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Hi, I want to post this in order to support my friend with some problems he is having right now, and this is what I want y’all to know about him:

His name is Leo and he is 20 years old, he lives in an apartment with some roomates; he works at 2 part time jobs but he has lots of bills to pay right now (i. e., rent, therapy, car insurance, meds, testosterone) and some credit card and medical debt that he’s struggling to make payments on, just as having money for food and gas. 
His car needs work, it needs a front end alignment and at least one axel rod replaced which could cost up to $300 or more. It could break while he’s driving and he could get into an accident so it’s really important for him to get his car fixed. Getting rid of it isn’t an option because he needs it to get to work and trying to find two new jobs would be very stressful on him and he is already dealing with mental health issues.

Donations would be very much appreciated on PayPal (, he keeps his birth name connected to it because it is necessary to so he can have the acc.) Donations will go directly to getting his car fixed unless you specify it for something else like rent, medical bills, therapy, etc. 

You can talk to him here if you need to message him about anything. I’m making this post to offer some boosting, so it’ll be nice if you reblog so other people can donate and reblog as well. 

Thank you very much for reading! Please, share!

A few days ago I reached 2K and I’m so so happy because when I made this blog I didn’t think anyone would follow me, let alone two very cute thousand!!!!! So I decided to make an appreciation post for my mutuals!!!!

Thank you so much for being all so lovely and nice to me. If there’s one thing that makes me happy during the day is that I know later I’ll come home and I’ll be able to ignore all my responsibilities on tumblr, hehe. You’re all super important and I adore each and every one of you. You can all be dead ass sure whenever one of you do as much as like something I reblog I sigh in complete happiness because I look up to all of you and even if I barely ever interacted with you, I admire you more than you know.

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want me to queue from your blog?

hey darlings, last weeks have been very-very busy so i decided to queue up some beatiful posts for you! i’ll figure out how it works properly, but i promise to check all of you out! (it’s a great opportunity for smaller blogs to get some deserved exposure imo)

  • must be a studyblr
  • reblog this post
  • drop me a link or just a tag for your original content if you want me to reblog your own posts! 
  • it’s okay if you don’t post original content at all, there’s no way i’d ignore you! 
  • following me isn’t a must, but would be very appreciated too and i’d get to your blog quicker! xx

i love all of you and have a nice day everyone!

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I love your blog and your story is unbelievably amazing! You actually inspired me to create my own simblr but lately I've been feeling a bit discouraged about continuing it since it's so new and all of my posts get one note at best. I know I should be doing my story for myself and because I enjoy it but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Advice?

Hello nonny, 

What’s your simblr? I’ll follow you. Welcome to the community that’s filled with fun, silliness and beauty ♥

So simblr and having your blog, really should be to enjoy yourself. That is, enjoying sharing your experience with the game, your story, your photos, etc as well as enjoying the good things the community has to offer. This is mainly what I go by. When I started, I barely got notes but continued because it was so fun. There are some things I could recommend:

Tagging is your friend- Using appropriate tags keeps your blog organised and allows people to find you. The first five tags that you use for your posts are important. I would recommend using ts4, the sims 4, etc in your first five tags to ensure that persons who are interested may find easily. People also appreciate tagging appropriately such as tagging when you have nsfw, nonsims, etc. 

Make friends- One way to enjoy the experience is to annoy other people into being your friend. If you like someone’s post/story, don’t afraid to tell them in a comment or message. People here are normally very nice and would appreciate such actions. It also builds your presence within the community. 

Pay attention to what you post- It is recommended that you try to keep your posts sims-related and maybe limiting reblogs. As mentioned before tagging is important if you post non sims related stuff.

Have fun- Remember simblr is about you and enjoying your experience. It can be really amazing and once you’re having fun, I do think other people will notice and be drawn to you.

Don’t be discouraged nonny. I’m rooting for you. ♥

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry for asking but do you know if there is a way we can email Hosoyan? I wanted to draw something for him since I heard about his poor throat :( and email him but I'm not sure if that's possible. I think on his website there's an email format but it looks like it's directly on the website. If you know, thank you in advance and if not that's ok and thank you :)

Hi there Anon! 

That’s really very nice of you! I’m sure he would really appreciate it ^^

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to email him/people who rely information to him other than from the link on his website…
(In case you need it: www. yoshimasa-hosoya. com/mail /index .cgi) 

If anyone knows, please feel free to reblog this post with information on how to email/mail things to him! 

