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What kind of lifestyle would each sign prefer?
  • Aries:would be prefer a life where their actions have the most gentle of consequences, where their dreams are in reach and each new day sparks a new adventure. But also one at the end of the day they can turn in to a relaxing night and a comfy bed, content with the little things, and maybe someone next to them.
  • Gemini:would prefer a life where they can do as they please and not be judged for it. Where they can be a scientist one day and an actor the next. A life they actually feel a part of instead of just an observer.
  • Taurus:would prefer a life where their worries always work themselves out, with minimal effort. They have simple wants, needs, and pleasures, if only their problems could be handled the same. They want a life where their important things are close, and can fall asleep with a smile on their face.
  • Cancer:would prefer a life that they can operate from home. Not that they won’t want to go out and do things as well, in fact they would! But being able to do things at their pace in the comfort of their own space? Wonderful. A life where their loved ones are smiling, and they have a companion to share with.
  • Leo:would prefer a life that finally meets their expectations. Including the expectations they have for themselves. One where they feel valued and important for who they really are, and not what they are forced or try to be.
  • Virgo:would prefer a life where they can finally relax. One where they can just shake off their stress and turn off their brain for a while. Where their hobbies are finally more important than work, where they can care for themselves like they do others. Where they please those they love as much as themselves.
  • Libra:would prefer a life of peace. One where worries are inconsequential, and fantasy is just a word away. They want a life of pleasure, where they can be tended to and cared for, because that will allow them to care and give back even more freely. One where they feel acceptance, and not like they’re bottled up.
  • Scorpio:would prefer a life where they feel like they can finally open up. They have so much to give and share, and they just want a place and a person or two they can do that with. One where they aren’t judged, where they are finally free from their self-imposed chains, and can just pour themselves out.
  • Sagittarius:would prefer a life where they can go and be whatever they want to do an be. Not necessarily drop everything and go, maybe even bring a person with them, but where they can live as many lives as they can in the time they are given.
  • Capricorn:would prefer a life where they can give, and finally get back. Where their words are listened to and their feelings mattered, where their serious mask can break off and they can be loved for what’s underneath. A Life where their efforts finally pay off, and they get their return with interest.
  • Aquarius:would prefer a life of simple freedoms, where they can not wear shoes for a day and then a ball gown the next. Where they can quirk however hard they want and the eyes around them only hold genuine smiles with open arms. Where they are accepted.
  • Pisces:would prefer a life of love. Where their love is felt and their smiles are shared. Where they fall asleep and wake up next to the person they cherish most, and the other person reciprocates. Where they can do what they love and therefore never have to work a day in their life. A life where they can turn their music up loud and just listen to their dreams.

Oh, Anon- no, no! You’re thinking about it all- wrong

First off, stop comparing yourselves to ants. I mean, ants are magnificent creatures, who’ve lived for millennia with barely any necessity for evolving because their way of life is so efficient, don’t get me wrong— but you- you are not ants! You are human- beings! You are- people!

Alright. Look, say I have a pebble, and I’m standing by a pond, and I want to skip the pebble along the water. Pretend, in this scenario, that the pond represents the larger universe, and the pebble represent a single person - you, even, if you’d like. 

So I ready my skipping arm, twist my wrist a little, let loose! And look, there you go!— skipping along the surface of the universe three or four times before finally plopping down.

Pretend, for a moment, that that’s your life span. Birth to death. You think, “Oh, but I only hopped across it three times. A hop, skip, and a jump, Doctor! That’s not significant at all.” Except wait! What happened every time the pebble hit against the water? There was a bit of a ripple effect there, wasn’t there? Branching out away from the centre point of each skip in a circumference that keeps widening and widening, expanding over the surface of the pond.

That is your effect on the universe. You see the results of your immediate actions — the pebble skipping on the water — but you don’t always get to see the broadening effects. You are shaping the world around you. You have a much larger effect on the way time and space contort and form than you could ever realise.

Like the TARDIS, people are so much bigger on the inside. So much bigger than they ever could realise and most of the time ever do realise, and certainly as vast as, if not more vast than, the universe you live in. Blimey, you create entire universes inside yourselves, with your magnificent imaginations and your ability to dream of things so much larger than what your species was originally built for.

Don’t besmirch that. When I say I’ve never met anybody that wasn’t important before, I mean it. And I know for a fact I will never meet somebody unimportant in the rest of my life to come. It’s one of the only things I can absolutely say with complete surety.

Because you’re not ants — you’re giants. Standing tall. And you are, oh!

