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With all the complaints about Riri, I still don’t think Marvel should give up on her. Like it or not her character is necessary. 

Riri is a black girl in STEM, with dark skin and natural curly hair, has depression, and a black mother (who’s also dark-skinned) who supports her. 

That is rare in media. There are some positive feedback of black girls and even grown black women inspired by the concept of Riri. I don’t believe it’s fair to take that away from them because of a white man’s bad literature. 

Instead of killing her off or erasing her existence for the Tony Stark klandom to be happy, replace Bendis with a black female writer and reboot her story. 

Original Blossom has a  crush on the lumberjack from DC comics Powerpuff  girls #17

Before the reboot Blossom has a crush obsessions on Jared (which is disgusting to original fans of the original series) The original Blossom has a crush on the Lumberjack (even bubbles ) from DC comics Powerpuff girls#17 and I have two pages  as proof .By the way, could you imagine if the reboot writers use this as a source material for future episodes since this issue doesn’t involve fighting crime but hear the bedtime story from the professor.

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I'm sorry your ship is tragic right now! If I were canon-familiar I would try to cheer you up with fluff. At least since it's comics there's a chance he'll come back?

This is the sweetest ask in the world and - please forgive me - I laughed until I cried when I read it, because I have been crying about Ted Kord’s death for twelve years. In fact, the ship is kind of the least tragic it’s been since 2005.

Very short version:

  • 1987: Ted and Booster meet and become instant BFFs.
  • 2005: DC kills Ted off. Booster spends the next six years crying and trying to remake the universe (he’s a time traveller) in order to bring Ted back.
  • 2011: DC reboots their universe and erases (among many other things) the entire history of this friendship. Booster is still a superhero but Ted’s successor Jaime is the only Blue Beetle and Ted is just glimpsed in a passing cameo.
  • 2016: DC launches their Rebirth initiative and retcons Ted’s history again as an older, retired hero training new hero Jaime (it’s VERY cute). Ted and Booster still don’t know each other (and Booster hasn’t been seen in the main universe since 2015 anyway).

Anyway, this is all very exciting! No one is dead and Ted and Jaime actually get to interact! (In the original continuity, Ted died before Jaime debuted.) There’s still a possibility for Ted and Booster to become ~totally platonic~ best friends!

It me. (It Jaime’s little sister, actually. But also me.)

Anyway, the tragic scans I’ve been posting are all from Injustice 2, which is a tie-in comic to a video game that I’ve been completely ignoring except MY BOYS. So it’s not the “real” Ted and Booster but it’s still gut-wrenching, and also the furthest they’ve pushed that platonic boundary so far? And this is a ship that includes naked hugging, comparisons to jilted lovers, and Booster explicitly saying he’s after Ted’s heart.

But yeah, DC loves to give us tragic alternate versions of these two. See also:

  • They revealed that the original universe Booster Gold, dying from some kind of degenerative time cancer, went back in time to find Ted and speak with him one last time before…dying and ascending to become basically a time elemental? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold gave us not just an episode where Jaime learns of Ted’s tragic death, but another one where Booster goes back in time to hang out with Ted before said tragic death because he misses him so much.
  • Young Justice also has Jaime which means it needs a tragically dead Ted, though there’s no Booster to weep over him there.
  • We don’t know about the DCW yet but they keep namedropping Ted and Booster has to exist because he’s Rip Hunter’s father, so. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Anyway these are (some of) my Boostle feels, sorry, you didn’t ask for any of that, I’M VERY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW.

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LEGOS!! Another piece of art I prepared for an upcoming con in my town! This is generally based of the game Lego Dimensions, but I suppose it’s just as much of a celebration of all things Lego!

The Weird History of Batgirl

Because I can let’s talk Batgirl, shall we? 

It all starts in 1954 with a horrible book called “Seduction of the Innocent” a psychiatrist named Fredric Wertham claimed in his book basically everything wrong with society came from comics. One of his most famous claims was that Batman and Robin were gay and in a relationship and Batman comics were making young boys gay. The book blew up, there were Congressional hearings and the adoption of the “Comics Code”. DC was left with a major issue, millions of Americans had heard that Batman was gay and making their sons gay, so in 1956 they gave him a girlfriend. 

Kathy Kane, Batwoman. She was… um… you can imagine a woman hero in the 1950s made up solely to give Batman a case of the not gays? she was about as effective as you can expect, rather than an utility belt she had a utility purse. Basically she was there to tease Batman, or to need to get saved by Batman. Now Dick’s age between 1940 and the late 1970s was a little vague but the first 20ish years Robin was very young (9-10 years old). Starting in the late 1950s and early 1960s to reflect a slightly different age demographics of the readers DC started to shift him to be more of a middle school age. As a result the question was raised “Does Robin have a case of the not gays?” 

