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For those who don’t want to read, and want a short-short version, here’s some of the main claims:

1. Of the 8 trainers shown, one had zero experience with killer whales, the one included the most had only one year’s experience, and the most experienced trainer is pro-SeaWorld but made to look like an idiot. Several were either fired because of reckless behavior, violence towards animals or demoted from Shamu Stadium.
2. Becoming a trainer is not as easy as they make it seem.
3. SeaWorld had nothing to do with the Penn Cove capture that was talked about.
4. There is nothing proving that whales can be under a “psychosis”, and even less, that Tilikum was.
5. Tilikum was not the instigator/leader in killing Keltie.
6. Killer whales have attacked and injured people in the wild.
7. They do not live “50-100 years or more” on average. They do not live “similar to human lifespans”.
8. Whales do not have higher intelligence or higher ability to feel emotions than humans.
9. Tilikum was not isolated.
10. Kalina and Takara were not the tiny newborns shown in the clips, when they were moved.
11. Katina and Kasatka were not “screaming” (whales can’t even scream) when their daughters were moved. The whole scene with “a scientist brought in to analyze the vocals” was completely made up by a man who didn’t even work there at the time.
12. Dorsal collapse does not happen at “less than 1%” in the wild.
13. SeaWorld’s whales are not a “random collection of whales” that have been “thrown together and don’t understand each other”.
14. Rakes are not a sign of “hyper-aggression”. It is completely normal behavior in all toothed whales.
15. There has never been “a lot of killing” - not a single whale has been killed by another whale in captivity.
16. They do not swim “100 miles every day” in the wild.
17. Tilikum is not used as a “breeding machine”, and artificial insemination is not used to “get his sperm into as many females as possible across their parks” - he only ever sired two calves through AI.
18. SeaWorld did not blame Dawn - Blackfish however, clearly did.
19. Tilikum was not killing because he’s “frustrated and psychotic” - he killed because he’s a top predator who, unlike all the other whales, wasn’t trained to have humans in the water with him at an early age.
20. Blackfish doesn’t know themselves what image they’re trying to portray. First they say killer whales are naturally “incredibly friendly and intuitively want to be your companion”, showing the clip of a lost calf who only had humans for company (and thus acted like no wild whale would naturally), then they say SeaWorld is lying and trying to make money off of this “image of killer whales as cute and cuddly”.
21. And also, A) they say Tilikum is “nuts” because of his treatment at Sealand and SeaWorld, then B) they say it’s his genes, he should never be bred from, then C) they say it’s not all Tilikum, all killer whales are ticking time bombs!
22. Tilikum was not “floating lifeless in a pool”, and he was not lonely or isolated. He wa not confined to a “little jail cell”.
23. The whales are not “really bored”, they’re not “forced to perform” in “a circus environment”, and a seapen wouldn’t solve a thing, it’s a romantic idea that in reality would only create problems.

And here’s everything that’s true in Blackfish (but I strongly urge EVERYONE to read the circumstances of these points below, rather than just grabbing and running with it):

1. The captures happened (duh).
2. Tilikum came from the North Atlantic in 1983.
3. Tilikum went to Sealand of the Pacific in Canada.
4. The module was real, and as far as I know (I’ve seen nothing contradicting this), the food deprivation (at Sealand) and females bullying him was as well.
5. The whales killed trainer Keltie Byrne.
6. Killer whales have a “matriarchal society”.
7. Sealand closed after that incident, and Tilikum and the other whales (Haida 2, Nootka 4 and Kyuquot) were sold to SeaWorld.
8. Kalina was moved from her mother at the age of 4.
9. Takara was moved from her mother (but she was nowhere near a calf).
10. 100% of adult males (so far) have had collapsed dorsal fins.
11. Kandu 5 broke her upper jaw and bled to death.
12. John Sillick was crushed under Orky 2 (whose name is not mentioned).
13. Orkid and Splash pulled Tamarie in and broke her arm.
14. Kasatka pulled Ken Peters under - I shouldn’t even have to write this, the footage is right there.
15. Daniel Dukes was found dead in Tilikum’s pool one morning, with bite marks all over him and genitals eaten.
16. Four young orcas were sent over (not sold, as some like to say) to Loro Parque.
17. Keto (whose name is not mentioned) killed Alexis Martinez at Loro Parque.
Tilikum pulled Dawn in and caused her death.
SeaWorld declined participating in the film (if you were SeaWorld, would you have said yes?).


1. Opening scene

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hamilton alternate ending (not at all serious) fanfic

alexander and aaron were about to have their duel. then aaron was like “wait” and he dropped his pistol and ran over to alexander. the seconds were like “wtf r u doing dude” and burr was like “I’m yielding wbu? alexander, the truth is I’m actually in love with u but I’m a dumbass fool who can’t confess my feelings so i figured my only other option was to shoot u.” and alexander was like “burr ur so stupid but plot twist i love you too.” then they got married and continued on to live a happy life together and they never dueled again. the end 

The Language Library

Complete, up-to-date contents of the Language Library, now rebloggable!

