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Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I know I've said this already but I seriously love your writing! I love your fluffy prompts they just make my heart melt every time! and even though you believe your smut isn't very good, I love it sooooo much and it does some serious things to me *wink wink* I'm always creeping your blog for new posts and I've read every story at Least 100 times each and they still have the same effect on me *wink wink*. Keep up the good work hun!! I look forward to what you post next! ❤️❤️

Thank you soooooo much! Seriously, guys, you are too sweet, my heart can’t take it! 
I am so happy I can contribute something to this community and even happier that you like the (sometimes) bullshit I write. Like, really, you’re making my day with each like or reblog or comment! I appreciate each and every one of you, and even though I’m not good at keeping my schedule you are still here and that is just - hnnnng!

I love ya all to bits, my little smutlings!
Thanks for making my day (especially because I was sick the last night and felt horrible)  

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader Smut) Pt. 1

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut (someone save me) 

Warnings: Daddy kink, fingering, teasing, bondage, etc.

2/11/16 update: and now mafia AU!

Words: 3,481

Summary: You wake up tied to a chair. This nice-looking blond haired guy says it’s because you have information he wants, but you have no idea what the hell he’s talking about. Why? Because he’s a bit of an idiot, that’s why.

A/N: listen…I don’t even know what to say about this. I’ve been reading a lot of Mafia AU’s lately and Namjoon really looks good in Mafia AU’s and…and…yeah. Just…go ahead and read. Comments/Reblogs/Favs always appreciated!

The rope is tight against your arms and legs, unwilling to let you budge an inch when you try to wiggle your way free, and your heart thrumming against your ribs—your wide eyes taking in the dark space around you.

It looks like a warehouse—something out of a mafia movie you’ve seen before—but you don’t understand why you’re here. As far as you’re concerned, you’ve done nothing wrong. Sure, you may have accidently forgotten to tip your waitress last week, but you’re pretty sure that doesn’t warrant being kidnapped and tied to a goddamn chair!

Huffing, you try and break free again, your feet scuffing against the ground with your efforts. In the distance, a metal door creeks open and you freeze, eyes fearfully searching the darkness surrounding the illuminated circle in which you reside.

Shoes start tapping against the pavement far away, the sound echoing throughout the barren room and you brace yourself for whoever is coming to meet you. The room is chilly already, goosebumps having risen on your skin the moment you’d awoken, but with each enclosing step from the person in front of you a shiver rakes your spine.

You’re fucked.

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Hey guys!!

A little unrelated to Steven Universe (cuz I know that’s what this blog is about), but my absolutely amazing boyfriend isn’t doing so well..

We’ve always stuck together through thick and thin! We’ve been best friends for two years, partners for almost a year, and soul mates for life! ~ <3
Lately he’s been feeling really depressed and he’s been telling me very terrible things about himself that are absolutely not true at ALL…

I’m only asking for one small favor:
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I think he can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to, and hopefully you guys will think so too!
Thank you guys for taking the time to read this! <3


As my gratitude, I give you this cat-themed Victuuri fanart!

This is something I didn’t really expect to come to me that fast but I am so thankful that you find my blog worth following, ahahaha ;//7//; 
Thank you for liking/reblogging my fan arts! You motivate me to do more and do my best as always ;; 
I hope I can give you more and more fanarts to see! I appreciate all of your love and support <3

With lots of love,

The Man Next Door:

Request: AIGHT THIS MAY BE VERY SPECIFIC BUT- neighbour ashton and ur parents r friends with him and u babysit his daughter and u find him so hOOOoOoT that one thing leads 2 another and YA

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: Hey guys I’m excited to post this smut as a response to a request by one of my beautiful followers! I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this smut if you liked it I would be so appreciative! As always I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

When my parents told me our neighbor Ashton Irwin wanted me to babysit his one year old son I almost peed myself. For the last few months ever since Ashton moved in next door I couldn’t help but to be extremely attracted to him. He’s gorgeous. Tall, fit, rugged, yet soft, I’d swear he’s perfect. So of course I agreed and now here I am waiting for him to answer the door. I try to calm my breathing slowly and stop myself from looking completely terrified.

