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  • me: why am i like this?
  • brain: your parents neglected and mocked you. because of that you have a tremendous fear of doing anything wrong and an intense desire to not only be loved and adored but also perfect. school feeds into this insecurity causing you to devalue any step you make towards a goal if it isn’t perfect or have immediate results so you do nothing because that feels better than trying and failing
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: no really

Hey everybody, I’m looking for new blogs to follow. So if anything down below applies to you, like/reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog and possibly follow you!

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👉  State Champs
👉  Bring Me The Horizon
👉  Counterparts
👉  The Wonder Years
👉  Photography
👉  Blue Aesthetic

Where I am

I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately, guys. On May 5th, I told my husband I was leaving him. Since then, things have kicked into high gear and basically my every waking thought has revolved around “find a place to live close to work in a good school district with rent I can afford”.

It happened—I found a place. And I sign the lease on Thursday. My husband is staying in Austin and we’re sharing custody of the kids equally. He’s being really supportive and encouraging, too, something I frankly did not expect.

But my point for telling y’all this is because emotionally, I’m just not here right now. I’m driving from San Antonio to Austin several times a week, worrying about finances, and trying to figure out how to pack up this house and actually shift some of the accumulated clutter.

I’m still around physically, I can reblog like a motherfucking champ, but anything requiring emotional labor is pretty much beyond me and will be until I’m settled in my new home, in the middle of June.

So if you have questions or need advice, or just someone to talk to, I hate to do it but please don’t look for that from me right now. I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and you deserve better than my dregs. I promise I’ll be back. Please be patient with me.


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- State Champs
- As It Is
- Waterparks
- Broadside
- With Confidence
- pop punk in general
- Criminal Minds
- books
- languages (esp. Russian, Swedish and Spanish)
- Harry Potter
- Marvel
- Shadowhunters

We’re trying to decide what to do for our next celebration, so we made a poll!
Not to give anyone war flashbacks but… Please vote and help us out - we care about what you wanna see on your dashes and this is to celebrate all of you! :)

here’s the poll

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ps we are still a few hundred away (read: not that close) from 1k but we’d like to get as much insight as we can!

Hey guys! I know I don’t usually write heart-to-heart posts, but I thought I’d make an exception today, on this, the day of turkeys!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me, and to the people who like and reblog my stuff. I especially wanted to thank the people who’ve followed me since the start, because I went through some of those old blog posts recently, and man, that’s a rough ride. Also, special shoutouts to the heroes who consistently like/reblog my stuff, even when it sucks. You guys are the real champs. 8D

Also, a huge thank you to the kind people who take the time to chat with me and send me nice comments. :D I’m not terribly confident in my art, so that has been so incredibly encouraging. Friendly reminder that anyone is always welcome to send in asks and requests; it might take me a minute to get to it, amidst my other work, but it’s the least I can do in return for your support, and I am always so happy to draw stuff for you guys!

And finally, a very sincere thank you to those of you who have been so patient and understanding while I work on your commissions. There are still a couple of you out there, and I am doing my best to make your wait worthwhile. And to my dear old friends who’ve been waiting for me to make a certain website, don’t worry, the dream is still alive!

I hope you guys like cheese with your turkey, cause this post is full of it. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and an excellent Thursday, everyone! :D