hi everyone!! im opening up commissions for the summer!!!!! if you like my art and want to support me, id love it more than anything if you could commission me!

im doing character illustrations mostly!


- bust / icon sorta thing: $5

- waist up: $7

- full body: $10

- extra characters: +$5

fancier lines and shading:

- bust: $10

- waist up: $15

- full body: $20

- bg: +$10

- extra character: +$10 - $15 depending on which option you chose

i will draw:

- honestly? just about anything. ur ocs, ur ocs with existing characters, you, fanart, etc etc. just ask! im willing to give certain things that arent exactly listed here a shot as well, just ask me about it when contacting me

i will NOT draw:

- pedophilia/incest

- abusive stuff

- just generally legitimately gross, unpleasant things that you cant even be flexible about

contact me at!!! or, donate to my for a small doodle! thank you so much!!!!!!

this is so damn corny, but: i feel like i’m finally starting to look like the man i envisioned becoming when i started to transition 5 years ago

i wish I could tell myself back then–three, four, five years ago, when i was feeling hopeless, helpless, unloveable, like i’d never be able to access surgeries, when i thought that killing myself might be the best option–that things would get easier. and (for me, at least), better

i am so fucking happy to still be alive