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OK: So possible take on the PLAGG situation in the #Sidekick!Adrien AU by @geek-fashionista

This was just my thoughts based on what I have read so far:

As stated the Chat ring was broken/destroyed several generations ago, and Ladybug has been going solo since.

Gabriel has been gathering all things Miraculous for the past X-many years in the effort to bring his wife back- however he needs BOTH the Ladybug earrings and the Chat Ring to get the godlike powers to accomplish said feat. Fortunately he is not one to back down from a challenge.

As per the show he becomes Hawkmoth in order to flush out Ladybug.

Meanwhile he also tracks down the dormant/destroyed ring from the descendants of the last Chat. (Seeing how he managed to get his hands on the book AND the Butterfly miraculous I figure that would be an average Tuesday for him)

He begins trying to find a way to restore/reactivate the ring

As all of this is happening Adrien with his L337 hacking skills begins working on his AI program PLAGG in his quest to become the new Chat Noir and assist Ladybug.

Unbeknownst to either Agreste (due to their stunning lack of communication) on one particular night they are both working to accomplish the same task- Awakening PLAGG, one via magic, the other via technology. Gabriel manages to “fix” the ring itself but believes that his most recent attempt is unsuccessful as it remains dormant and without the power of the kwami that it is meant to control. Meanwhile Adrien is having the worst night ever as his attempt to test his new AI program backfired, and in a case of excessively terrible luck his computer gets fried.

Adrien is beginning to think that maybe this project is beyond him, but is amazed to see that when he goes to salvage whatever information he can off of his old hard drive onto the new computer that his  PLAGG program code is still intact.

Not only that, but it’s actually working. He has the perfect AI program to help him move onto the next stage of operation Chat Noir.

No one suspects that the true essence of Plagg, albeit in a very weakened state, has been revived and trapped in Adrien’s program.

Gabriel starts noticing a change in the miraculous but ultimately discovers that if he wants to get the ring back to its true form he has to allow his son to continue his vigilante habits until Plagg is strong enough to be fully revived and rebonded to the powers of the miraculous.


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I just noticed how much her hair is different, why/how did her hair change from a lil curly/wavy to straight?


Event: WW2 Phili

//In my headcanon, Spanish colonial Phili’s hair is always in a braid or a tight bun (also a common hairstyle at the time) coz it represents her strict, conservative and closely guarded upbringing. 

By the US occupation, it’s loosely tied because even though she’s still a colony, she has a lot more liberties than before. 

Also because rebonding and hair irons haven’t been invented yet//bricked

4x17 “Identity and Change” Ask Round up.

Okay I got A LOT of asks on this so I’m combining here.

Anonymous said: hi! could you do a breakdown of the 17 promo if it’s not too much trouble? thanks!

Anonymous said: do fitz and aida really kiss again next episode? I had to watch the promo with volume off but the shots looked so similar to this weeks kiss that I wasn’t sure if it was a new one or they just randomly showed the kiss this week in the promo again to emphasise the ‘id cross the universe’ thing.

Anonymous said: Sorry to bother you, but what was your overal take on the promo for 4x17? And more specifically about another Fitz/Aida kiss being in it. I’m sure someone has probably all ready asked this question, so I’m sorry to bother you.

Anonymous said: could you do a post breaking down your thoughts on on 4x17 promo?

Anonymous said: Hi! :) What do you think about the promo for next week? I’m so sad about the kiss tbh, they’re trying to kill us

@the-nerdy-stjarna  said:  4x17 Promo questions. When Madame Hydra says “I need to find her and expose anyone who’s helping her.” Do you think she’s referring to Daisy or Jemma. 'Cause the latter would mean she presumably showed Fitz a picture (which may explain the surprises look on his face?) but the former would make more sense seeing Daisy clearly being hunted at HQ (and Aida’s interest in keeping info about Jemma as far away from Fitz as possible). (I’M SO EXCITED!)

Anonymous said: Analysis of the promo??

Okay lets break this puppy down!

Can we find out what it is with Mace and putting bags over people’s heads here?   And nice try Mace, both Jemma and Daisy know exactly where you super secret base is at.  

Mace gets his angel wing shot and is revealed as leader of the Resistance.  AKA nailed it.

He also says, “Welcome to Shield” and confirms the Resistance Shield.  I also love this shot for Coulson’s “What did you get me into look here?” look.  I’m also kind of interested who is standing behind them in standing behind them in the civilian clothes.  Come on Trip!  Or Hunter!

Jemma’s obituary again, though what caught my eye on the frame by frame is look how many Classified Files there are on Jemma….adding fuel to the fire that something is being covered up…and that no she did not die in a lab accident.  She was eliminated…maybe for being ‘contaminated’.  

