People’s Choice Awards nominations are open, and it’s time to vote for Misha to get him on the nominee ballot! Misha did some of his best work yet last season as Lucifer, and I think he is totally deserving of recognition for that. So it’s time to spread the word to other Misha fans! If we don’t get the word out, we won’t get the numbers needed to get him nominated! Tell your friends, your enemies, your family, your dog walker that PCA nominations are open!

Voting is unlimited and worldwide, so vote as fast and often as your fingers (and internet) will allow!


The nomination period ends on November 3, 2016 at 11:59 PM ET.

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WANT TO SEE John Oliver at the People’s Choice Awards???? VOTE FOR HIM HERE and reblog to spread the word:!/home/all/21/2

He has NEVER even been nominated. Let’s boost his self esteem and get him nominated Oliverists! Also, if he gets nominated and goes we will probably get more photos and interviews to see!!!
FinishTheCloneWars: Finish The Clone Wars - Giving the Show The Closure it Deserves
On March 11, 2013, LucasFilm Animation announced the end of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv show on Their announcement stated that " LucasFilm has decided to pursue a new direction in animated programming," that "we feel the time has come to wind down the series," and that "fans can soon...


Let’s come together as fans to get the original show finished the way it deserves.


Thank you.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that made purchases from my shop and donated over the last few weeks. It really REALLY helped me more than you could ever know out of a very dire financial situation.

And thank you to everyone that reblogged my post about it, spreading the word about my shop. Even though my Etsy shop is nothing fancy, I do love it. It’s a small way I can make a little extra income doing something I really enjoy :)


Warning- If you are sensitive to gender issues, transgender issues, family abuse, and all negativity that goes with it- be warned. This page may be triggering.

Check it out or check out our other links.

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Anything Inc is about a business that pretty much does any job given, ridiculous as it could get. However, that just means anything could happen, whether it’s a job or real life. Watch as our “heros”, Cassidy and Everett, do their best to better the business as well as themselves.

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No, no and no. REBLOG this please, this shouldn’t be allowed and we need to spread the word to everybody about this injustice! EDIT: Just a huge thank you to everyone who has and will reblog this. It’s great so many of us know injustice accounts for BOTH genders. Not just one. Thank you all so much and let’s all work to a better future where neither man nor woman have to face this kind of treatment ever again.

The actual news article:

the OP of this “selfie week” post is anti-feminism-pro-equality and you can already tell from their url that they’re a piece of shit! they’re ALSO transphobic, racist, fatphobic, and ableist. they believe that reverse racism exists, belittle mental illnesses, and don’t believe in nonbinary genders. (x) (x) (x) (x)

the post has 20k+ notes so i just wanted to spread the word that you really shouldn’t participate in their version of this “selfie week” if a shitstain like them made it up.

what to do if you are feeling gross

so sometimes I’m just sitting around being lazy, watching tv or getting distracted by internet things, or I’ve eaten too much or I’ve just had a super long day. and sometimes I’m even aware of how much of a blob I am being, I’m sure this happens to other people, too. anyways I wanted to share this little list to motivate me/others to stop being a blob:

1. very very first thing. shut off your internet. put all the tv and stuff out of reach. this is really important, but you will feel 100% better afterwards.

3. uncover your windows, let natural light filter in. if you can/want to open them, that’s also fantastic. it really helps lighten your mood, always makes me feel more connected with the rest of the world.

2. put on some music. it’s ok to use your phone/computer for this, but remember to just keep it away from arm’s reach. also, you can use whatever music you’d like, but I suggest something soft, like Frank Sinatra or Beegie Adair or Jack Johnson.

3. take a walk. look at the colors and plants people surround themselves with. pick out houses/buildings you like. look at the sky, listen to what’s going on around you. I don’t generally listen to music for this because I like to feel grounded when I walk, but if you’re more of a song person that’s okay, too. it’s really easy to forget how long it’s been since you’ve had some fresh air.

4. take a bath. if it’s hot out, turn on a fan and cool down the room so you’re all cosy in the water, put in some bubbles and scents. grab a book or magazine. exfoliate, do your nails, put on a face mask. throw yourself a little spa day. when you get out, put on lotion, put on new underwear and soft, comfy clothing.

5. make your favourite cup of tea or coffee, or maybe pour yourself some lemonade or just cold water is fine too.

6. go sit in a common area of your house, like a living room or dining table. if you’re not home alone and don’t want to be bothered, gently voice it to the people around you or go sit somewhere else where you feel comfortable and relaxed. just get out of the same walls, find a change of scenery. you could even leave and go to a café or a park if you’d like.

7. do some writing/doodling. whenever this happens, I always like to use a spare piece of printer paper or something not connected to a notebook so I’m less attached to it and less likely to care about the way it looks. let the pen do its own thing, don’t worry about messing up. if you feel that you’re getting frustrated, step away and do something else.

8. make some lists. this is one of my favourite pastimes. list nice things that you’ve seen recently that you think you’ll forget later on. list little details of your dreams, list things you want to do in your favourite season, list recipes you’d like to try. the possibilities are endless.

