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The crew of the USS Enterprise wishes you a happy Valentine's Day!

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[reboot edition]

anonymous asked:

dating aos chekov would include....

  • Day one on the ship: he’s shamelessly flirting, and you almost fall for it until you see him doing the same thing with one of the other new recruits 
  • So it progresses into the “rejecting the guy –> becoming close friends with the guy –> teasing the guy every time he gets shot down by a girl–> realizing you have feelings for the guy but all you’ll ever be is a friend *angst angst angst* –> it turns out guy has developed feelings for you too and he is going to drop his womanizer ways –> you begin to date” trope
  • When he’s off duty he tries to sneak you onto the bridge partly to show off and partly because it has the best view on the ship, but Spock catches you almost every time
  • Then the next day he reports it to Kirk who pulls Chekov to the side to pretend like he’s disciplining him, but instead gives him a pat on the back and a knowing smirk and a few suggestions as to how not to get caught
  • He has a little picture of you on his control panel, and he tries to work it into conversation whenever he can to show you off and it annoys the shit out of everyone 
  • Literally all of his free time is spent with you
  • Basically everything he says is adorable because of his accent 
  • He’s always trying to impress you with random bits of trivia 
  • The crew can’t help but laugh every time they pass the two of you in a corridor because he always looks so excited and animated while he talks
  • No but seriously he’s a little puppy/whipped af 
  • He may be small, but he will fight anyone for you
  • Sometimes while on duty he’ll space out, daydreaming about you and Kirk will have to come smack him upside the head to get him to focus
  • He was such a little manwhore before he met you, so he knows a thing or two when it come to sex 
  • He also always puts you first
  • Occasionally you’ll go into a super passionate love-making session, but for the most part, the two of you keep things playful and fun
  • He always jumps at the chance to take you for a night on the town whenever you stop at a starbase
  • It starts with him spoiling you rotten and taking you out to eat somewhere nice
  • Then it ends with a quickie somewhere 
  • It’s a nice little routine that he plans on doing with you for the rest of his life

Dating Chekov would involve:

  • A smol cinnamon roll who just wants to make you happy all the time
  • He’ll definitely do things like bring you a single flower or compliment you at random
  • And if he thinks you’re sad or stressed, Chekov will try hard to make you feel better. Your happiness is his happiness
  • Cute dates that he makes up on the spot, like having dinner and watching the stars or just spending time in your quarters after a long day
  • Is kinda big on PDA. Don’t be surprised if he holds your hand while walking down the corridor or kisses you good luck before an away mission
  • He’s also a great cuddle partner for all your cuddling needs. Is ready with a blanket when you need some affection
  • Can be overprotective sometimes, but only because he doesn’t want you hurt or in danger
  • And once you’re safe once more, be prepared for a really tight bear hug bc wow he was really worried
  • Is basically just a good boi who wants to make you happy

Requested by Anon~

Tricky Business

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
 Reader x Chekov.
Prompt: This is for @youre-on-a-starship ‘s #YOASS1000followerhypetrain.  My prompts were intensify, double, and calculation.
Word Count: 1191.
None, pure fluff.
Rating: Teen+.
Author’s Note: Congrats again on 1k, Alex!  I hope I’ve done these prompts justice!  The title comes from a George Cukor quote: “looking for love is tricky business, like whipping a carousel horse.”

Tricky Business

You laugh as the adorable, curly-haired man next to you tries yet another tired, old pickup line on you, pushing another glass of your preferred cocktail across the bar towards you as he drinks his vodka neat.  He’d already won your heart with his good looks, cute accent, and general easy demeanor, but you were egging him on anyway, wondering just what kinds of ridiculous things he’d come up with to try to win your favor.

“According to the calculation I have just performed,” he intoned loudly over the thumping bassline emanating from the overhead sound system in the club.  “If you double your alcohol intake, the intensity of your feelings for me should increase exponentially.”

You shake your head, leaning in closer to him, feeling a stray curl tickle at your cheek as you put your lips close to his hear so you can be heard over the din.

“I’d rather be sober enough to remember you, Pavel,” you murmur.

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