His gooper mouf is based on @dinoburger cutie khonjin!! also that lil thing in the corner is kinda a concept scribble of khonjin and pent splitting off from eachother. I’ll draw that better eventually heh….

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Fire core headcanon

One thing I’ve headcanoned for a while is that when Vlad or Plasmius hit a certain threshold of energy it starts manifesting physically. 

The most obvious way this happens is with his hair

Normal power levels would be at the top of his game, extra would be something that gave him a significant boost and maximum would be a HUGE power boost, I’m talking either massive quantities of powerful ectoplasm or a day long soak in spectral lava. 

The idea behind this is that at normal, he has all the energy he needs. Once little flames start manifesting it’s a sign that he had more power than his body knows what to do with. The flames are more or less his body’s way of burning off that extra energy. The closer it gets to full on head of fire, the more energy his body needs to get rid of. He can safely be at this stage for as long as he needs with no ill effects. As long as he is no longer receiving new energy he will eventually burn off the excess and be a-okay. This doesn’t account for him realizing that he has too much energy can help the process along by doing things that require a lot of power.

However if new energy is being introduced at a rate greater than what the maximum flames can burn off, that’s where things can get messy.

There is only so much energy a core can take, and once it’s safeguards have failed there is a final ditch effort to rid itself of the excess energy, shooting out waves of pure energy. The downside to this is not only can the core be damaged in the process but so can the ghost and anything remotely close to them. In the event that the final burst of energy doesn’t do enough to depower the core it could go into the ghost equivalent of cardiac arrest, refusing to distribute ectoplasm or doing so at irregular intervals until it stops all together.

The core would then go into an inactive mode, shutting down the body altogether and it would start to slowly dissipate energy until it is well below the threshold. This can take up to a year assuming that the core hasn’t been damaged.

If the core was damaged in the attempt to rid itself of excess energy it will slowly lose energy until it cannot maintain itself and finally go out.

trans men, are, and always will be men no matter what part of their life they are in/whether or not they ever transition. Whether they wear dresses or not for every single day of their lives, they are still men.

trans women are, and always will be, woman, no matter if they are 8 years old with short hair or 88 years old again with short hair.

Some woman have penis’s, and some men have vagina’s. A trans woman still and always will be a woman, she was born a woman but was just assigned one of the wrong genders because she had a pe is. A trans boy was born a boy, but he was just assigned one of the wrong genders based off of the fact that he had a vagina when he was born.

Implying that a trans boy is not a boy, or that a trans girl is not a girl, is transphobic as fuck and a really really awful thing to do.

genitalia does not determine gender.

Nonbinary people are their gender’s regardless of their genitalia.

genitalia does not determine gender. Please remember that!if u didn’t know this before, that’s okay, but you do now. and yea. I hope you have a lovely day!