reblogging never even occurred to me

It’s occurred to me that I reblog a lot of astrology and zodiac sign posts that relate to my characters, but I’ve never actually confirmed what they are. Or even how old they are, or when their birthdays are! So here we go now!

Signy - September 2d - 17 - Virgo
Lili - April 30th - 18 - Taurus
Cooper - December 8th - 18 - Sagittarius
Daniyal - November 19th - 19 - Scorpio

I feel compelled to add my own take on the “should Peridot keep/regain her limb enhancers” debate. Personally I do want Peridot to get her limb enhancers back. Admittedly, it’s partially because I miss them, but more importantly because of this:

Peridot: "I just think–“

Yellow Diamond: "I’m not interested in the puny thoughts of a Peridot!”

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