BLURB NIGHT ✗ valentine!5sos

omg so it’s almost valentine’s day which pretty much means that i’ll watch a sad romcom and cry alone in my room BUT THIS FRIDAY/THE 10TH (yes this friday, short notice, i know) IM HOSTING A BLURB NIGHT WITH @calumsbicth !!!

now the theme is VALENTINES DAY!!! i mean, you probably already figured, but you know ;) 

anyways, we would love love love to see your submissions and writings (you can tag us and/or use the tag #valentine!5sos blurb night w kat and catie

we officially start posting and stuff at 7pm CET/1 pm EST and we’ll go as long as we can. 

so please start writing your blurbs or start sending your requests (doesn’t matter if it’s smut, angst or fluff, we’ll do it lmao) and look forward to blurb night bc it’s gonna be FUN!!

if you wanna find some inspiration for requests, i’ve found some prompts and aus 

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MBTI and Enneagram Correlation Survey

Alright so awhile back I was the author of this survey and frankly I’m bored now so time to try another one! Yay!

Please reblog this with your enneagram tritype and variant, your MBTI type, and a percentage indicating how sure you are of these types. For everyone who does this, I’ll check out your blog and maybe follow you!

An example would be: ISTJ 1w2 3w4 5w4 so/sx, 75% sure

When I get enough data (I’m looking for at least over a hundred, hoping for closer to 500 but idk) I’m going to post the results! Thanks so much for helping me out!

Pairing: Lin x Reader angst/fluff
Warnings: Airports, Buddy Holly

Word Count: 1244
A/N: Hi! So I’ve been doing a LOT of requests lately, so I decided to write this for myself. I love Buddy Holly SO much and Dearest is probably one of the cutest songs ever, so here ya go. 

tags: @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird

Dearest, though you’re the nearest to my heart

You drove Lin to the airport, your eyes watery with tears as he gazed out the window, seeming to attempt to will more distance between your car and the airport as the road seemed to shorten.

“At least it’s only for a month,” he said, snapping out of his thoughts and bringing your attention back to the road after your mind had wandered off.

“Yeah,” you whispered, trying to restrain your tears as you felt his hand move to rest on your knee, “only a month.”

In comparison, a month wasn’t bad. He had spent multiple months in Chicago working with the cast, leaving you alone in New York. Him going to San Francisco for a month felt like nothing in comparison.

“I love you,” he whispered, leaning across the car to gently kiss your cheek.

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Imagine: You and Gaston were in love before it all.

“Gaston! You gave me quite a fright!” You shrieked, as you slowed your breathing back down to normal. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to scare my lady.” He replied, bowing his head a little. “You are already forgiven. What are you even doing here?” You giggled a little, as he knelt down beside you. 

You had been gathering flowers for the dinner banquet your family would be hosting. “I’m here to see you.” He wriggled his eyebrows. “I don’t what you would want to do with little old me.” You shrugged, returning your focus to your duty. 

“Oh you’re saying that. I was hoping I could come to dinner.” Gaston squeezed his lips together, creating a thin line. “You know you can’t. Not yet anyway. Soon, my love.” You were aware that Gaston wanted to announce your courtship, but you remained unsure of what the rest of your family would think. 

You feared that they would take him away from you, and ban you from seeing him as you wish. They would casually remind you that you were too young, too naive, for him. For a man like Gaston. But he loved you and you loved him, and to you that was all that truly mattered. 

You only wished you had his confidence, his stride, his stamina. You were meek, you certainly weren’t one for chit chat, and innocent. But Gaston he understood you. He knew your likes and dislikes. He was rather fond of you. You have known each other practically all of your lives. At first, Gaston thought you of more as a little sister, but those feelings quickly changed with age. 

You were each other’s first love. You both never felt the way you did about each other than anybody before. Gaston nodded, of course he assumed that you were embarrassed of him.  You told him it was the opposite, he questioned you further by daring to say then what was it then. “Gaston I am afraid they will take you away from me! I love you! I love you too much for them to do that.” You cut your eyes over to your basket, attempting to hide your teary eyes.

 "Oh ma Cherie. I did not intend to upset you. Please forgive me.“ He licked his lips and inched closer to you, and tried to place a hand on your shoulder. You flinched at his sudden movement but then allowed him to touch you nonetheless. "Now do you understand. I would never be embarrassed of you, Gaston. I hope you know that now.” You sighed standing up and smoothing out your cloak and dress. 

“I do. So I guess I better get off now.” He chuckled a little, and pointed over to the adjacent gate. “I guess so.” You picked up your basket, filled with the sweetest and most beautiful bouquet of flowers. “There is something I have to do before I go.” Gaston shut his eyes and breathed in through his nose.

 He leaned his head to the side, and without another word your lips connected. When they touched, the sensation was unimaginable. It was so surreal. Gaston had cupped his hand on your cheek, and you twirled your fingers around one of his loose curls.

How does a moment last forever? 

The End! 

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'I Missed You' comic UPDATE!!

Miss me? Heh, heh ;)
Alrighty Zootopians, just gimmie like 10 minutes and the fourth installment of ‘I Missed You’ will be posted on @FWH and reblogged on @ZFA (yay!)
In Part 4 we’re entering the 'Heartbreak Arc’ of my comic as seen in the last few panels ~
Part 5 only gets…well, let’s just say, prepare the 'feels’ gifs 😈
Again, the update is on these blogs: @feverwildehopps and @zootopian-fever-art
P4 is a little bit sad, (I mean I hope I get to feed off of at least a teensy bit of misery from you guys bc this artist’s gotta eat) *chuckle* but nevertheless enjoy the addition!
Love, Emery//

Now here’s the part you appreciate: 
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Me vs tumblr

Me: I worked super hard on this doll and photo shoot.

Tumblr: eh

Me: I took a snapshot on my phone with a bad angle of something dumb.

Tumblr: yay!!! Reblog forever!!

Lol, I love you, you weird, unpredictable thing.

-REQUEST- Nemesis lockscreen.

Requested by anon, I hope you like it! (I can’t believe this didn’t turn out to be an ugly lockscreen because I had NO idea of what to do, kind of crazy since I’ve managed to make a Robot-chan lockscreen lmao, but I actually like this one so yay)

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