Where is the meetup?
The meetup is on tumblr, just like happylittlehowell‘s meetups. It’s on SATURDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER 7pm to SUNDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER 7pm London (BST) Time. Click the link below for other times or reference the photo for a few of them. IT’S 24 HOURS PALS!

What do you do in the meetup?
Post anything you would like (be respectful as in no triggering stuff), such as selfies, fics, edits, videos, text posts, or anything along those lines.

Who can join in?
Anyone can join, even if you don’t go to school!

What’s the hashtag?


If you have any other questions please contact me. (dilsiinlove) This is my first organizing of a meetup, so sorry if i step on anyone’s toes or if it’s poop. 


I hope you enjoy and participate.

Love you guys loads-

Erin xx 


A Mickey Mouse Operation is one of the books I’m hoping to self publish for the Long Beach Comic Con. I’ll be boothing in Animation Island there Sep. 12th-13th!

Here’s how you can help me get it made, and help me get to the LBCC!

Support Independent Artists! Long Beach Comic Con Or Bust! Please Like, Reblog, Share and Spread the Word!

Thank you!

-Jeaux Janovsky

i55 Day 1: Friday 28 August

Round 1 @ 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11am EST / 8am PST

[R]eason Gaming vs Froyotech

nerdRage.TF2 vs Ascent

Round 2 @ 5pm BST / 6pm CEST / 12pm EST / 9am PST

Ascent vs Froyotech (The top 2 NA teams facing each other!)

The Last Resort vs. [R]eason Gaming


  • Round 1 matches will be played on Process, Round 2 matches will be played on Gullywash, Round 3 matches will be played on Viaduct_Pro7
  • Round 3 will start an hour after Round 2, of course - this is only the Invite group until playoffs later tonight.
  • Shade (Froyotech’s Medic) had a delayed flight - will that affect his performance?! Will Froyotech need a ringer?!
  • Flippy (nerdRage’s Scout) had a delayed flight, and will be replaced with E-Thug for 1 or 2 maps - until he arrives. And even if he arrives, will he be warmed up and ready to go?! 
url change ships

Ship time WOO! So, I haven’t done ships in a very long time, and I am in the writing mood so what the hell.


  • Must be Following ME
  • Spread the word
  • Reblog this post
  • Ship me w/ a legit reason (about & face)

You’ll Get

Ship: Hemmings // Clifford // Irwin // Hood

Who takes more selfies of you two: You // Him

Who has the AUX cord in the car: You // Him

Picks the movies: You // Him

Who is lazier: You // Him


Your song:

A quote that describes the relationship:


That’s it! Get to it kids :D

Jet Black Ships

Since we’re all emotionally compromised after the recent song releases, I’d like to make it worse by saying cute things about you and give you a ship (I love doing these!)


*mbf Me, please and thank you (don’t unfollow afterwards, it’s rude)

*Have a face page (if you don’t have one, just tell me about yourself and I’ll work off that)

*Blurb request (optional)

*Tell me something nice, ship me, tell me your feelings about this new album, etc.

*Reblog to spread the word ;)

And you will receive:

*A ship

*A compliment

* Blurb (if you want one)

*A cute nickname he’d give you

* Do I follow you: no, sorry/ I am now!!!/ We’re mutuals and I love you so much

*A song you should listen to 

*A picture of your ship (ex.):

While you wait, please read this!


because i have a feeling after therapy today i’ll need a little fluff and happiness

the requirements:

  • must be following, you guessed it, this little unsure mind
  • reblog this, spread the word
  • send me a fluffy, happy, smutty fic rec
  • better yet, write me one for a solo screen shot promo
  • i think that’s about all, yea
  • oh, I’ll start sometime after lunch, which will be about four hours or so
  • go for and spread some happiness!

We made this blog some time ago to support Captain Swan and post edits of this lovely ship. We already have a few members but we are accepting some more! We’re looking for people who love Emma Swan and Killian Jones as well as their relationship and are willing to make edits about 2-3 times a week.

Members will be chosen a little prior to the season premiere (probably 2-3 weeks from today, Wednesday 27). The number of people we’ll accept will depend on how many applicants we get.

To apply, please fill this form with:

  • Your Name/Nickname
  • How active you can be per week (realistically. It really is okay if you say once a week, once in two weeks, etc)
  • A link to your edits
  • Why you love Captain Swan

Ps: a reblog would be lovely, it’s always nice to spread the word!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here or you can contact me (Carol), Cheri or Iris.

My dash is super dead and has gotten like two new posts since yesterday, so I really need some new blogs to follow! If you post any of the following please like/reblog this post this post so I can check out your blog! I’m looking for:

  • supernatural/spn cast
  • danneel ackles
  • once upon a time/ouat cast
  • chris pratt
  • the hunger games/cast
  • orphan black/ob cast
  • doctor who
  • musical theatre

I’ll check out every blog that likes/reblogs this post (reblogs would be preferred to spread the word)! You don’t have to follow me back, I just need a more active dash.

guys!!! followers!! scrollers!! anyone!! please read!!!

tyler ( aka manstrati0n ) is one of my followers and i just found out about his story today. he is currently trying to transition (ftm) but can’t get a good start due to financial reasons. he deserves to be who he really is and i really want to help him so please do me a favor and DONATE here:

OR just reblog to spread the word because he really needs it. thank you loves 💕

okay, idk who has what songs yet but, I have Jet Black Heart, Broken Pieces, Lost In Reality, Over and Out, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, She’s Kinda Hot (Alternative Version), and Safety Pin. If any of you want these just message me ur email and what songs you want, I’ll do all of them before I go to sleep tonight and if I can’t then I’ll say something to yall. I don’t have many followers so reblog to spread the word to others who may not have them yet!

Introducing the blog

Hello! I figured we should introduce the blog before starting.
Basically: this is a parody blog forPandora Hearts, where we attribute comical-yet-fitting lines from other shows to PH scenes or characters! We also post original lines. We accept submissions, but please read the submission guidelines first!

Also, even if you don’t have a lot of followers, please reblog this to spread the word.

-The Mods

shippies??????? :-)

I haven’t done ships in like the longest time ha so yea

follow me :-) (you don’t have to but it would be nice!)

reblog this (just to spread the word)

and send me an ask; you can ship me with someone, send me an imagine, ask me random questions anything :-) 

You’ll get:

Ship: Luke | Michael | Calum | Ashton

Best friend: Luke | Michael | Calum | Ashton

Crush: Luke | Michael | Calum | Ashton

First Kiss: Luke | Michael | Calum | Ashton

Secret Admirer: Luke | Michael | Calum | Ashton

Our song: (random song off shuffle)