—You are magnificent.

i want you to imagine you’re at a dinner party, and for dessert, your host is serving apple pie. now, you’re not really an apple pie sort of person normally — you like it from time to time, but you’re awfully picky about it, and if it’s not done just right, it’s not for you — so you pass on taking some when it gets passed around. but then everyone else starts exclaiming about how delicious this pie is, how crisp it is, how flavorful, how amazing it was in star trek, so you take a piece just to see what all the fuss is about. and sure enough, it’s delicious. it’s so delicious, in fact, that you start asking questions about it, bothering the host for the recipe, paying a lot more attention to what a well-made pie it really is. and then it turns out the pie studied english literature at berekely and sometimes gets photographed reading to small children, that the pie regularly walks around in hilariously failtastic hipster-douche plaid and engages in ~intellectual competitions~ with other pies it knows, and the more you learn, the more the taste of the pie starts to curdle in your mouth. it’s so delicious that it’s TOO delicious, and probably you’re going to have cravings for this pie now whether you want them or not and you don’t, you don’t want those cravings, you don’t even LIKE apple pie. so you try to tell yourself you don’t like it that much really, that it’s not that good, that it’s probably the sort of pie that’s a total dick in real life and not in the endearing way like it comes off in interviews either, but it doesn’t help. it doesn’t make the pie any less fantastic, it doesn’t make you enjoy the pie any less, and you become consumed with your frustration at this fact — how dare this pie come along and make you hunger after it? how DARE this pie be so crisp and flavorful and fantastic in star trek? HOW DARE THIS PIE GO TO MUSIC FESTIVALS WITH A SALT AND PEPPER BEARD?? — until eventually you are standing on a table in front of the whole party, an empty pie dish held over your head, screaming “WHY WOULD ANYONE EVEN MAKE THIS PIE”

and that’s why i hate chris pine.

I tried being gay. I went to the meetings. I got the gay starter kit. I read the manual. I hung around with a lot of gay folks. When they sneezed, I tried to run through the sneeze mist, but nothing I did would infect me with the gay. I mostly just got a bunch of colds and runny noses.

My best friend is gay and I asked her to teach me the ways of the gay. But apparently she could only teach me how to be a lesbian, which is actually quite similar to what I already am. They tend to take a few more trips to Home Depot, but liking lady bits and wanting to play with boobies is pretty much the same. 

In the end I fear I am plagued with a chronic case of heterosexualness. I cannot be fixed. 

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all the ways.

no, literally, all the ways.

Okay, this is the…super extra sparknotes version of my dissertation on Harry Potter and the ways its worldbuilding is just asking to be shaken to pieces. It’s called:

~*Ten Ways To Irreparably Fuck Up a Civilization: A Harry Potter Rant*~

1.) Put the major base of your economic power—such as a national bank—in the hands of a class you are busy oppressing. Because goblins definitely have forgotten centuries of warfare and specicide anti-goblin sentiment and will totally treat your ancestral gold with the fairness and even-handedness it deserves. Ditto with house elves and your children.

2.) Don’t try to understand or theorize about how your power works. Do not inquire as to how a particular measure—spell, hex, or charm—works. Do not try to test its effects. If a spell builds a house, do not attempt to test the durability of the roof—the roof will have come into existence with the necessary durability for roofs. Do not ask why a perfectly ordinary Latinate word and a stick of wood conjures the Platonic Form of a roof. Have no engineers or philosophers. Make sure no one thinks the phrase “hypothesis.“ Make sure no one tests theirs.

3.) Make sure the schooling that you do offer is, essentially, a technical school. Make no attempt to teach students how to write, read, do maths, or think critically, even though those skills may be required. Those who do not arrive with such skills must learn them independently, because helping students with learning disabilities or those who come from difficult home lives is for chumps. Also, make sure to sow the seeds of deep social divides that will persist through your population’s adult life.

…there is no alternative.

4.) Don’t have any institutionalized pre-schooling or post-secondary education. Because everyone worth educating has access to tutors, or parents who have the time, energy, and ability to teach. Do not have institutions for further learning, because there is nothing more to learn. Do no try to understand how your power works.

5.) Allow the government to be the single biggest employer. Small businesses may be tolerated, but private chains, corporations, or conglomerates should not be allowed to operate independently. Make sure that your population gets its news from the government. Dissenting voices that cannot be rendered unemployed can be narratively shamed.

6.) …and then have that government rife with corruption and barely representative. The people in power now should be descendant from the people in power then. They should love their own kind. Trial by jury is unnecessary. Elections are unheard of. Influence talks, and money covers a multitude of sins. Nothing says forgiveness like a bag of galleons and an invitation to the Malfoys’.

7.) Don’t innovate. Your mores should be Victorian and your aesthetic Medieval. “Technology” is a broom, a radio, and an hourglass.

8.) Don’t have any contact beyond the incidental with the civilization literally occupying the same space as yours. Particularly if there is significant crossover in population. In fact, make sure those individuals who emigrate from that civilization cannot return, cannot discuss their new country with friends and family, or use their new-found knowledge to help those friends and family. God forbid they try and help that civilization in turn.