In 1960 DC answered that question and gave us Bat-Girl (note the spelling) Betty Kane was Kathy Kane’s niece. She was basically the same as Batwoman in being basically useless, teasing Dick (as you can see) and needing to be saved by him. She didn’t last long She showed up a number of times between 1960 and 1964 when a new editor thankfully canned the fainting doormat love interests. Betty wasn’t seen or heard from for about 10 years, briefly she appeared in the Teen Titans in the 1970s 

(wait is her hand on Dick’s butt?) I don’t think they explained where she went or anything. After Crisis on Infinite Earths Batwoman and Bat-Girl were written out of history. Bette Kane (note the spelling) would return as the hero Flamebird with a new history 

in 1966 Ratings were struggling in the live action Batman TV show and Executive producer William Dozier asked Batman editor Julius Schwartz to come up with a female hero to help attract women to the show. It was Dozier to came up with the idea that she’d be the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon. Selling the idea of Batgirl (note the spelling) to ABC is a big part of why they got a 3rd season of the show. in 1967 DC comics rolled out the first comic appearance of Batgirl

As you can see she still had an utility purse but at least she wasn’t in a skirt. Unlike Batwoman and Bat-Girl Babs refused to retire when ordered by condescending male Batman on grounds of her gender. Shortly there after Yvonne Craig brought Batgirl to life on the Batman TV show, the character was so popular she almost got her own spin off TV show (which would have been great) 

Sadly Batgirl was not enough to save the Batman TV show and the 3rd season was it’s last. But Batgirl was here to stay, She was a hard working Ph.D head of Gotham City public library, who appeared regularly in comics. She was very much her own crime fighter and a career woman which ruffled some feathers in 1971 DC published an open letter to people who had a problem with an empowered lady hero. 

“I’d like to say a few words about the reaction some readers have to Batgirl. These are readers who remember Batwoman and the other Bat-girls from years back … They were there because romance seemed to be needed in Batman’s life. But thanks to the big change and a foresighted editor, these hapless females are gone for good. In their place stands a girl who is a capable crime-fighter, a far cry from Batwoman who constantly had to be rescued [by] Batman.“

In the early 1970s Babs became a Congresswoman (only one term), retired, came back, went on a blind date with Clark Kent and come out as Batgirl to her dad. In 1975 DC started a comic called “Batman Family” which co-stared Batgirl and Robin starting the iconic partnership that would define both characters for years

Batgirl would also partner with Supergirl, she would give the eulogy for Supergirl during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some things got changed about Babs after Crisis (for example she was Jim’s adopted daughter) Since the early 1980s struggled to find a place for Batgirl, and post-Crisis it got worse. in 1988 Alan Moore wrote The Killing Joke

In which Barbara is shot and crippled by the Joker in an effort to drive Commissioner Gordon insane. The story is still deeply controversial since Babs’ feelings about the attack are not explored in any way and her suffering is only about the emotional impact it has on two male characters (Her father, and Batman). In 2006 Moore apologized calling the story “shallow and ill-conceived” He recounted the react from DC editor Len Wein and Dick Giordano when he asked if it was okay to cripple Barbara. According to Moore they told him “Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.” a line that has become iconic of comic’s disregard and downright hate of female characters. 

While many (male) writers and editors at DC assumed this was the end of the character and she would be retired the husband wife team of DC editor Kim Yale and writer John Ostrander refused to allow this to be the end. Revamping Barbara’s character as the wheelchair using super hacker, and brains of the DC, Oracle

11 years after Killing Joke DC did a major year long cross over event for all Batman books/characters. It was called No Man’s Land, Gotham City suffered a massive earthquake and after years of getting bailed out by the federal government. Gotham is evacuated and closed off from the rest of the US. However the poor, the criminals and a dedicated force of Gotham’s finest refuse to leave the city. Batman is missing at first and the city is protected by a new Batwoman

Batman returns and the two work together for a time till it’s revealed that the new Batgirl/woman is Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress. She took up the Bat mantle to keep hope alive in a battered city and to win approval from Batman who had been against her violent ways. They have a falling out and Bruce demands the suit which Bertinelli gives up. 

Meanwhile during No Man’s Land Babs took in a mute girl who they find has extreme fighting skills. This is Cassandra Cain, the daughter of the assassin David Cain. After Bertinelli gives up the Batgirl uniform it’s passed to Cain.