Note: Tumblr has messed with the links on this post so I’ve uploaded the contents to the Language Library Google Drive so check that out instead :)


  • Teach Yourself Afrikaans
  • Colloquial Afrikaans


  • Arabic - An Essential Grammar
  • A Reference of Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic
  • Beginner’s Guide to Arabic [Mohtanick Jamil]
  • Learning to Read Arabic: A Beginner’s Guide [Dr Mahjoob Zweiri]
  • Teach Yourself Arabic
  • In-Flight Arabic: Learn Before you Land (second source)
  • Eastern Arabic I, 2nd ed
  • Eastern Arabic II
  • Eastern Arabic III
  • Egyptian Arabic
  • Living Language - Starting Out in Arabic Transcript
  • Living Language - Arabic to Go: Hundreds of Essential Words and Phrases for Every Situation
  • Living Language - eTicket Arabic
  • Living Language - iKnow Arabic - Words + Phrases + Conversations, Beginner Level Arabic Program Transcript


  • Albanian grammar
  • Colloquial Albanian
  • Albanian Basic Course, Volume 1, Lessons 1-16
  • Albanian Basic Course - Workbook for Exercises in Grammar
  • The Albanian Language (Peace Corps)
  • Albanian Grammar [Victor A. Friedman]

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Have you ever feel like who you are now is just a placeholder for who you’re about to become? That’s how I constantly feel. I don’t know where this year is going to take me, and I don’t know who I’m going to be by the end of this year. I don’t know yet who I’m going to be, and the idea of it scares and excites me at the same time. It’s like what they say…every moment now there’s a thousand possible selves, a thousand possible me, but only one who’s going to make it. I want to do it, I want to achieve my dreams, but I don’t know who I’m going to become in the process, and I don’t know if it’ll change me for the better or worse. I don’t know if whoever I’m going to be is necessarily a better person. I guess we’ll see. It’s scary but also exciting.

“Er trägt dieses gebrochene und emotional hofnungsvolle gleichzeitig in sich. Er kann so toll berühren gerade weil die Menschen ihn nicht komplett begreifen können.”

- David Jost über Bill Kaulitz

“He carries a certain brokenness and emotional hopefulness in him, both at the same time. He can move/affect people so much just because of the fact that they don’t comprehand him completely.”

- David Jost about Bill kaulitz

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I'm on tumblr for so long and I just now found your amazing account! You, my friend, have a liker and reblogger in me from now on! Keep up the good work! :]

Thank you so much! I’m glad you appreciate my work. :) It motivates me to continue updating my blog, so really thank you for that! :)


Hello everyone! If you didn’t know, I actually have a masterlist to all of my imagines on my blog! I have not made a rebloggable masterlist but now……here it is. Enjoy! :) 



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THE FULL MASTERLIST - Klaine Road Trip 2015

(Now rebloggable! Thanks again to everyone, from Jen and Skivvy!)

In a collective effort by Klaine authors across the globe, Kurt and Blaine are off on their first big trip as a married couple! From New England to New Zealand, and as many places as they can reach in between, the newlyweds are hitting the road (and the air) for the adventure of a lifetime.


Cambridge, MA - flowerfan2 - AO3
South Jersey - quizasvivamos - AO3
Philadelphia, PA - gleefulstyles
Bethlehem, PA - littlej097
Port Huron, MI - whatstheproblembaby - AO3
Toronto, ON - klaineanummel
Chicago, IL - skivvysupreme - AO3
St. Louis, MO - notthatbea - AO3
Washington DC - my-own-patronus
Virginia Beach, VA - threepwillow
Orlando, FL - anderfluff
Mississippi Gulf Coast - mshoneysucklepink - AO3
Galveston, TX - intricative
Dallas, TX - sunshineoptimismandangels - AO3
Grand Canyon, AZ - ancientgleek-youngatheart - AO3
San Diego, CA - lady–divine - AO3
Los Angeles, CA - black-john-lennon - AO3
Las Vegas, NV - tonks42 - AO3
San Francisco, CA - dashingduo - AO3
Portland, OR - anndie1326 - AO3
Seattle, WA - teaandleaves - AO3
Alaska (Kenai Peninsula) - gingerfic - AO3


Mexico City, Mexico - animeangelriku
Dublin, Ireland - oldboldsellsword
Lake District, England - daltoneering
Oxford, England - pumpkinkurt
Paris, France - hazelandglasz - AO3
Ghent, Belgium - lilyvandersteen - AO3
Amsterdam, Netherlands - allofthebowtiesandscarves - AO3
Berlin, Germany - alianne - AO3
Vienna, Austria - lalalenii - AO3
Wroclaw, Poland - dont-stop-believin-in-klaine - AO3
Bangkok, Thailand - hkvoyage - AO3
Singapore - singingquietly
Wellington, New Zealand - youscheminglittlebitch - AO3

Happy traveling! <3


Eleanor break up??!

Yes, this blog runs on a queue.
Yes, I still want to RP with you.
No, I’m not ignoring you.
No, I don’t hate your portrayal.

Please stop projecting such insecurities on me, because the truth of the matter is, I just don’t have enough time in the day to respond to everything all at once.  I wish I could, but I can’t.  Because sometimes I’m selective and sometimes real life comes first.  Running my blog on a queue has nothing to do with you as a roleplayer or as a person.  Running my blog on a queue is my personal choice for my personal comfort and enjoyment.

Anyway, we always preach about taking our time with one another for replies.  I don’t see how queuing them is any different.  It keeps me sane, and as a partner that should be good enough for you.

i hate when the first thing i see on someone’s blog is i’m mentally ill™ like it’s some sort of fashion accessory, all over the place. and most of the time it’s younger teenagers self diagnosing themselves trying to show off how many mental illnesses™ they “have”. mental illnesses aren’t accessories, aren’t pokemon, and don’t make you any cooler.