An update on the Wikileaks Stratfor story that I posted yesterday.  Stratfor is selling our classified information to other governments and getting away with it.  Bradley Manning did less and he has been held in prison and tortured.

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Are American politicians really this stupid?  

This is an interesting story because it shows how many candidates don’t understand what is going on outside the US, yet these are the people who want to lead us into wars.  People like these are the perfect pawns for the military industrial complex.  Note: you don’t see Ron Paul in this story because he studies things and gets it right every time.

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Wall Street executives are donating more money to Mitt Romney than Barack Obama for the 2012 Presidential election campaigns, despite the fact that they are doing better now than they were under George Bush. 

Justice Department prosecutions for financial fraud are at a 20-year low under Obama.  When was the last time you even heard of anyone getting prosecuted?  Madoff?  He only got put in jail because he screwed over the rich.

Obama is Bush 2.0 and Romney might even be more friendly to the big banks.

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Michael Hayden, former CIA director came out against drone strikes to kill U.S. citizens.

Michael Hayden, the guy who under Bush was just fine wire tapping people without a warrant and not caring about your 4th amendment rights sees our policy on drone strikes as a problem.  

He said that it is harder to get a wire tap than it is to kill an American citizen because under the current policy the evidence against targets is secret.  Who is a target is secret.

We are bombing people and then coming back and bombing the 1st responders who come to help and also bombing funerals of those that we assassinated.

Does anyone think this doesn’t create more terrorists?  Anyone with a brain?

One thing that I need to correct in the video deals with the last part where the commentator talks about how no Democrats or Republicans disagree with the policy.  That is just wrong.  Ron Paul has spoken out against these actions for a long time.

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Occupy: NYC Subpoenas Twitter For OWS Protester Data

U.S. activists who thought Twitter was a secure way to communicate during demonstrations may have another thing coming. The New York District Attorney’s Office has begun sending subpoenas to Twitter seeking data on protesters arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests last year.

I’m not with Occupy and I don’t support everything that they do but this is total bullshit.  You mean to tell me that the prosecutors and police that had no time to go after the massive fraud in the banking industry and the many incidents with police brutality during the OWS protests have the time and resources to do this crap?   REALLY?  

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Did you know our country had programs in place to sterilize people that they thought were unfit to have children due to them being feeble minded (or with skin disorders or because they were promiscuous).  This stuff went on for a long time.  From 1907 to the 1970’s more than 50,000 people were sterilized, many against their will.  Its called eugenics and the nazis did it… but so did we.

You can’t trust the government.  This isn’t America anymore.


Corrupt Congress Pays Spouses, Relatives

Some members of Congress send tax dollars to companies, colleges and community groups where their spouses, children and parents work as salaried employees, lobbyists or board members, according to an examination of federal disclosure forms and local public records by The Washington Post.

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Iran War Propaganda + Drone Strikes on American Citizens, Rescue Workers and Funderals.

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Don’t Attack Iran - Ex-Mossad Chief

The former chief of Israel’s Mossad (intelligence) agency, Meir Dagan, tells Lesley Stahl that Iran is a “rational” country and now is not the time for a strike on their nuclear facilities.

I have been saying this for a long time.  The Republicans (with the exception of Ron Paul) have been trying to instigate a war with Iran.  They are provoking Iran with all these exaggerations about where the nuclear program is at.  Its not just the Republicans either because Obama has yet to take any options off of the table… he is just less aggressive with his rhetoric (probably because this is an election year).


“Some 5m internal emails from Stratfor, an Austin, Texas-based company that brands itself as a "global intelligence” provider, were recently obtained by Anonymous, the hacker collective, and are being released in batches by WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing website, starting Monday.

The most striking revelation from the latest disclosure is not simply the military-industrial complex that conspires to spy on citizens, activists and trouble-causers, but the extremely low quality of the information available to the highest bidder…“.*

Its amazing that this private company is allowed to get away with the same thing that wikileaks and bradley manning are under fire for, especially since they are profiting from information that is classified and gained using questionable tactics.

I love the rant near the end about why the mainsteam media hates wikileaks.