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brand-dad  asked:

Sorry to bother, but the gif of the anime girl with pink hair (sorry id send a link but I'm on mobile) appears to be reposted from pixiv without credits. Could you please not reblog reposted artwork? It's very harmful to artists. Anyway have a nice day!

Hey sweetheart, I would never reblog something intentionally that has been reposted. My content is even reposted so I know how frustrating it is. You can’t always notice if something is reposted so please keep that in mind! I always appreciate it when you guys let me know. I try to keep an eye out, especially when checking if the content was posted by a ddlg blog but sometimes I miss it. It happens. I’m sorry!

Ravenbell May Day Extravaganza

May Day is upon us, and we haven’t had any activity here for months, so let’s start small and revive fandom a little bit! Think about it as a kind of spring cleaning, except this time it’s fun.

We’re about to have a three day Ravenbell May Day Extravaganza to celebrate the amazing works out fandom churned out so far, and hopefully to inspire more. Here is how it’s going to go:

Day 1 (Saturday, April 29th): Comment Day

Go wild on AO3 (link!) and blayesnetwor fic recs tag (link!). The goal of the day is to leave comments on at least three stories you haven’t commented on before. You can leave a comment on AO3, reblog a fic on tumblr and add a comment below, or whatever else works for you. You don’t need to write an essay, but try to squeeze out at least a paragraph for each story you pick. And if you can do more than three stories, be my guest! But try to comment on at least three.

Day 2 (Sunday, April 30th): Rec Day

On Day 2, the task is to pick a theme and make a rec list of at least three fics that fit into it. The theme can be very broad (favorite canon fics, favorite AUs, favorite stories from Raven’s POV, etc), or very narrow (bed-sharing fics, fics focusing on Raven’s disability, fics featuring Bellamy’s back story, established relationship fics, etc). Once you’re done, post your rec list on tumblr, and remember to tag #rbficexchange. Everyone who is late with their Day 1 commenting will surely be very grateful for inspiration!

Day 3 (Monday, May 1st): Wishlist Day

Hopefully by this time we will all have our appetites worked up, so all you need to do is make a post on tumblr describing three fics you would love to see written. Of course make sure to tag #rbficexchange so everyone can see it! Who knows, maybe someone will pick it up for you?

The whole point of the event is to get everyone talking and exchanging ideas again, and hopefully inspiring each other in the best way possible. Also, the event is a very good excuse to also go on a nice reblog spree and appreciate our artists and vidders! Just flood your dash with BR content, go on a few tag spirals, and let’s party!

Side note: I am fully aware that our AO3 tag is a hot mess, and that it’s hard to dig through all the spam in order to find the good stuff, but that’s why I think we should have this May Day challenge. People who are new to our fandom often get discouraged at the very start because they struggle to find content, so wouldn’t it be cool if we had a whole array of little rec lists that we can give to the new starters? Wouldn’t it? Hm?

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to ask what you work in? I mean I got curious as to what when I saw your comments on the leslie Knope post you reblogged but don't worry about answering!! 😊

It’s np!
I did a lot of jobs that spanned from info desk/secretary in a travel agency to barista/waitress. Both were very fast-paced, but my main problem isn’t that, since I can be really hyperactive, but the being-around-customers thing.
The manager (when I worked as a barista) would tell me that I wasn’t peppy enough, even though the customers told me I was really helpful and nice and that they appreciated me chatting with them.
You see, that was already more than out of my comfort zone, but the man wanted MORE.
Even at this time, 80% of the people I know are convinced that I am an extrovert (I’m not, that’s my job mask)

Awkward Situations (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Originally posted by wehavesass

Summary: Its a hot day in a small car….what could go wrong?

Word Count: 1132

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I just reached 500 followers, which is such a huge number for me since I never expected to have any followers at all. I would like to thank everyone who’s following me, reblogging my posts and leaving me these nice messages I appreciate so much!

For this very special occasion I compiled a list of my favourite 100 blogs and most favourite people (♥) in no particular order (since I obviously don’t have the required skill and patience for that :’D):

