idgaf if Remy Ma diss won’t be played for years vs. what Nicki put out. IDGAF if Remy Ma diss wasn’t a club banger (She was on some real rap game shit, not some club pop bang shit) Remy Ma had my core SHOOK and I was SCARED AF listening  to it. That shit went HARDER than the original “Ether” from Nas. Don’t @ me. She came at Nicki’s WHOLE life with not just words, but legitimate poetry. Remy Ma is legendary and will always be. I am not with the quantity over quality shit. Remy Ma BEEN a winner since Terror Squad days. If you a fan of Nicki, I respeck you for being loyal to her but damn, SHETHER had me fearing for Nicki’s life yo. 

     Aatrox spends a lot of time overseeing armies and watching the soldiers train. Sometimes, if he sees slumbering potential in someone, he’ll take it upon himself to train them. His teachings are brutal and nearly deadly, but the knowledge he imparts is irreplaceable. 

     The soldier in question is never the same afterwards.

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