Spiriter Week, day 7

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to draw Reblys or Anna so I drew both. (I also considered drawing Fadroh and his incredible 80s hair but then I realized I’d already drawn way too many alfardians)

Anyway- last day of Spiriter Week 2014! I just wanted to mention how fun it’s been, everyone in this fandom is always so excited about doing BK things even though it’s so tiny and it’s great. You people keep on rocking.

Until next year!

((Yes, the story is on hiatus at the moment. I’m working full time and I am also waiting on a new computer. Wren I do pick it up again this winter, I will be redoing it. The beginning, what’s already been posted will be mostly unchanged, ei: Ruby meets Mendy and Rosie. But how that happens and the visuals are gonna be redone. I want to finally tackle a proper comic project for once. And Ruby’s story will be the one. Of course, that needs some preparation in character design and worldbuidling and writing the whole thing out to completion before i even start drawing the pages. But all will come in time.

In the meantime I shall sprinkle some non-story Ruby replies and random pony doodles. Oh, and maybe some concepts for the story.

Hopefully this clears any question you peeps had!))

So a couple of days ago, I hit 1k…and I died a little on the inside. It’s almost the 1-year anniversary of this blog and I’m so incredibly honored to have every single one of you. I am unworthy, and you’re all incredible and talented and I love you.

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