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I’m slowly catching up on stuff (spent a long weekend with friends and before that France happened) and loving the fact that I came back just when all the amazing art and fics for the sbbb are getting posted. This is your warning that even though I haven’t been super active for a bit, I’m about to drop a fuckton of art and stuff on you guys, hope you’re all okay with that :P

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just thought I'd let you know that in your health vocab post you had 'Blocked nose・鼻血・はなぢ', but 鼻血 means nosebleed. :D

Hahah, now that you mention it I should have realised. I wasn’t sure how to say ‘blocked nose’ in Japanese so I asked my boyfriend and he said 鼻血. It was just miscommunication on our part, but I’m sorry to everyone who has already reblogged the post…

Just saying but there could be a post with the most noble message in the world but if it has something passive-aggressive/guilt-trippy like “I see my followers not reblogging this” or “if you ignore this post then you’re not supportive of ____ people” then there’s a 100% chance I won’t want to reblog it