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My sincere thank you for all the flying hearts, follows and comments over recent times. They are gratefully received and much appreciated.

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A simple token of appreciation -by Dogman707

I want to send a Thank You to those who have re-blogged or liked my photos. @sidekickwife2 @ponderation @gray-card @imiging @photos2amour @beautifullyframed @sqn-reblogs @yeswearemagazine @thebiglonely @0riginal-works @naturekey @blackandwhite–photos @0riginal-sharing. Thank you guys for all your efforts to promote the photographers. Thanks to those that follow my blog. Thanks for the comments on my photos. You guys take care.

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Thanks all of you for your kind messages, flying hearts and comments :)

I appreciate the support!

For everyone who continues to support my work, regardless of my disdain and horror of the unhinged antics of 45, I thank you. If you don’t appreciate my condemnation of the current president, or if you don’t think my photos are worth viewing, or if you’re just anti-lgbtq, please feel free to flee. I post things other than my photos–which is clearly in my blog description–so be advised.

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You’re welcome to send messages or comment on any of the photos I post, but I always reserve the right to ignore or omit any hateful, harmful, racist, anti-gay bullshit. 

Thank you to the photographers community for follow me and for all the likes, reblogs and notes! My heart is filled with gratitude and the small water filled stone heart in the pic you can find in Sweden / Fjällbacka (Bohuslän)

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My top 5 for Gray-Card’s 2016 year end top 5 photo extravaganza.
Thank you Gray-Card!

1. Rhododendron
2. Hotel nhow, De Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
3. Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)
4. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
5. Chrysanthemum

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I am grateful

I am grateful for every heart, every reblog, and every comment. Most of all, I am grateful for you. For your friendship, your love, and your support. Yes, you :)

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I slacked off a bit lately, so: Time to say thank you!
Thank you (everyone out there) for your time to look at my pictures, to send a flying heart or to reblog a post!
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Ringtailed Lemurs… or The look on my face when I saw my tumblr dashboard this evening…

A Big Thank You is due for the recent likes and reblogs
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Beautifully framed
and The-Masterworks for Sharing “Candy Floss Colours”
Luxlit for the reblog of “White Forest”

And all the likes for “Calm in the Harbour” - Peggy’s Cove really is a beautiful iconic Canadian place to visit…