princeskili - wtf-jily - teddymoony - moonymadness - hrgranger - whatyoufearthemostisfearitself - slytherin-power - salazarsslytherin - stopefy - buhtterbeer - crookkshanks - fentymina95 - drmione - cruciomalfoy - avesem -  protegopatronum - imperio- - imperiomalfoy - silvermaze - buckbeakin - dissendixm - delightsobliviate - malfoyheir - gxldentrio - ollivandirspotterandweasel - whatginny - knockturnallley - dracomartell - alwayssaidsnapeee - occlmency - hermioniegranger - hermiionegrangers - scectumsempra - voldemxrt - hermionejeangrrohlumos - evansdeer - luciusmalfoiy - mahrtell - harrypotte-r - potterdursley - crookshanks-potter - tipimdenasaletakiyor - malfoymannor - weshipdramione - hpfemslashweek - prosequor - dearsirius - cobruhs - viserian - shacklebot - amazingbouncingferret - remusjohnslupinanimaegusrosesweasleyssnatchersunite - accio-padfoots - drxco - buxkbeak - hogwartianos - salzarslytherin - weasloy - flitwixmalfcy - herhmione - ginnypotterr - weasley-wheezy - beauxbatxns-academy - professorlockhart - bebravelily - remusinasweater - cremebunny - mandrakescry - ronesweasley - etternal-sunshine - rems-lupin - pureveela - qinnys - siriuslybellatrixserpentandlion - dracoumalfoy - dominiqueweaxley - morefelton - neymaarsjr - theperksofescapingazkaban -  preciousmalfoy - malfoysmine - unfogging-the-future - ohremus - enchantedceiling - expecto-patronox - ronaldroars - jamespctterrgilderoylockhearts - crookshankx - occupymalfoysbed - malfoyandgrangerforever - pronqsie - georqeweasleys

I feel awful because I’m aware the list is quite incomplete; I’m so sorry!


I decided to do some redesigns of my oc Miguel cause last time I drew him… yeah lets just say that he deserved better than that.

honestly, the second image is the most accurate to his design than the others. so yeah, if you need a reference for him than choose the bottom one here.

here’s the *sh**ty* design along with his bio here:

(likes/reblogs are very nice and appreciated. DO NOT STEAL! PLEASE DON’T REPOST WITHOUT MY CONSENT) (then again I doubt anyone would steal my art I mean have you SEEN my art?)

hello! so, i’m going to be meeting fall out boy in october and i want to give them something to show how many fans really appreciate what they do. what i want to do is get anyone who wants to to write a short thank you message or note for fall out boy and i’ll write them all out nicely in a notebook to give to the band. 

cool, how does this work?

all you need to do is write a short message and submit it to me on this blog. make sure to read through the rules and faq before submitting!

the basic rules are:

  • less than 100 words
  • nothing inappropriate or offensive
  • include a name/nickname
  • don’t send entries to the askbox
  • the last day for submitting a message is the 25th of september 2015 so that i have time to finish in time

you can follow this blog for updates, and reblogging this post to spread the word would be very much appreciated!

looking for more blogs to follow

dash has been very repetitive lately with the same posts over and over again, so i’m looking for blogs to follow to liven up things  (✿◠‿◠)

  • REBLOG THIS POST / i’d appreciate mutuals signal boosting this <3
  • don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice / @obiwanjedi
  • MUST tag posts bc there are fandoms i’m not interested in, but you might be, and i want to blacklist them so that i can enjoy your other posts

what i’m looking for,

  • star wars & star wars cast 
  • star trek
  • x-men movies
  • lotr & the hobbit, harry potter, the x files, htgawm
  • mad max, the man from uncle, kingsman, the martian
  • dccu cast, wonder woman, batman v superman, justice league
  • maybe some photography or aesthetic among your fandom posts

  • got enough MARVEL, so let’s skip that for a while
  • agents of shield, guardians of the galaxy, ant man, thor movies
  • natasha romanoff, clint barton, wanda & pietro, tony stark, loki & thor
  • mcu cast, marvel comics, daredevil, jessica jones, luke cage, deadpool

i’m looking for new blogs to follow so please reblog (it would be nice if you wrote in tags what kind of stuff you post) or like if you post any of the following and i will check out your blog! :)

  • you’re mainly gaming blog!
  • mass effect
  • dragon age
  • the witcher
  • the wolf among us
  • the walking dead
  • dishonored
  • tes/skyrim
  • life is strange
  • until dawn
  • infamous
  • gaming in general

HERE WE GOOOooo! *peter pan voice* So before I go into this please please reblog my selfie it would make me very happy :’) 

 oK SO SINCE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY I THOT I wud do a follow forever and show my love for all of you. Honestly y'all make me so so happy whenever I’m even feeling a little bit off I can always come on here and know that I’ll laugh at maybe something that was said or a funny post made by any of u. I love you all a lot! there are so many of you that are genuinely sO sweet and kind and you all encourage one another to be nice and to feel important and beautiful. I appreciate every single one of you for sticking it out and accepting my tRU feelings when I’m here at like ass o'clock 👀 

some one once said to me “do u have no boundries” and I calmly replied “I am literally fisting my asshole as we speak” and I was, so yA  