“Y/N!” He smile opening the door. “Nice to see you, thank you so much again for babysitting Brendon, this meeting popped up very last minute.”

I smile and turn a little pink in the cheeks. “Of course Mr. Irwin.” I say as he allows me to set inside.

“Oh please Y/N, Ashton is fine, believe or not I’m not that much older than you… Your in what? Your second year of college?” He asks.

Shocked that he remembers anything about me from the few times we’ve been my pink darkens and is probably noticeable by now. “Yes I am.”

“Good, good… now let’s go over some things yeah?” He asks and I nod following him to the kitchen. We go over her sleep and feeding schedule and what he likes and does like. Being barely one however he’s not exactly picky. I pay attention to what he’s saying but at the same time I wonder why his girlfriend would ever leave him, with a baby nonetheless. “You got all that?” He asks worried and snapping me from my thoughts.

“Um yeah I think we should be good.” I smile up at him.

“Good, thanks so much again. I should be home about eight.” He smiles grabbing his keys and jacket before going over to Brendon in his little bouncy chair. “Bye Buddy, Dad will be back, be nice to ms. Y/N.”

I chuckle at him and he waves before heading out the door. I then spend the night giving Brendon a bath, getting him ready for bed, and then rocking him to sleep. He goes down pretty easily so while I wait for Ashton to come back I sit on his couch and read the book I brought along. Not too long after I hear him pull up in the driveway and come through the door.

“How was your meeting?” I ask standing up from the couch and smiling at him.

“It was okay thank you for asking. Was he good for you? Did he have any problems?” He asks taking his coat off, tossing it somewhere and then walking over to me.

I smile and try to keep from blushing. “He was actually basically an angle.”

“Wow really? You should come around more often, I swear sometimes he hates me.” Ashton sighs and slumps onto the couch.

I sit down next to him. “He doesn’t hate you. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you but… he doesn’t hate you. How could he? Look at everything you do for him, you are a great Dad.” I say softly worried that he’s upset.

He looks at me and smiles. “That means a lot thank you Y/N… are your parents not home? Your house seemed very dark…”

I shrug. “They’re out of town it’s just me tonight.” I explain but he starts shaking his head and sits up.

“You shouldn’t have to be by yourself in that big house, I don’t like the thought of you being alone like that…” He pauses and clears his throat slowing his speech down. “Why don’t you say here, I have a guest bedroom you could sleep in.”

“Okay, thank you Ashton…” I say awkwardly but excitedly.

He stands up and helps me up too. “You know I was surprised you were free tonight; a beautiful young girl like yourself that is….”

I bite at my bottom lip nervously not sure what to say. My heart is beating a thousand times a second from him calling me beautiful. “Nope I’m all yours tonight.”

He nods. “All mine.” I nod back and all of a sudden tension fills the air. For a moment we just stand there looking at each other.

“Ashton?” I ask confused and worried.

He steps closer to me and softly tucks some hair behind my ear. “Would it be extremely inappropriate for me to kiss you?”

“I… I…” I stutter out a little and turning completely red and my heart starts beating so fast I think i’m having a heart attack. “Probably….” I whisper knowing the truth but I can’t pass up this opportunity. He frowns and looks at the ground but then say. “I want you to anyway.”

He looks back up at me and pulls me in close before kissing me long and soft. “I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.” He chuckles and I giggle back and then kisses me again only this time it’s rougher, needier, more passionate. “If you want me to stop all you have to do it to say the word.”

I shake my head. “No, I want you, I really want you.” I whisper softly and he groans softly as we continue to kiss. He pulls us back down onto the couch so we are at a more even level. I wrap my arms loosely around his neck as he grabs my hips pulling me closer. Slowly he moves and kisses my neck. I shiver in surprise before feeling him nip at the skin causing me to moan out.