The voice over talks about finding “Her” and anyone who is helping her.   So Her could be Jemma in which case Daisy, Ward, Shield, and soon Radcliffe will be in their line of sight.  Same goes for Daisy.  Those people are all helping her and in danger.  

And where we really start to have fun….That is not Fitz AIDA Is talking too.  There isn’t enough beard.  So this could be a random minion, Ward (double or even triple agent now), or another returning face…lets say Mr. Bakshi.

Fandom rejoice!   Its our Fitz!  That is actual puppy followed by I know something is up Fitz right there.  And I know the promo can be misleading with how its cut but it looks like he perhaps overhears AIDA talking to her minion.  Especially if part of AIDA’s conversaion is making sure “The Doctor” doesn’t find out who “Her” is.  So this could be a big turning point for Fitz or at the very least, enough for him to start digging on his own.  Where Fitz is going to be in major danger is when he starts to go against AIDA and starts to break free as he is who she needs.  

Going under the thing for length….kiss speculation is under it if that is what you are after.

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hey do u have any specific products tht u use/recommend for bleach damage? I feel like a lot of deep conditioners are rly hit or miss

w my hair specifically i use the matrix rebond ultim8 step 3 treatment bc it’s, like, literally olaplex but cheaper. i shit you not. matrix was in the process of buying them out & apparently received some sensitive information abt the formula before the deal fell through & now they have like a knockoff line and i can say w confidence that i’m getting identical results from it. it dznt rly function like a conditioner though. rebonding stuff is weird

joico has something in their k-pak line that’s called “deep-penetrating reconstructor” which is literally the most excessive name ever, but i get super noticeable results from that one as well. matrix also makes a clay mask that works rly well. i rotate btwn a lot of conditioners jst bc of how accessible it is to me.

i also generally jst let my hair air dry, and that’s made a huge difference as well

A better S4, maybe?

(I’m submitting this bc I’m not sure how long it will get, hope that’s okay!) 

S4 definitely should’ve been the “dealing with all our emotional shit” season. There could’ve even still been a big bad to deal with on the side, heck, it could’ve still been the deadpool thing, just without the unneeded pack 2.0 and instead focusing on the OG characters and their problems. Just imagine Scott being so broken over Allison he can’t anchor himself and keeps losing control, blames himself for everything, for Allison being there, for not realizing she should’ve been on higher ground, for not finding a faster way to stop the nogitsune. Imagine Lydia trying to learn and harness her banshee powers so she never has to lose anyone like she lost Allison, and at the same time learning about her grandmother losing someone she loved as well. Imagine Chris going through losing his daughter and trying to keep it together because who else is going to help these kids from being hunted down. Imagine Stiles actually having Ptsd over killing people, even if it wasn’t *him killing them, while trying to put everything together and find out who the benefactor is while running on no sleep from nightmares, guilt, panic attacks daily, and not being sure if his friends trust him anymore or if they even should. Imagine a rift between Stiles and Scott that actually makes sense (as opposed to s5) because while they both blame themselves for Allison, Scott also can’t help feeling like his best friend is the reason she’s dead, and Stiles knows it’s not really his fault because it wasn’t him. Imagine Derek trying to help Scott with his control problems and sharing what happened with Paige with him, teaching him the alpha, beta, omega thing, imagine them actually learning to care about each other and respect each other as friends/equals. Imagine the Sheriff trying to keep his job while covering up the fact that his son’s face is on hospital surveillance in the middle of a massacre caused by a demon wearing his face. Imagine Stiles going to Derek when the guilt becomes too much, when he can’t sleep and can’t get the bad thoughts out of his head, because who better than Derek, someone who’s dealt with ptsd and all its fun side affects half his life? Sometimes Derek tells him about his past and sometimes he just listens and offers advice, maybe they find out its easier to sleep with each other close by, maybe they talk about how they always save each other and share their feelings, maybe they learn to heal together. Imagine Isaac, still lost from losing Erica and Boyd, and now another person he cared about. Maybe Allison was the first girl he ever loved, too, and maybe him and Scott grow closer and remember her together, maybe Derek let’s Isaac move back into the loft and apologizes for everything and they learn to take care of each other. Maybe Peter isn’t the benefactor because that’s dumb and maybe he doesn’t work with Kate because that’s dumb too, maybe Kate is gone and dead like she should be and Derek was just having a nightmare at the end of 3b. Maybe Peter is off rebonding with Cora, because he seemed pretty protective of her in 3a, and he’s learning to be their uncle again. Maybe he comes back a little less unhinged and helps them find the benefactor and Derek starts to forgive him a little more. Imagine Peter and Stiles teaming up to do some detective work to find the deadpool and who’s behind it. Imagine Kira learning about herself and what being a kitsune means, imagine her mother mentoring her in everything about it, maybe her parents want to leave to keep her safe and Kira convinces them they need to stay, that she won’t abandon her friends when they need her. Imagine, instead of the stupid nonsense they came up with, that the benefactor is someone who they set up as a villain at the end of 3b. Imagine Malia hating everything about the supernatural world, because if she weren’t supernatural her mom and sister wouldn’t be dead, and then Scott and Stiles come along and force her to shift back, force her to feel all these things and she’s angry and she’s manipulative and she wants to get rid of all of them, so she makes Meredith trust her and uses her to create a list of all the supernatural beings in beacon hills. Imagine her using Stiles’ and the pack’s trust to get info on Argent, which then leads her to other hunters, who she can contract to kill. Imagine her finding out on her own that Peter is her father, and she doesn’t even need to kidnap anyone to get into the Hale vault and steal his money, and she has a right to it, after all, since she’s a Hale, right? Maybe Peter realizes it has to be a Hale that stole his money, because who else could’ve gotten into the vault and he decides to go after Malia alone, to try and convince her it doesn’t have to be this way, he knows what it’s like to be angry and vengeful and want to hurt everyone, but Malia won’t listen and she gets away just as the rest of the pack shows up. Maybe there’s some distrust because some of them (Scott and Isaac) still don’t believe Peter is on their side and Derek and Stiles argue with them, because they think maybe Peter was working with Malia the whole time but Derek and Stiles know he wasn’t, that he’s been helping Stiles put everything together. Imagine Stiles feeling used and hurt that Malia pretended to like him just to get to his pack, another thing Derek and him now, unfortunately, have in common. Maybe Malia gets away or maybe she doesn’t, I don’t know. (this is slowly becoming fanfiction in my head and I’m losing the plot lol)