9. cook/bake something. important reminders—if you don’t find this relaxing, don’t do it!! find another hobby that you love where you can enjoy doing something productive. also, even if you’re making something fantastic, be sure not to snack too much or overeat (I’m very prone to this). you could also make something for a friend or a neighbour!! people always enjoy a heartfelt craft made by someone who cares.

10. catch up with an old friend or family member. ask them out for coffee or something, it’s always nice to talk. trust me, they will very much appreciate you reaching out.

11. write a letter to someone. you do not have to send it.

12. go to a park and look at the flowers or sit in the grass. grab a sketchbook, some sudoku, a book, a puzzle, your thoughts, or anything else you could tinker with while enjoying the fresh air. something to make your brain work a little.

there’s more, of course, but this is all I can really come up with at the moment—I hope it works! now get off that web and have a good time!!

Steven Universe Twitter/Tumblr storm THIS Thursday!

Are you tired of the hiatus? Do you want Cartoon Network to know just how much we want Steven Universe to be back on screen? I propose a storm on Twitter and Tumblr to make sure Cartoon Network sees how much we miss Steven Universe!

Thursday the 10th at 5:30 PM EST I call for us to have a Twitter and Tumblr storm! That is the time when Steven Universe used to air last fall. The point of this is to make sure that Cartoon Network knows exactly how much we want Steven Universe to come back, so tweet on Twitter and write on Tumblr how much you love Steven Universe and how much you want it to come back soon! Make sure to use the hashtags #stevenuniverse and #stevenbomb (”#steven universe” and “#steven bomb” on tumblr) and make sure to @cartoonnetwork too so CN sees your tweet/post! 

Even if you’re not home at that time, you can queue a post that’ll be posted at exactly 5:30 PM EST on Tumblr. Make sure to not bother the Crewniverse about this - they know we miss SU, but we want Cartoon Network to know it too.

Time conversions for your convenience:
EST: 5:30 PM (17:30)
CST: 4:30 PM
W. Europe Time (Sweden): 11:30 PM (23:30)
GMT ( UTC ): 10:30 PM (22:30)

Let’s make sure Cartoon Network knows how much we want Steven Universe to come back soon!

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(Obs! Clarification of this post and RULES here!! Read this!)

This Thursday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.


tumblr’s all messed up again and this time it’s affecting on blog’s backgrounds. if your blog has a black background here’s 3 ways to fix it

1. upload a background image. any image is good and fixes the problem. no theme code editing necessary

2. set your background on no-repeat. the only drawback is that if you want to use a background image after this it won’t be repeated. find a part from the theme code that says “background-repeat:repeat;” and change it to “background-repeat:no-repeat;

3. replace the background url part with new coding. it works the best since you still can use a background image and have it repeated. just find this part from your theme code


and replace it with this


if you have any questions or you need help just send me a message!

A useful trick for all my friends who have trouble distinguishing reality from dreams:

If you’re not sure if you’re dreaming/in reality, close your mouth and pinch your nose shut. If you can still breathe even though you have no air source, you’re dreaming. If you’re unable to breathe, its real.

I first learned of this trick for lucid dreaming purposes but it’s really helpful when you’re having reality problems too :)

A Plea for Parakeets

I’m here today to talk to you about the most criminally underestimated parrot: the parakeet.

Yes, though they are small, they ARE parrots. You might call them “budgies,” you might call them “budgerigars,” but you should never call them “just.” As in, “just a parakeet.”

Sit down and let this overenthusiastic bird lady tell you a thing: We need to rethink our parakeet perceptions. Not only are these little feathered friends “real parrots,” they need to be treated like such.

Why? Because budgies are smart, sensitive beings who are capable of much more than people give them credit for. For real. Check this out:

Disco the Talking Parakeet

A Parakeet Magic Show

Budgies Performing Tricks

More Tricks

A budgie even holds the world record for bird with the largest vocabulary. Seriously!

Of course, not all budgies will do these things, but even one who’s not a talker will be your buddy.

All it takes is a little time, understanding, and research. Even an older, untamed budgie can become a companion. These birds can live for over ten years if given proper care, so get to know them! It’s worth it.

Heck, even if you DON’T want to be too hands on with your parakeet pal, they are still a ton of fun to watch! Budgies are incredibly inquisitive and they can entertain for hours with their antics.

Budgies are great first birds not because they are readily available, cheap, “starter birds.” They are great ANYTIME birds. First bird or millionth bird. Their care is simpler than larger birds, but no less important.

Make bringing home a budgie a big deal. Carefully consider it. Do your research. Get the proper cage, toys, food, materials, everything! Adopt if you can. Treat your budgie right. Make them important, because they are important. No more subpar care.

And if you ever ever EVER hear anyone say anything about them being “just parakeets,” or “dumb,” or “not real parrots,” or “throwaway birds,” or any of the multitude of undeserved misconceptions about these wonderful birds, you MAKE ANGRY BUDGIE NOISES AT THEM.