Avengers” Diana doesn’t really have one costume from this period since she wore hip “Mod” mid-1960s civilian clothes, but this white jump suit is the best remembered outfit, and it’s horrible 

hey it’s the cover of Ms. magazine in 1971 effectively demanding the return of classic feminist icon Wonder Woman, super suit and all. 

Shortly after Ms. put her on the cover DC came around and returned Wonder Woman to her costume, powers and Amazon stuff, and also they finally bit the bullet and finished the slow mo shift from bloomers to the bathing suit look. In 1975 Lynda Carter would star in the TV show Wonder Woman, that picture is the second design of the costume for the show. I should point out that the 1970s is also when the belt of her suit goes from white to yellow or gold and also merges with the eagle logo on her chest. Lynda looks fine in a slightly goofy 1970s TV way, the cuffs and the lasso are too small and her pants always looked weirdly padded but as a basic look it’s good and has been translated to comics pretty well (and not gonna lie I kinda like the cape, which wasn’t in the show)

Here it is, Wonder Woman’s iconic WW logo came along pretty late in the game, in 1982 in fact this, right here is close to my very favorite Wonder Woman look, it’s the classic that comes to mind when you say her name 

So in 1986 DC rebooted for the first time ever and Wonder Woman didn’t get too many edits, mainly this is when her bracelets become much larger and clearly reflective sliver rather than more dull metal as before, also she gets big hair, before she had kinda flat hair now she would have big curlly hair 

Oh dear, the 90s are gonna 90s, for reasons known only to vengeful elder Gods, DC decided to take Wonder Woman away from Diana and give it to a then new character named Artemis who was idk more “bad ass!” but Diana put on this…. whatever this is, and kept being a super hero, luckily this didn’t last long but good god look at this outfit

After getting out of the black bike shorts Wonder Woman found a really huge belt, or whatever that is this is ok but shows off a bad habit (MALE) artists have of drawing her bottoms as kinda a thong and making the back out her outfit backless which makes me wonder if she’s using spirt gum on her boobs to hold her top on.

The mid-2000s saw this, the belt became a second WW logo (in case you forgot her name) and the chest WW became mixed with the eagle logo, it’s fine, don’t love the belt logo and feel like it leaves a lot of awkward red space in the middle but it’s not bad

the 2010 redesign that literally no one liked, maybe because she looks like she’s wearing tights or leather pants and a top with a really stupid jacket that makes her look like a girl you met at a college party and less like the world’s most powerful woman also the gold bracelets that now went kinda over her hands and had all these designs on them getting rid of the iconic simple look of them before, any ways comics fans AND feminists hated on this and it was dropped like it was red hot not that what happened next wasn’t worse.

Oh oh no, Wonder Woman was hard hit by the New52 design flaws, for one bright colors are OUT, gold/yellow was replaced by sliver, blue with BLACK! and the red was darkened, there was needless confusing lines on her costume that implied armor but of course she’s wearing a bathing suit so that’d be silly, she has a random choker, just so she can also have a collar like all the other heroes in the new52 and not sure what that thing on her forearm is 

Batman V Superman gave us this, I wish I could say more but the movie was so dark, poorly lit and gritty and the outfit it’s self is dark it’s hard to say much about it, it seems to be made of leather, which is a choice, it might have been very dark red in the right places, maybe… I mean hell you can barely tell Superman has red on his outfit in this picture 

And here we are at now, it seems to be an effort to translate the movie into comics, and it’s not bad, the lines on the body are still needless and pointless but not as bad as the New52, the skirt is okay, I kinda like leaning into the idea of her as being Greek, the bots are fun, they mostly haven’t used the cape which is good I like the return of color and most of all gold to her outfit, Wonder Woman in sliver was strange and not a good look

all in all I like the 1986 look best both the late 1990s and the mid-2000s are fine.