Cain would be the first Batgirl to get her own comic book (Batgirl Volume 1 and Volume 2) She would learn out to talk and read, build friendships with Barbara Gordon and Stephenie Brown as well as other Batfam members, have a brief relationship with Superboy, and prove herself maybe the most skilled fighter in the Batfam (even giving Bruce a run for his money) 

Of course all good things must end and DC turned her evil in a really dumb way that I won’t go into, and was hand waved away as “mind control” She bounced around between being and not being Batgirl in the middle 2000s before passing the job on to Stephenie Brown, Cassandra would return as Black Bat, the Batman of Hong Kong, and in DC rebirth as Orphan, now a much less talkative version of herself who seems not to really do full sentences 

Then there’s Stephanie Brown. Steph was originally the hero Spoiler. She was the daughter of a D list villain named “Cluemaster” (think a shitty Riddler) and was motivated to spoil his crimes. Despite Batman’s misgivings Tim Drake as Robin (without revealing his identity) helps her and they become friends, partners and boyfriend and girlfriend. She suffers through being kinda a member of the Batfam but not really, Tim girlfriend, an awkward teen pregnancy subplot that was all about Tim’s feelings and not hers. Things got better as Steph became a regular in Cass’s Batgirl. In 2004 there was a story arch where Tim Drake’s father Jack Drake learned he was Robin and forced Tim to retire. As a result Batman took Stephanie on as Robin. DC did what it tends to do to Lady characters and screwed her over. Steph was apparently tortured to death during the War Games crossover event (also the only black member of the Bat stable of characters was also murdered during that event, good times) Many fans reacted very poorly to this, and to he disrespect executive editor Dan DiDio showed in 2007 when he said that “She was never really a Robin”.

In 2008 Steph’s death was revealed to have been faked and she returned to the DCU. In 2009 Cassandra Cain handed over the title and uniform of Batgirl to Steph. Steph would soon rework the outfit to include her iconic Spoiler purple, she’d work closely with Barbara Gordon and was now a College Freshman rather than a high schooler, she dealt with Tim as Red Robin, Daman Wayne, and Dick Grayson’s Batman at different points during her run in Batgirl Volume 3 between 2009 and 2011

in 2011 DC rebooted reality for the New52, despite fan protests like Cassandra Steph was retconned out of reality till DC rebirth where Steph has returned as Spoiler, seemingly once again a high schooler and Tim Drake’s girlfriend

Finally in 2011 DC rebooted everything. In the new reality Barbara Gordon’s paralysis only lasted 3 years. DC has never really managed to clear up the story if she was or wasn’t Oracle, how she got to walk again etc. She’s also depicted as much younger than the past and her relationship with Dick Grayson was erased. This new Barbara has proved controversial with fans, many of who object to removing one of the only handicapped characters from DC. As well as moving Babs from an arguably central role in the DCU and Batfam to more of a side character. Others have struggled with the texting teenager characterization of this Batgirl. 

  • me, in the year of 2040, sitting my future child down on the bed and drawing a deep breath: okay kiddo, now that you're old enough, i think it's time for the talk. I need to tell you about the birds and the b–
  • my kid, a horrified look on their face as they wave their hands frantically: no, no im–
  • me: –bat.
  • kid: what
  • me: the birds and the bat. bruce wayne and all of his children. there are now 268 of them now after the 45th dc reboot and i think it's about time you learned about all of them.
  • kid: dad wait–
  • me: so the first ever robin showed up in detective comics issue #38 in 1940 and

That moment, when a pre-teen freak makes you watch TV series with her and her brother… And what you end up is this great craving to re-create one of newly discovered characters from an animated TV series ;-)

So, yeah, basically that is the story behind reboot release EAH doll I was given for my name-day last year [it is in August for those who were curious] and was turned into Teen Titans Raven :D

Doll ready for adoption in my Etsy store.

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Can I ask you couple of questions? Why DC hate Jason? Like why did they make the poll, killed off and then victim blame him? And why he was such mess after UTRH and before the reboot?

DC doesn’t hate Jason, my dear. You need to learn the history of Jason creation as Robin and Red Hood to understand what actually happened with him because it’s really not a matter of DC hating him and man, Jason has a very interesting history that worth knowing.