PLAIN MEANS I love you but I’m scared you won’t love me back the same:/ :**

also nothing is in order…love u!


louisnutonme * hiiijacknlou * harryandlouisau * zelourry * zeysus * zarryq * deeznutslouis * adidaslilo * floristharry * sugarbabykink * 2013zarry * daddielouis * louietomlinson * girlalmightyau * ravenclawhalsey * morningangels * upharrysass * tomlinzn * whiskau * hazandboo * iwisharry * rxinbowlouis * zaynalplugs * knightchanges * godgavemelou * tinyboylouis * sensitivethighs * z5yn * harrylouisandbabies * zarrybums * mexicanheaux * rimmingprincess * thelarryau * liamsharry * whitewaterlouis * dildoau * harryrimslou * cuddlinglou * tracyturnbladofficial * camploo * birdsphere * doublechinharry * sluttydaddyharry * louiswtomlin * sexappeal-atitsfinest * pouwerful * panstylinson * thighsthighs * sunlouis * liamsmeme * louisfringe * hogwartslilo * softfringed * gayfic * jamescordenofficial * harrysgoldboots * harryisafeminist * zaynftlauren * weedyacht * 1daf * coffeeshopfic * eatlouisout * lacewearinglouis * tomlinkson * marcelabooty * aquariusthot * coltongyllenhaal * baby49 * georgealanodowd * owlourry * frattylou * odetolouis * teattos * tomlinsun * hypocritical-nonsense * louisnkittens * lovefilledtattoos * ot5meanshome * comfyharry * oopi * angstfics * harrysduvet * daddymtv * sweetheart-beau-lover * letmalikurface-xo * cupcakinglarry * blouest * girlalmightie * illouisional * fireable * harrysbabybump * harryswindingwheel * steampunklouis * toadharry * howlouvely * fellforzayn * labelletlabete * hipsthaz * infinitylou * llouisaf * thunderlouis * 710pm * drakeinspiredzayn * the0nlybeliever * cocoaxlouis * andkyungsoo * zainfireproof * imbrie * fluffykinzy * andrei1597 * brrritttany * thisismeloveitorleaveit1 * zen-li * probablynotx * zaiiiiin * ziamshalo * myfriendsareboring * ziamfreedom * gr8ish * larryfucker * zaynchildish * bottomlinsons * obvsharry * louspie * donutlouis * nooeali * tattostyles * nuggetsandfanfics * zerrie-is-cray *

NON-MUTUALS ! ( you all make my dash so fun thank you!)

fxckaurl ** maurypovichofficial ** hoedidas ** samegig ** yslhoe ** thrina ** harryspendeja ** mexicanho ** zouispotyacht  ** problematicassharry ** thugmalik ** closertozayn ** 23yo ** zainshamurdashewrote ** zaynsfreepalestinetweet **

by the way……ZOUIS IS R EA L :~)

A lovely anon suggested that I could create a birthday page, with shout-outs for FOLLOWERS of this blog on their birthdays. I thought it was a lovely idea, because I created this blog to support and appreciate all the wonderful creators of this fandom and make it a nicer place in general. And of course, it would also be nice if we could make Captain Swan the most reblogged ship of 2016. 

On top of that, we’re also very close to 200 followers on this blog, so it’s the perfect opportunity to start this now. 

The rules are simple:

What you get:

  • a spot on the special birthday page that I will create for this blog
  • a shout-out on your birthday
  • hopefully lots of hugs and lovely messages on your birthday
  • new friends and followers

I hope many of you want to join this project. I can’t wait for your messages! :)




(~$5 sketches also available)
(EDIT: icons are now $8, added lineart options)

hiya!! my name is angel and i just went back to college, and itd be nice to have some spare money for groceries and gas other stuff! im very busy with classes and my mental health isnt great so it would be difficult for me to get a job so this is the best way for me to make money. i would appreciate reblogging/spreading this post around if you can, thank you!

full pricing details and how to commission me under the cut!

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I’m Keira and I’m going to start posting art! I’m new to this, and although I do own a tablet, I can’t post digital art due to my circumstances. I’m hoping I’ll be able to in the near future..
Anyway, I would really appreciate it if (if you like it) you’d reblog my art!! And if you want to request something, I’m all ears! I’ll be posting mostly Percy Jackson, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, LoK, and Over the Garden Wall. Constructive criticism and feedback are very appreciated. Thanks. Have a nice rest of your day. :)