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To my fellow Americans, the FCC just approved the bill to roll back Net Neutrality rights. That means you have to pay more just to use most websites.

If the internet is divided, it will be harder to gather and resist, which is their plan. Once this is put into action (which is supposed to be this month), then it will be even harder to stop these people from doing whatever they want to us without repercussions. This may seriously be our last chance to stop them.

Please text ‘resist’ to 50409. Then, you can write a message to a senator, governor, whatever. Someone who can directly help change this. There is not an age limit on who can do this, and you need to take advantage of that. Now is the time for change, everybody.

Text ‘resist’ to 50409 to write a letter to your senator, and make a difference in the lives of everybody in America.

I feel like most of the time anti-self dx people just have like… no experience with psychiatric treatment. When my psych suspected i had autism, she didn’t do some magic divination that us mere mortals are incapable of doing. She went online and got me pretty much the exact same self tests that people who self-dx have access to. Mental health providers don’t just magically sense what ur deal is. A huge part of part of their job is listening and observing so they can help their patient find the cause of their problems. I have never met a psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist who wasn’t practically ecstatic if their patient was introspective and knowledgeable enough about mental illnesses/trauma to give their own input. Especially with patients who otherwise have trouble verbally expressing and/or explaining their emotions.
It makes it easier for a lot of patients to explain their problems, and it makes it easier for the psych/therapist to actually find out if that is the problem, and if so, to help them.

Stop shaming people for self-dxing.


Okay so this is really great because I didn’t know of any alternative to calling and I get anxious calling people bUt this thing called ResistBot will fax messages to your senators/representatives/governor for free but you can just text “RESIST” to 50409 to get started and it’ll tell you how it works. When it gets to the part where you have to write a message you can either write your own or send this (and edit it if you want, I’m the one who wrote it so it’s not the best)

“To whom it may concern,

I am (name) from (city, state), and I am contacting you regarding the proposition to abolish net neutrality by the FCC. As both a student and someone who follows current events, it is of importance to me to have unrestricted access to sites that keep me informed. A loss of net neutrality has the potential to prevent this. Surely it should remain the right of every citizen to be informed; the freedom of the media and of the people to access it is part of what defines us as Americans. Handing over the authority to internet providers to restrict our access to certain sites or artificially slow internet speeds is not in the best interests of the people as a whole. Who will benefit from this? Large companies, who are able to pay the fees required to hasten the speed in which one can access their site(s). What then, will happen to the entrepreneurs, the small businesses, all of the ventures and enterprises that the American government claims to protect? What will happen to news sources and blogs, whose rights to free speech are protected by our Constitution?

For the sake of free speech, free press, and the American people, I implore you to advocate to preserve net neutrality.

Thank you,

(your name)”


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