Jason was first created in 1983 because of argument between the bat writers and the titans writers over Robin because the former wanted to use him again in Batman books and the latter were like “too bad because we aren’t giving him up” so bat writers were like “you know what? Freak it, we are going to create our own Robin!” and titans writers were like “Wait, what?”. So, DC give the green light to bat writers to create another Robin while told to titan writers to give Dick another identity (which is kind of funny if you think about it because Jason’s creation was the reason behind the birth of Nightwing). Years went by and fans reactions were ranging from “CHANGE IS BAD! REEEEEEEEE” and “I like the new Robin, but his background isn’t very original” (also, I want to tell you two facts here about pre crisis Jason because I really do like him and many unfortunately dismiss him because they think he was just a “copy”. First, it’s not true that pre crisis Jason and post crisis Jason are completely different characters because many things fans like about Jason was influenced by his pre crisis version and the biggest difference between the two versions was the background. Second, Tim road to become Robin was hugely inspired by pre crisis Jason’s and follow the exact pattern. Like discovering that Batman is Bruce Wayne, trying to convince Batman to make him Robin….etc) until the reboot happened which DC decided it was the prefect opportunity to change Jason’s background and Batman become slowly darker thanks to the big success of Miller TDKR which played a big role in what made DC decide to get rid of Robin. You ask why? That’s because some writers and fans liked the idea of dark solo batman stories and Starlin (Batman’s writer at that time and one who wrote Death in the family) in particular felt that Batman is better off without Robin (I want to explain here that he hated the concept of Robin and not Jason himself because he felt that it was stupid how Batman is making child soldiers). Starlin spent months trying to convince the editors to get rid of Robin and was pretty much pushing him at the background until O'Neil “finally” decided to kill Robin by making a poll and let the fans decide “Brilliant, O'Neil!”. So, they were given the green light to make “A Death in the Family” storyline and opened the poll which got them a big response with 10k votes in just three days. Things seemed fine at the beginning and everyone was congratulating O'Neil over his “brilliant” idea until things went south. The story got a big media coverage and people were really pissed off. There were people who liked Jason and were angry that they killed him off (because yeah, it’s not true that “everyone” hated Jason and he actually had fans), people who felt that it was such a coward way to kill a character and the ones who absolutely hated how they killed a child friendly character. So things weren’t going well for DC and the “suits” weren’t happy so Starlin was shown the door and O'Neil tried to control the situation by blaming it on Jason. Yes, he actually was the one started the whole “Everyone hated Jason Todd which is why fans voted to kill him!” and “Jason is very bad Robin who deserved death!”. Not only that, but he also revealed years later that the poll wasn’t legit and Jason wasn’t actually supposed to die. What make it worse that they didn’t only refuse to own up to their mistake, but they also decided to destroy Jason’s repetition completely while propping up the “new” Robin.

And this how the first part of Jason’s history end and I hopefully will continue with the second part “soon”.


Static Shock and 4 More Titles Part of MILESTONE Reboot

In a packed room at New York Comic Con, Milestone Media partners Derek Dingle, Denys Cowan, and Reginald Hudlin revealed the scope of their line’s rebooted relaunch with DC Comics.

“This is a reset so no previous knowledge required,” said Hudlin, saying that they will be expanding on the original Dakotaverse and won’t be restricted by previous work.

The line will begin in spring 2018 with a Milestone #1 relaunch written by Hudlin and Cowan with art by Ken Lashley, which will establish an over-arching storyline for the Milestone titles utilizing Icon and Rocket.

That will be followed by a Static Shock ongoing from Hudlin/Cowan and artist Kyle Baker, focusing on a rebooted 14-year-old Virgil Hawkins - described as “a kid with a love of comics and science who develops dazzling, electric superpowers.”

“What I will say about the first Static arc is that I’m from St. Louis,” said Hudlin. “You know what’s in St. Louis? Ferguson. That’s all I’ll say about that.”

Two miniseries were also announced - Love Army by Hudlin and Duo by Greg Pak, but no interior artists were named.

Duo is described as “the twisted story of a couple sharing one body for eternity.” Pak says it’s an update of the original Milestone title Xombi.

Love Army is about “a secret army of women with amazing abilities and super-strength, sworn to protect the planet..”

A fifth title, Earth M, will be an anthology written at first by Hudlin an then seguing to Alice Randall. Cowan will be illustrating that with Bill Sienkiewicz. It is about “a mysterious new vigilante character” (seen at left).

“We know fans have been waiting for the return of Milestone Media and we’re excited to collaborate with Reggie and Denys to build this new Earth M universe,” said Lee. “This world will reintroduce iconic characters fans know and love - along with new, bold, original concepts - creating a new platform dedicated to inclusion and great storytelling.”