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There’s something about Sense8 that you will only notice if you are actually familiar with all/most of the original languages that should be used and that’s the way the narrative is written is completely based in the original language. I have seen a couple of post about how Lito or Sun’s dialogues were weird or too artificial and that’s because it’s a direct translation of their natural speech. 

It’s probably less strong in Lito because he lives in a world of Soap Operas, he lives and breath dramatic characters so his character is overdramatic and fake (something he totally owns and accepts) but when you listen to Sun, especially pre-jail Sun, you can see that her English is a direct translation of her Korean. The way the sentences are constructed, the emphasis and tone… she is not a Korean woman living an American life, she is a Korean woman living a Korean life in Seoul with the not-so-uncommon problems in the Korean chaebol sector. If you know a lil bit of Korean you are able to translate every single one of her sentences to Korean and they look authentic, the same way Lito’s sentences half the time would work way better in Spanish that they do in English. 

(Edit: several rebloggers have confirmed that, indeed, Wolfgang also talks a translated German, which only confirms the theory. All of this also explains the fact that every single actor comes with their original accent, they don’t try to mimic American/British accent but they have kept the accent they would have if they were talking in their original language and we were only listening to their English because we are connected with the Sensates. Sense8 tries to turn the viewer into another Sensate, in some sort of Jonas.  I would very much appreciate if someone can shed some light about the Swahili and the Hindi, though)

(Edit2: Thanks to r-ed​ we have confirmation that Kala’s English is also a translation from the original Hindi. As it happens with Korean, and probably Swahili too, these languages’ structure are pretty different from English, while German and Spanish have more similarities structure-wise) so the translation has been enriched to be understandable, but the basis of the Hindi language as well the accent has been respected. As I commented on an earlier post, the writers have understood that language/accent is part of the characters, but adapting their language to English they would have erased this side of them that is as important as their cultural inheritance, so it’s important that they only translated the language into a more understandable language, considering they interact with each other in a mental wave length, making it possible for each one to understand the other without the need to use the same physical language). 

Michael, Lana and Andy  have done an amazing research work and even though I’d be forever happy to see them talk more in their own languages I am so satisfied with the way the have handled the language issue. 


Best Advice?

Don’t compromise one for the other and you can do both fantastically, and some days you’ll do both horribly. As long as you’re happy and give your family the love and attention they need, it all sort of falls into place. 

The nuclear “football” is definitely fascinating – it might be the most interesting piece of luggage in the world.  That’s partly because of its importance, partly because it goes everywhere that the President goes, and mostly because it has a mystique to it which can lead people with wild imaginations into believing that it contains just about anything.

For those who don’t know, the nuclear “football” is a briefcase carried by a military aide who travels everywhere with the President.  It’s not a bad job for the military aide who gets to fly on Air Force One and see the world from within shouting distance of the President, but the aide does have to lug this 50-pound bag every step of the way:

From what past military aides have told us, the football contains communications equipment, instructions for activating the Emergency Broadcast System, and information and options on potential target sites for our nuclear weapons.  The procedures and authentication codes for launching nuclear weapons are also included in the football.  If I remember correctly, the President also carries authentication codes on something like a credit card that he keeps on his person, as well.  During the Cold War, at least, I believe the President received new authentication codes every morning and those were supposed to match up with the codes inside the football in order to launch nuclear weapons.  Many Presidents carry the card of authentication codes in their wallet or in the pocket of their shirt or suit jacket.  Also, there is most likely a book in the football filled with other classified information in case of a doomsday attack, such as continuity of government procedures, evacuation sites (for the President, his family, his staff, Congress, and top military leaders), and emergency contact information.

There is more than one football.  The President, of course, travels with one, but the Vice President travels with a nuclear football, as well.  I’m sure there is a foolproof system that prevents the Vice President from launching nuclear weapons on his own, but the VP needs a football with him in case, for example, the President dies in a nuclear strike and the nation (and new President) needs to retaliate immediately.  There are probably spare nuclear footballs stashed at undisclosed locations, continuity of government sites, and air force bases around the country.  There is a backup football at the White House that can be dispatched to the President or Vice President, if necessary.  When he’s at home, obviously, the President doesn’t need to have the military aide following him around with the football because he has the capability to launch nuclear strikes and access the necessary communication systems from within the White House.

As for your question, the answer is actually much simpler than you would think, especially when it comes to our wonderful federal government, which seems to love making things more difficult.

On Inauguration Day, when there is a transition between Presidents like we saw in 2009 when the Presidency passed from George W. Bush to Barack Obama, there are two military aides carrying nuclear footballs – one assigned to the outgoing President and one assigned to the President-elect.

If I were to take a guess on the logistics, I would imagine that the President would receive his authentication codes as usual and be matched up with his military aide and that the President-elect (who has been briefed throughout the transition on logistical issues such as the nuclear football) would also receive authentication codes that morning and be matched up with a military aide.  I would think that the authentication codes given to the outgoing President (in this case, George W. Bush) and his military aide would expire upon 12:00 PM when Obama officially became President and Obama’s authentication codes and his military aide would become active from that moment on.  I don’t know all of this for a fact, but I believe that’s the way it goes.  Basically, President Bush would arrive at the Capitol as President with his military aide and the football nearby and still in control of the nuclear arsenal, but he would leave the Capitol with only his wife at his side.  I’m guessing that there aren’t very many feelings in life that measure up to the relief of the “I’m no longer responsible for having to launch retaliatory nuclear strikes that will probably destroy the planet” feeling.  

By the way, if I were President, I would immediately get rid of the nuclear football and replace it with this:

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 ❛ This is the start of how it all ever ends
          I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
We rip the start, the colors disappear
         I look inside myself and see my heart is black
So I just try to keep up with them
         I see a RED door and I want it painted black
The RED, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart
        No colours anymore, I want them to turn black

( LETHAL ADAM JENSEN & DAVID SARIF ) aesthetics meme for @sariifindustries

[TRANS] 160317 He Jiong’s assistant’s account of sitting on Jackson’s lap

Wang Jia Er is truly very cute, he saw that I didn’t have anywhere to sit and insisted I sit on his lap, and there was nothing to be done, it was for sure I had to sit there for a moment since he was so ardent. But looking at the photo now it feels especially like a large pig being hugged. It doesn’t matter, if I’m able to sit I’ll quickly sit, or else it’s not for sure there will be an opportunity again in the future. The photo comes from the name on the bottom right.  


NEW VIDEO: “♡ The Crush Game ♡”

This week I decided to show you guys a glimpse into my love life… and it got weirder than expected.