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omg so it’s almost valentine’s day which pretty much means that i’ll watch a sad romcom and cry alone in my room BUT THIS FRIDAY/THE 10TH (yes this friday, short notice, i know) IM HOSTING A BLURB NIGHT WITH @calumsbicth !!!

now the theme is VALENTINES DAY!!! i mean, you probably already figured, but you know ;) 

anyways, we would love love love to see your submissions and writings (you can tag us and/or use the tag #valentine!5sos blurb night w kat and catie

we officially start posting and stuff at 7pm CET/1 pm EST and we’ll go as long as we can. 

so please start writing your blurbs or start sending your requests (doesn’t matter if it’s smut, angst or fluff, we’ll do it lmao) and look forward to blurb night bc it’s gonna be FUN!!

if you wanna find some inspiration for requests, i’ve found some prompts and aus 

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MBTI and Enneagram Correlation Survey

Alright so awhile back I was the author of this survey and frankly I’m bored now so time to try another one! Yay!

Please reblog this with your enneagram tritype and variant, your MBTI type, and a percentage indicating how sure you are of these types. For everyone who does this, I’ll check out your blog and maybe follow you!

An example would be: ISTJ 1w2 3w4 5w4 so/sx, 75% sure

When I get enough data (I’m looking for at least over a hundred, hoping for closer to 500 but idk) I’m going to post the results! Thanks so much for helping me out!

I think this was a good year for art for me, in particular I think I’m seeing improvements and feeling more comfortable with myself as an artist. I didn’t make much art at the beginning of the year, but now that I work as a fulltime illustrator I feel much more motivated to make my own stuff when I get home now here at the end of the year, and I hope to keep it up as we go into 2018.

January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December

Sorry that September and November are from the same post, my Telltale project was started during my cross-country move and took a while to finally get to complete two months later. And Telltale reblogged it (twice!!), yay, which made the work totally worth it! Also of note, my art got featured as a sticker in the official Hamilton app this year, which is great!

I suppose I’ve learned based on my two most popular posts this year (and ever), Hamilton Ace Attorney and Telltale Les Miserables that people really enjoy my video game/musical mashups. :)

Thank you to all of you who enjoy and support me and my art, you keep me going!


Pairing: Lin x Reader angst/fluff
Warnings: Airports, Buddy Holly

Word Count: 1244
A/N: Hi! So I’ve been doing a LOT of requests lately, so I decided to write this for myself. I love Buddy Holly SO much and Dearest is probably one of the cutest songs ever, so here ya go. 

tags: @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird

Dearest, though you’re the nearest to my heart

You drove Lin to the airport, your eyes watery with tears as he gazed out the window, seeming to attempt to will more distance between your car and the airport as the road seemed to shorten.

“At least it’s only for a month,” he said, snapping out of his thoughts and bringing your attention back to the road after your mind had wandered off.

“Yeah,” you whispered, trying to restrain your tears as you felt his hand move to rest on your knee, “only a month.”

In comparison, a month wasn’t bad. He had spent multiple months in Chicago working with the cast, leaving you alone in New York. Him going to San Francisco for a month felt like nothing in comparison.

“I love you,” he whispered, leaning across the car to gently kiss your cheek.

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Harvest Moon.

Titled: ‘Harvest Moon’

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 2,331 

A/N: This is @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s aesthetic for  the September Jensen Quickie Challenge! For the sake of this fic it is Jensen x reader and this is in no ways hate towards Daneel! 

Cast of Characters: Y/N Ackles, Jensen Ackles, JJ Ackles, Y/M/N, and, Y/F/N.

A/N: Y/N/N: Your name nickname, for example someone named Rachel, could be called Rach. Y/M/N (Your mother’s name) Y/F/N (Your father’s name) 

Summary: You, Jensen, and his daughter JJ, visit your family, but you bring something else along for the ride no one detected. 