“Fuck Y/N…. I’ve wanted you for so long, but I didn’t think you’d want this…” He smiles before kissing my lips softly again.

I giggle a little and run my fingers through his hair. “Trust me I’ve always felt the same.”

“I really want to do this right, maybe we should stop and you know actually go out on a date first, and stuff…. but fuck I need you right now so bad… He trails off.

I kiss him and then smile. “I would love to date you Ashton, but right now I need you too.” A smirk comes across his face. “I’ve waited too long for you to just stop here.” I laugh.

“Fuck why didn’t I tell you sooner?” He asks laughing and swooping my up in his arms before kissing me again like he was before.

I giggle too but I quickly push him away and whisper. “We can’t wake Brendon.” I remind Ashton of his son sleeping only yards away.

“Shit that’s right… What if we took this to the bedroom?” He asks while he gets distracted and starts kissing my neck again. “Closed the door, turned on the baby monitor, fuck as loud as we want?” I giggle again and give him the okay. Keeping me in his arms he takes us to his bedroom and lays me on the bed. He stands back and stares at me for a moment and then suddenly smashes his lips against before we start tearing each other’s clothes off. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, a fucking goddess.” He whispers and I shiver at his words.

“You’re too sexy Ash, please do something.” I beg a little not only because I need him extremely bad but that as he runs his hands and eyes up and down my body I start to feel self conscious.

He notices me covering my body with my arms. “Stop that, you are so beautiful baby you don’t even know it… “ He then starts kissing me again and as he reaches down to let his hand explore my body. I can’t help but to buck my hips a little. I feel him smile against my lips. “You’re right I can wait any fucking longer either.” He teases my clit and slit with the head of his cock causes he to moan for him. “Are you ready baby?” He asks.

“Yes Ashton.” I moan nodding and I feel him fill me up with every single inch of himself. “Fuck!” I moan out gasping.

“You feel even better than I imagined.” He says after he moans too. “I’m gonna move now.” He tell me and I nod. He starts slow but then picks up the pace moving in and out of me like it’s him job. “Fuck I’m warning you I’m not going to last very long.”

I grip the setts on his bed and moan loudly which gives him my answer. “Ashton harder please.” I  almost beg.

His thrusts are more forceful and he reaches down to tease my clit on top of everything. “Come on baby I can feel how close you are. I’m not coming until you do.” I nod and as he kisses me roughly I tangle my hands in his hair pulling a little here and there.

“Fuck.” I mumble through a moan feeling my orgasm approaching. It only takes seconds for me to reach my high and Ashton reaches his a few seconds later. He lays  basically on top of me and both of us are covered in a thin layer of sweat as we lay there trying to calm our breathing.

“That was amazing.” He whispers kissing my neck causes me to smile and shiver.

“I agree.” I mumble making him chuckle.

Just then Brendon starts crying and Ashton groans but then kisses my lips. “Go get in the shower, I’ll be in with you soon.” I nod and watch him pull on his boxers and walk towards the door. Just before leaving he turns to me. “I really do like you Y/N and I’m very happy you agreed to go out with me. “ He smiles.

I smile back blushing at him. “Me too Ashton.”

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well, playing dress-up with xion was so fun i decided to do the same with aqua here

sadly, khux doesn’t have any birth by sleep-inspired outfits whatsoever, so i had to hand-draw (well, mouse draw but w/e) aqua’s outfit all by my lonesome. and because i like making my life hard i also made the terra dress in the second pic. i wanted to continue khux’s trend of female versions of the male protags’ outfits. all the other outfits, and the sprite i used as a base, come from the khux moblie game, feedback on how i did is always appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you want to use any of these avatars!

lots rambling/headcanons about aqua under the cut because i have a Lot of Thoughts about her

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Rekindled // Luke Hemmings AU

It me, back again with some shitty writing. This one was inspired by this post and was super fun to write. Always appreciate a good reblog/like and any feedback that you have! I’m also open to requests for AUs/prefs/blurbs/anything really, so feel free to send those my way if you have any! xoxo

Summary: You’re trapped in a conversation about the importance of clean eating at a bar and you pretend to know a random guy to get out of it. It just so happens that you knew that random guy in kindergarten and oh, wow, did he get hot…

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Undisclosed Desires (part 8)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: You and Castiel return to the boys at the bunker and discuss Lucifer.

