Thank you so much to all of you for being there. A lot of things happened this last week, tumblr went crazy and deleted its best blog, threatened some more of the bests and deleted innocent video posts from some bloggers while allowing porn bots and all kind of offensive content pest the site, and I have little time in my life because I bought a very old and abandoned flat and now I have to do all the renovations it needs to make it look like a livable flat again.
So I don’t have time to go outside and make photos, and I will not single out any of the blogs who reblogged my stuff. Thank you all for commenting and liking, for rebloggling any of my photos and for helping support the ArchAtlas campaing.
Please write to @staff  or @support  here: or reblog this, if you want to join. If you don’t know what’s going on, here and here are some explanations.

Huge hugs for you all.

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a very very short little thane/garrus/shepard ficlet on falling in love, for mass effect poly week

Luke Cage is as good as you could have expected and even better. Bless Netflix and Marvel they are doing the best shows. 

I love Claire Temple with all my heart, but damn Misty is such a sassy baby and I love her too. 

@amnesiacandstubbles @sybbelle  thanks for being my binge watch buddies  ♥

my psychometrics prof: you should never trust online tests!! self diagnosis is shit!! the only true™ way to obtain a diagnosis is with the help of a professional

also my psychometrics professor: diagnostic tools are created to make a diagnosis as precise as possible. However, a good number of professionals never quite learns the correct way to apply them, so there are several cases of misdiagnosis


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Those dice are cool! Didn't know you were into crit role! :)

Thanks! And yeah, I’ve kind of just recently gotten into it. I’ve been binge watching while I work on other stuff, and have a ways to go to get caught up, but I’m in episode 28 now so I’m slowly getting there.

I don’t know how this works tbh so here I am trying. In this blog, I will mostly reblog stuff, post some pictures of my own and some notebook diys (oooo who knows)

About me: she/her
- I’m 15 and a half
- I’m filipino and I don’t understand tagalog at all
- I ’ve lived in Australia practically my whole entire life
- fave subjects are japanese, design, IT and food tech
- Is so lazy 90% of the time it’s incredible how I’m still able to send in stuff in time
- I love music v much and I play guitar rn but i used to play saxophone and recorder
- Dreams to have a job that requires computers and coding :-))

Here are some studyblrs that have inspired me to create my own that i follow in my main blog (i’m so sorry. I bet you guys always get tagged in these sort of things)

@emmastudies @studentsandlattes @studymoo @studybreakdown @localstudyblr @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyign @sheshallstudy @study-well @jrjo-study @highlighteurs @educatier @intellectus

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What do you do when porn blogs follow you? Just block them?

Tons of people have been posting about this recently and I feel like I’m the only one over here like ????? I don’t care? But it sounds like some people are getting followed by TONS of them at once, and that hasn’t happened to me. Those blogs are just sitting there doing nothing to me, especially the bots. Obviously if I see a blog with a questionable name reblog my stuff or add a caption, I’ll check it out and then block them….that goes for every type of blog. But I guess I don’t check every blog that follows me so it isn’t something I get too worked up about.

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There's this blog called fit2K17, and it just bodyshames plus-size people, and I checked it out, and it just made me feel really bad about being plus-size. I hate blogs on tumblr that just reblog and post stuff that say that plus size people are 'gross', 'unhealthy', 'lazy', and 'a waste of space.'

It’s an issue with a lot of blogs that focus on fitness is that they focus on fatphobia and fat shaming, and all sorts of body shaming. If you want to find some fitness blogs that don’t do that then @fatfitness is one. 

It’s not just blogs. it’s people that are the problem, i’ve been told to die because i’m fat and that’s just the unfortunate nature of some nasty people who take their problems and insecurities out on others. None of it is right…but unfortunately it’s not changing quickly, it’s taking time. 

Focus on finding body positive blogs whether they’re body positive fitness blogs or just general, don’t wast your time looking at negative, fat shaming blogs x