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I feel that in the recent profile writing, what yoongi is trying to tell jin is to not be so insecure of himself. it's like i know your flaws but i still love you kind of thing. whatever it is, this sounds like my idea of true love - embracing flaws and not openly acknowledging his strengths (even tho deep down he acknowledges it) ;__;

and this is the reason why i call him an old married couple. you see.. they act just like one would be where they don’t really need to compliment others and just leveling the teasing up a bit and yet they still know that they love each other. no open words :“)))))

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For once, I didn't look back.- Percy Jackson, the Last Olympian. I like this quote because he's looking at a bright future, at least for now.

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Comments: First of all, l really like this quote and l do agree with you, that Percy (who has seen a lot of things, has been in a lot of battles and has lost a lot of people) didnt finally look back… (he never knew what was about to happen….) And secondly, l really really love your blog! And of course l need to say a GREAT THANK YOU, cause when no one reblogs what l post there is always you and that makes me 1000000000000000% happier! And btw whats on your icon? And whats your name? l really want to get to know you)))


Happy Birthday to my dearest toewscrosby (◕‿◕✿)

You are my best friend, my sister in spirit. You get me, support me, and believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. I hate that we’re on opposite coasts, but I like to imagine a future life where we’re neighbors, married to the athlete of our dreams, living the life of supreme awesomeness, with a wardrobe of endless jerseys.

You are beautiful and intelligent and well-rounded and hilarious and loyal. I can go on and on about how awesome you are personally, but I’m most grateful for what you’ve done for me because finally I feel a little less lonely and misunderstood in my life. I can’t imagine a future where we’re not keeping in touch. I know you have a ton of friends who love you almost as much as I love you, but please don’t ever forget me – your weird, sarcastic, west coast, fellow science bro. I hope we get to celebrate all our birthdays from here on. Once again, happy birthday, Gabi.

– Cathy