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message if you’d like to be added to my master tag list. (Tumblr doesn’t always show replies and reblogs.)


The boys welcomed you back with much less issue than you had expected. It made you a little sad that they had been lied to so many times in their lives that it had become so normal.

“So, you guys kiss and make up then?” Dean asked with a silly grin.

You cocked your eyebrow at him. “Nah man, Feathers and I aren’t really the kiss and make up types. We’re more the hate-fuck and make up types.”

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To all my followers, whether we’re mutuals or not (I wish I could follow each and every one of you but my dash would make my life hell and it’s already tough to keep up, lol)! Thank you for your support, likes and reblogs, I see (most of) them (your comments often make me giggle) and I appreciate them!

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I Hate My Job (Part 3)

Part 3  – Thanksgiving (Like I Have Anything to Be Thankful for Right Now)

Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary – You are a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that gets assigned the worst job, in your opinion.

Warnings – One, maybe two cuss words, and death ;-)

Word Count – 1,500

Notes – So, in my world, Gilmore Girls doesn’t premier on Black Friday, because, seriously, making people choose between the Gilmore Girls and shopping is really cruel!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!  Please feel free to leave comments or reblog, it’s always appreciated!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Epilogue


Originally posted by a-less-ordinary-life


“Did I hear you say Gilmore Girls?” Mr. Star Spangled Banner said, popping his head around the corner of the doorway.  “Is that popcorn?”

“Yeah, man,” How You Doin’ answered. “(Y/N) invited us to hang out and watch it with her.”

Your mouth fell open at his statement. You most certainly did not invite anyone into your room to “hang out.”  You started to correct him, but Mr. Star Spangled Banner said something that had your mouth closing shut with a snap.

“Hey, Buck!” he called down the hall. “We’re all going to watch Gilmore Girls in (Y/N)’s room.  There’s popcorn!”

Mr. Star Spangled Banner walked into the room, grabbed a handful of popcorn and sat in the floor at the foot of your bed.  It was only a few seconds before the Terminator walked in and did the same thing. You were paralyzed with shock at the turn of events.  How did this happen?  What did you do to deserve this?  Most importantly, you thought to yourself as you pressed play, how were you going to fix this?


You awoke the next morning absolutely exhausted.  You had thought the four interlopers would never leave your room last night.  They insisted on dissecting ever single moment of all four episodes.  

How You Doin’ was all, “I can’t believe Lorelai did that.”  

To which the Femme Fatale would respond, “Of course she did that, she’s Lorelai!  But what about Rory?  What was she thinking?”

Mr. Star Spangled Banner chimed in his two cents lamenting over the fact that he thought that Dean was the best guy for Rory.

The Terminator disagreed though.  He didn’t like that Dean had cheated on his wife with Rory.  He thought Jess was the guy for her.  Leave it to him to have a soft spot for the bad boy!

At least they could all agree that Christopher was a douche and that Luke was Lorelai’s one true love.  After over an hour, they finally realized that you hadn’t said a word.  

The Femme Fatale asked for your opinion, to which you replied, “I loved it, but you four need to get out now!  I’m exhausted and I want my room back!”

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Beauty and the Beast

I’ve made this drawing in collaboration with my sister @elekairi  :3

I’ve drawn it and my sis helped me to paint it.

We really can’t wait to watch this Disney live-action of one of the most beautiful and romantic fairytale in the world! And you? (you’re surely excited too, of course! ^_^)

And remember: Likes & Reblogs are always appreciated! :3

Thank you! :)