This is what I sincerely hope to get from the DuckTales reboot. I want Hortense to be a character, I want to see her conflict with Scrooge, and I want to see how she reacted to Della’s disappearance. Hortense is a proud, stubborn, temperamental duck, just like her brother. But she has never known him well and is far less inclined to remain loyal to him through all his stupidity, the way Matilda kind of does. She holds grudges. Matilda never really swore to cut all ties to Scrooge; she just put on a show of doing so because Hortense did swear to never speak to him again, and she felt she had to stand with Hortense. Yet in spite of the fact that Hortense was never as close to Scrooge as Matilda was, she still loved Scrooge. He was still her big brother. But if Scrooge truly is responsible for Della’s disappearance and possible death, that would be reason for Hortense to go from resenting her brother to all out hating him (to be clear, she’d never do anything malevolent toward him; she’s still a McDuck, after all, and he’s the clan patriarch, however small they may be). And I would LOVE to see how this Disney kid’s show would deal with an incredibly sensitive topic like that. Not to mention I really want some closure between the McDuck siblings. All of them.

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Let’s Talk Disney’s #DuckTales

When it comes to rebooting old animated franchises, the results may vary. The reboot can either succeed (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), fail (The PowerPuff Girls), or endure a combination of both (Sailor Moon Crystal).

Disney’s DuckTales reboot, on the other hand…

…is a massive success.

For my thoughts on Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot, feel free to keep reading. There will be spoilers.

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Selma Blair has joined the cast for a television reboot of “Heathers”. Blair’s character will be the mother to Heather Duke played by Brendan Scannell.

Blair’s character is described as “a gold-digging stripper and menthol smoker waiting for her 82-year-old husband to bite the dust”.

Hopefully, this “Heathers” reboot will run smoothly without taking away the cult appeal of the actual story.

How to make a cartoon reboot or revival according to different companies
  • Nick: We are bringing back the same crew and cast so it well still fell like it is the exact same show,there are gonna be some changes so it can be relatable to the modern audience,but they wont interfere with the spirit of it.
  • Disney: We are gonna make a totally new show for a new audience,but we are keeping the spirit of the original and making references that the fans will be able to recognize
  • Hasbro: There are gonna be references to the original show,but it´s mostly a different show,we are trying to sell toys but also trying to make good cartoon anyone could enjoy,regardless of their enjoyment of the original
  • CN: Heyyy kids,you like cartoons,remnber that cartoon??? well,its back,I think,theres things you like on it,like jokes and characters,maybe,I dunno,lol buys some merchandise,only at toy r us.