Tagging:  @angelkurenai @torn-and-frayed @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @kas-not-cas @feelmyroarrrr @not-moose-one-shots @winchesterenthusiast@winchester-writes @sincerelysaraahh @chaos-and-the-calm67@dancingalone21@iwantthedean @ivvitm1109 @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester @meeshw777 @audaciousdean  @blacktithe7 @atc74 @girl-next-door-writes@impalaimagining @bringmesomepie56 @the-mrs-dean-winchester @one-shots-supernatural @supernatural-jackles @ellen-reincarnated1967@badsongwinchester @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels @goldenolaf25

It wasn’t often Jensen and you were able to make any trips to see your family, or any family for that matter. But when the opportunity sprung, you snatched it up. So, Jensen, JJ, and You were going to the farm, your mother and father owned and that also happened to be where you grew up. Jensen and You have been happily married for almost two years now. And if you had to describe your marriage in one word it would be, magical. Jensen was honestly the best thing to happen to you. And you are so glad you can be a mom to his beautiful daughter, JJ. 

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hi! i realized that my dash has been really dead lately since i haven’t been active in some time and i want to follow new people :)

please reblog this and write your main fandoms in the tags! 

looking for the following fandoms:

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Surprise - Jack Avery (pt. 2)

 hey guys! this is part two to my “Surprise” imagine of Jack. If you haven’t read part one yet, you have to read it before you read this part. 

Jack’s POV

I joined the rest of the guys and our mangers down the hall. We quickly ate breakfast and got into the van that would be taking us to the venue.

As I looked out of the window I noticed a beautiful lake with trees on the perimeter. “You know guys, Y/N would love this.” I started.

“Love what? The lake?” Corbyn asked.

“Yes the lake. We had our first date at a lake. I took her out in a picnic and she wore a white dress with her hair curled. It was at that moment I knew I was in love. She accidentally fell because she tripped over a rock and got the back of her dress full of dirt. Y/N also hurt her ankle so I have to carry her back to the truck.” I rambled.

“Jack that sounds amazing but can you spend one minute not talking about Y/N?” Daniel asked.

“Sorry. I just-” they cut me off.

“Miss her with all my heart.” They all said in unison.

“We all know that you do. We had this conversation yesterday and the day before.” Jonah stated.

“Oh sorry.” I apologized. I miss my baby so much.

A few minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the venue. We all got out of the car and went to the green room.

“Hey Jonah, Zach, Daniel, can I talk to you guys for a minute?” Corbyn asked as he stood up.

“Why not me?” I asked.

“I forgot to tell you. August wants to take a few pics of you before the show.” Corbyn explained.

“Oh okay.” I said getting up going to talk to August.

Corbyn’s POV

“Alright guys, you three are here because we need to fly Y/N out to see Jack.” I explained.

“Yes we do. I’m tired of getting no sleep because he talks about her in his sleep.” Daniel agrees.

“So everyone is down?” I ask.

They all nod and I take my phone out of my back pocket to call her.

I dial her number and after a couple rings, she finally picks up. “Hey Corbyn!” She answers.

“Hey Y/N! I have some news.” I say getting serious hoping to scare her a little bit.

“What kind of news?” She asks. I could tell she was getting a bit nervous about what my next words would be.

“The boys and I are tired of hearing Jack talk about how he misses you. So we’re flying you out to see him and join us for the rest of tour!” I yell.

“Really? Are you kidding?” She asks.

“Nope. The guys and I are buying your ticket tonight so you can catch your flight tomorrow. I’ll text you when your flight is!” I smiled. My mind when back to when Jack brought Christina out to see me. It made me so happy so I’m glad to do the same for him.

“Omg I have to go pack! Thank you guys so much!” She giggles.

“You’re welcome! Well I’m gonna let you go to pack! See you soon!”


Imagine: This is how Dean looks like on your wedding day.

gifs are not mine 

“I pronounce you husband and wife. Dean you may now kiss Y/N.” Cas leaned in to Dean and told him. “I’m uh more than aware of that, Cas thanks.” Dean reassured him. You just stood there growing more impatient by the minute and took the matter into your own hands. The bride kissed the groom. Everyone laughed, while you and Dean smiled in your kiss. Dean could feel his cheeks turn hot and pink. 

You and Dean skipped merrily back down the aisle and once the evening’s night full of laughs and lots of dancing You had appropriate send off. Dean opened the passenger door to the impala for you and then he hastily climbed in the driver’s seat. You made a sign that went on the back of the impala that read: Just Hitched. Now you were off on your honeymoon to the beach for even more fun. 

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