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I envy the writers who can write good quality fanfics in one sitting and get it out the day they started writing it. I envy the writers who can give their followers new fics every fucking day. I envy writers who can easily get ideas and build from them without having to drive them self up the wall. I envy writers who don’t have to ask their friend for fanfic ideas or prompts because they don’t fucking have a single creative fucking bone in their motherfucking body. I envy writers who don’t have to spend days trying to put their thoughts into words and even when they do they can only manage to do two fucking paragraphs because they’re that fucking useless at what they love. I envy writers who find writing easy and simple and can do it without a fucking second thought. I envy writers that don’t need constant fucking validation to feel good enough because they’re that fucking paTHETIC. I FUCKING ENVY WRITERS THAT DONT FUCKIG HATE THEIR WORK THE MINUTE THEY START WRITING. I ENVY WRITERS THAT CAN PUT OUT WORK WITHOUT FUCKING SHAKINGN WITH FEAR OF IT BOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH. I FUCKING ENVY WRITERS THAT ARE CONFUDENT WITH THEMSELVES AND THEIR WRITING. I FUCKING ENVY MOTHERFUCKJNG WRITERS WHO DONT FUCKIGN THINK EVERY THING THEY DO IS ABSOLUTE SHIT

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i spent 3 hours on this

i just got to say i really appreciate how much time and effort and thinking pixelberry put into making endless summer. like each character is really well developed, and with the whole system of liking/disliking points and how each character you have to get a a certain amount of points to like you makes them seem like actual people

like how estela has to like you a certain amount to let you see the gun and how your relationship with each character determines how they treat you

not to mention all the thinking that has gone into this and the mystery aspect with just a hint of romance…no wonder its my favorite book

in an au where vlad wasnt aggressively vengeful toward jack or futilely obsessed with maddie, but instead chose to move on with his life, it’s entirely likely that he never would have held the 20th college reunion and thus never would have met danny

danny never had his archrival, so he progressed at something like a normal rate, eventually finding his teachers in the Far Frozen and learning about things like duplication and his core powers from them. he lives as normal a life as he can, between the fights he has with other ghosts, spending time with tucker and sam, and eventually his college education. sometimes he wonders about the existence of other halfas, but has come to the conclusion that he’s glad nobody else had to go through the pain of his initial transformation.

vlad remained focused on his companies and, to a lesser extent, his own private ghostly research. he performs tests on willing (and occasionally unwilling) ghosts and compares them to the tests he runs on himself, trying to discern the strengths and weaknesses of a halfa. sometimes he wishes for a different test subject, but wouldn’t wish that life on anyone. being the only one of his kind, he thinks, is more a blessing than a curse.

unaware of each others’ existence, they discover their immortality separately.

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Kiseok trying to finds tactics to flirt with you : Kiseok - So , Seung Hwa , i know that you have a friendship with (y/n) and i wanted to know how could i approach her ? Gray - (sigh) Approach ? You think she’s a beast. Hyung, just go ! Kiseok - I know but she is not like the others girls, she has something that makes me hesitate ! (Stare at you ) Gray - Huh, about what ? Kiseok - I’m not confident anymore…By the way , what’s her ideal type ? Gray - This hyung , she likes young men, younger than her. Hum, someone who has abs like Jaebum-ssi ; sexy voice like Elo ; producer like me. Oh , i forgot cutiepie face like Loco ! Kiseok - Serious… Seriously !!!?? Gray - I’m kidding, she likes you ! Kiseok - Oh really ?? 😆 Gray - ( burst laughing 😂 ) No i’m kidding. Kiseok - This idiot.

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