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CNN admits that Ron Paul is in 2nd place in delegates.

Enough of the bullshit that he can’t win.  2nd in delegates and polling better than all other republicans and obama in recent polls.

These results are remarkable considering his own party and the mainstream media are against him.

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A Florida politician got caught proposing a bill that was written by a special interest group and apparently she didn’t even bother to read it first because she left in information that shows that they wrote the bill.  This kind of stuff happens ALL THE TIME but most of these politicians have staffers who take the references to the special interests out.

The only beef I have with this story is that the first thing the commentator says makes it seem like only Republicans do this.  Democrats do too, which is why almost all of congress is owned by big corporations.

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Defense contractors are employing so called miltary experts who work for the media.  These experts are going on TV and predicting war. 

General McCaffrey (who is employed by defense contractors) gave a presentation to NBC news where he predicted war with Iran in as little as 90 days.  He also said they would start the war.  This is total propaganda.

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‘Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs’ - NY Times Op-Ed

A devastating Op Ed was published in the New York Times recently by former investment banker Greg Smith titled 'Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs’. Cenk Uygur reads amazing quotes from the op ed and talks about how Goldman Sachs and investment banks in general screw their clients out of their money.

This story reminds me of things my friend told me about when he was a loan officer making 6 figures as someone who had next to no experience during the housing bubble.  When you have a culture where everyone is fucking over the customer it becomes normal and people are able to rationalize it as just doing their jobs.


You Go To Prison, They Get Paid

Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest operator of for-profit prisons, has sent letters recently to 48 states offering to buy up their prisons as a remedy for “challenging corrections budgets.” In exchange, the company is asking for a 20-year management contract, plus an assurance that the prison would remain at least 90 percent full, according to a copy of the letter obtained by The Huffington Post.

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Abortionplex: ‘The Onion’ Story Fools Republican Congressman

Did Planned Parenthood open an 'Abortionplex’? That’s what The Onion posted as satire but Republican Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana cited the article as a real news source.

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Trillion-Dollar Jet Wasting Your Tax $

Via Wired: “The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the supposed backbone of the Pentagon’s future air arsenal, could need additional years of work and billions of dollars in unplanned fixes, the Air Force and the Government Accountability Office revealed on Tuesday. Congressional testimony by Air Force and Navy leaders, plus a new report by the GAO, heaped bad news on a program that was already almost a decade late, hundreds of billions of dollars over its original budget and vexed by mismanagement, safety woes and rigged test results.

At an estimated $1 trillion to develop, purchase and support through 2050, the Lockheed Martin-built F-35 was already the most expensive conventional weapons program ever even before Tuesday’s bulletins…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur shares the kicker, which is that 12 other countries are looking to buy the plane after it’s completed even though US taxpayers are footing the R & D for the project.


Dirty Thirty - Corporations Pay To Keep Tax Loopholes Open

Why do so many huge corporations get away with paying no taxes?

Via The Huffington Post: “A report released Wednesday offers one possible explanation: In addition to spending nearly $500 million lobbying in a recent three-year period, those companies spread $41 million to the political campaigns of their friends in Congress. And while most in Congress got a taste, the lion’s share of campaign contributions went to a small group of congressional leaders in positions to stop any proposal to close a corporate tax loophole…”


Police Attack Occupy Wall Street Protesters On Anniversary In NYC

New York police arrested protesters celebrating the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street by massing on a square near the stock exchange over the weekend. Chaotic scenes unfolded at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan’s financial district overnight Saturday-Sunday when officers broke up the peaceful rally by about 600 people at the site where the Occupy movement started last September.


Why Are You On Birth Control? Employers Asking

The Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee has recently voted in favor of legislation that will make it legal for an employer to ask women what they need contraception for and fire the employee if they don’t agree with the answer. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss this insane legislation and try to figure out why any woman would vote for a Republican.

I agree that the Republicans are fucked up and this is wrong but this is kind of small in scale when compared to the NDAA that Obama signed and the Patriot Act which Obama renewed.  Just keeping it real here… both parties could give a shit about your privacy or civil liberties.