Reduce interest in their world to a laughable hobby. You are the only civilization for them now.

9.) Ensure that all those who do not fall within specific parameters are labeled Other and de facto exiled from your civilization. Particularly squibs and werewolves and other species. An accident of birth implies someone isn’t at fault.

10.) Expect people to quietly stand by. Some of them will. Most of them will. But sooner or later you’ll piss one off, and all the ones who have been afraid to speak out will nod, will join in, and the whole affair will come tumbling down around your ears as that one troublemaker screams to the heavens for justice and knowledge and innovation and truth and light and then my dears


your civilization is well and truly fucked

A cat call is not a compliment. Yelling at a random stranger is awkward, embarrassing, and sometimes it can even be quite scary.

Telling someone you know and who is comfortable with your presence that you think they look nice today… that is a compliment.

Yelling, “Hey baby! Nice patoot!“ at someone you don’t know on the street… that is harassment. 

And even if you do know the person, it’s always nice to gauge their reaction to compliments. Some people can get anxious and just do not know how to react. If you feel it makes them uncomfortable, then you absolutely should wait until your opinion is asked. 

Writing Superheroes and Villains

I wanted to ask about writing superheroes, how do you first go about balancing their powers out and finding equal villains for them to go against? -cluewhite

What a wonderful question! I’m really going to enjoy answering this one and hopefully our followers might be able to share their own opinions (hint hint). 

When creating a superhero there are a few things to consider:

  • What gives them their superpower (special spider, iron suit, the fact they are a god).
  • What their superpower is and its limitations. (All superheroes have limitations- think of Batman!).
  • What is their weakness. (Small knifes? Hahaha I made a funny.)
  • Who knows their weakness?
  • How does their personality contribute to their superhero status? Do they deserve to be a superhero?
  • Best question: Are they a superhero by choice?

These are just some questions I would consider to start developing this character. Superheroes are normal characters, they deserve the same amount of character development and they need to be rounded characters. You also need to really consider their motives. Are they driven by revenge? Or simply because they want to make a difference?

So your superhero can have any power they want, but it needs to have a limitation. If this character is unbeatable then there is no point in your story. Also, your reader will struggle to empathise with your character if they aren’t challenged and if there isn’t a struggle to succeed. 

So lets talk about villains! Now, what you need to think about to start with is why are they enemies? Is it because your superhero knows this character and wants to stop them? Is it because your superhero has suffered at this villains hands? Or does the superhero want to act for the good of the people? 

I’m going to mention some villains here so you can catch my drift a bit more.

  • Obediah Stane (Ironman) - knew Tony and was motivated by greed. Tony fought him because he felt like it was his fault, he had created this ‘monster’.
  • Lizard (The Amazing Spiderman)- Peter felt responsible for the Lizard thing as he had given him the formula. 
  • The Joker- (Batman) had no real motive, he just liked chaos. Batman fought him because it was the right thing to do, to save Gotham.
  • Loki (Thor and Avengers)- Loki was motivated for revenge. Thor fights him because he is his brother and he feels responsible for him.

You can see a trend here with comic book superheroes. The superhero is normally motivated to fight the villain because he knows him, feels partly responsible or less common he just wants to fight them. 

Of course this means nothing, you can do whatever you want with your superhero. But it is interesting to consider the relationship between these two central characters and how well they know the other. 

So, making them equal.

You don’t have to make them equal, not at all. A common trend seems to be that one party is the brawn and the other the brain. What I think is more interesting though is when both characters are equally brilliant. It then is more a battle of tactics to win.

To make an equal villain develop them like you did your superhero. Consider what makes them powerful, what gives them the power. Their own weaknesses and strengths. 

Give them both strengths and weaknesses and they should start to balance themselves out. Or they could just be equally as powerful and it is their personality that determines who wins. 

Writing about superheroes

How to write a great villain

How to make a scary villain 

I hope this has helped you! If not, hit us up again. (We don’t bite- much). Followers, as always feel free to chip in.


bryan fuller and the casting crew comb through the city, in pursuit of the perfect will graham for nbc’s new show. four days pass — they find no one. disgruntled, they head to the airport, intent on flying elsewhere to continue their search.

just before they are about to buy their tickets, they see a man pointing a camera at the floor. the carpet below his feet has an odd pattern with eye-catching colours. bryan fuller finds his behavior intriguing and comes closer, observing him.

the man with the camera is hugh dancy. he’s taking pictures of the airport carpet. he’s blinking slowly, and his lips are moving. bryan fuller creeps even closer to listen to him.

this is my design hugh dancy whispers

bryan fuller and the casting crew feel a strange sensation in their souls. they all look each other in the eye as five words escape bryan fuller’s trembling body. 

this is my will graham bryan fuller exhales, his hands stretching upward behind his head. you could say it made him look like a stag.