Well, there’s no maybe about it! This would have been a much better Season 4. Actual emotional fallout and consequences, and a quite sympathetic villain arc for Malia, who was clearly introduced to be a villain. 

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kind of just popped into my head, but what is your favourite part from Children, Wake Up? Like was there a specific scene or interaction that you're really proud of or maybe there's a part that you were really excited to get feedback on?

This is a great question, and I’m sorry to have left it for so long! My favorite bits of the three installments were:

-The kiss at the end of Life Sentence. I really wanted that kiss to ~come to life and feel climactic and important, and I felt like it did.

-Every moment of writing Ceasefire was an unparalleled delight, I like fully inhabited that story while I worked on it and it was wonderful, so it’s the hardest one to pick from but I think my favorite part is the very end, how things play out on Luke’s island and how Ren is so desperate to reach Hux while knowing he has to hang back, and then has to watch Hux marched away to the Tower under a blistering sun. I felt like it had the kind of momentum building energy I wanted it to so that it would like launch into the third part. Close second is the space station run-up to Ren’s rescue of Hux on the moon base and their initial rebonding moments during the healing onboard the ship.

-I think my favorite part of the third one was them recuperating together in Lando’s mansion after the Triangulation. Or really just all of chapters 22 and 23, but particularly that part, and I’ll never forget posting those together and checking my phone for reader reactions while on the overseas highway to Key West. It was a great moment in my life ;__________;

Thank you for asking!! This was fun to answer. I still have some CWU business to attend to, still want to post some missing scene content this summer—and maybe I’ll finally get around to posting the soundtrack after I update the HG story this weekend.

I was about to…

I was about to die,
When someone said, “Your existence means a lot to me”

I was about to break,
When someone said “You are my strength”

I was about to smile,
When someone said “Wet eyes.. suits you”

I was about to crack in to laughter to tell them it was a joke,
When they took it serious and already left.

I was about to change,
When someone said, “Stay same”

I was about to become cruel,
When someone said, “How soft hearted are you”

I was about to get myself a makeover,
When i was told , “ Simplicity suits you”

I was about to get my hair rebond,
When someone said, “Stay up with those curls suits you”

I was about to leave my favorite books,
When someone said, “ OMG! Your knowledge is impressive”

I was about to leave everything i liked
When someone told me “Red is your recognition”

I was about to look back at the past
When someone said, “ Congratulations you did it this time.”

I was about to………..



Hi, i got tagged by Jem ( @p-arkwoojin) to do the different hairstyles selfie tag (?)   Thaank you for the tag~  . This was actually pretty interesting  since Ive had different hair styles this past year.

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Serpents sur la tête recouverts d’un voile.
Espions au sang froid pourraient pétrifier le mâle.
Rebonds des regards sur le drap défendu,
En attendant que les reptiles fassent leurs mues.
Nuit dans le secret du foyer et de la lampe
À huile. Ils sifflent une idylle comme des sirènes qui rampent.

Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You, chapter 3

Summary : Y/N Y/L/N is a young member of a musical troupe in a New York theatre. Even if she’s an amazing singer, she never had the lead role in any musical played in the said theatre. But the young woman has a secret admirer who will try anything to make her the star she deserves to be. In the meantime, her youth love makes his way back to New York. Torn between two different men and struggling with her new career and the drama that it brings with it, she will have to make difficult choices.
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x reader, Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings : Alcohol, nudity (sort of NSFW pic at the end)
Word Count : 2 573
Author’s Note : Chapter 3 ! Enjoy it and Happy new year guys, I love ya all ! And I’m going to make the “official” tag list tonight, so for that chapter I go with the one from chapter 2.

Song of the title : All I Ask Of You,  Charlotte Jaconelli & Daniel Koek


Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You Masterlist

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 4 -

Tag list :  @allandnothing90, @stories-from-stark-tower, @crazychick010, @the-real-tony-stank, @buckysglow, @buckysberrie, @totheendofthelinepal, @winterscldicr, @thenightmarebeforebucky, @bethanystan, @bovaria, @poe-also-bucky, @re2d2, @asirenscalling, @after-avenging-hours, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @mrs-lamezec, @iamthemaskhewears, @winchester-with-wings, @colton-jonas, @lenavonschweetz, @fvckingavengers, @just-call-me-mrs-captain, @austinamelio, @caplanbuckybarnes, @buckyywiththegoodhair, @youandb, @callingmrsbarnes, @james–bucky-barnes, @marvel-ash, @sebbytrash, @sebbys-girl, @bionic-buckyb, @daddybarneskink, @theycallmebucky, @writingruna, @imyourliquor-youremypoison, @creideamhgradochas, @timeladylaurel, @marvelfanuniverse, @dreamer1495, @4theluvofall, @i-must-0bey, @toinfinityandbeyondaffection, @colt-eleven-impala-sixtyseven, @fangirlwithasweettooth, @leahneslen21, @felinenamedcat, @the-magic-music-box, @meganlpie, @nousecryingoverspilledpizza, @thewinterher0, @lexiblogger, @zaynah-meaningbeautiful, @briefbeardkitten, @bubbleprincess-clifford, @avengersrulez1536, @hrt24, @themistsofmyavalon, @imthemishamigo, @callamint, @vaisabu, @belleetlabeast, @a-little-0wl, @gabby913, @smayala52, @akiiiiiiiiiii, @blackcat995, @peachylilghost, @kimistry27, @xineangelie, @fandomingforever, @muddy-kips, @captain-amelia-bradley, @creativevee, @nevergrowup96, @vashanatasha, @tattooideasforthefuture, @brookieeparkeer, @iamtal, @nathsparks, @metallarms, @barnesfuckedmeup, @quicksilverlove, @macchimacchi-chan, @onebigfangirlworld, @bless-my-demons, @saharrahsreviewsandotherstuff, @sebuckyverse, @aryannavspx, @avasparks, @lilacs-lavender, @amrita31199, @hellomissmabel, @thx-but-no-thx, @captain-amelia-bradley, @not-withovt-yov, @gondorgirl01, @buckyandsebsinbin, @phire23, @musicisme196, @audasia25, @i-want-to-fuck-that-dorito-man, @schalabi422, @rindamema, @annamdid, @lexiblogger, @toinfinityandbeyondaffection, @rachelle-on-the-run, @avengersrulez1536, @vaisabu, @xxchexchickxx, @onebigfangirlworld, @dryerpet, @flyingsparkle, @shamvictoria11 

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I don’t know if I’m ready. I’m looking at me in the full-length mirror, looking at my costume, trying to breathe, trying to calm myself, trying to remember my songs. When I passed the door of my changing room, less than an hour ago, a huge bouquet of pink roses was waiting for me with a card on it and next to it, a white folded sheet with a single red rose.

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this is the before and after tag where you post pictures of how you look like awhile ago vs how you look like now. i was tagged by @ongsecngwoo, thank you so much for tagging me <3

the first photo was from 2015 was i was still in high school and my hair was rebonded and dark because my school didn’t allow us to dye our hair. i found really cute earmuffs at Daiso and i wanted a picture with it so there it is. the middle photo was from 2016 when my family and i went to town to see the christmas lights. after graduating from high school, i decided to chop off inches of hair. that day, we ate at a thai restaurant that day and as you can see i love to decorate my photos. this explains the sparkles in my hair and the squigglys on my cheeks. the last photo is from about a month ago, i curled my hair sometime in march and left it to grow out ever since then, so it may look a little messy. also i used more makeup and got braces this year!!!

i’m tagging: @taejinsuga, @1yjs, @joshhjs, @keyjin, @boosonseok, @lovjeon, @4wonhui and whoever else who wants to do this! there’s no pressure to do this if you don’t want to! 

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Why do you want the mill gone??

Cause that house was suppose to be roblivron house, not aaron’s & liv’s. Also, the house is more Adam’s than ever was to Robert’s house. Not to mention the incident happened there and DR REBOND IS CURRENTLY THERE. (i’m freaking out as you can see).