Hi all, 

This book I’m working on is meant to give a voice to all survivors. I’m really looking to include submissions from other survivors for each chapter. 

Please check out my blog posts to see which chapters are open for submissions currently. 

I’m also constantly seeking feedback to make sure I get as much as I can in here and all feedback is valid and considered. 

The goal is to write a book that touches on stuff a lot of survivors don’t talk about because of the stigma surrounding it and the expectations placed on us by society. 

Please, if you can, reblog this to spread the word. I have a few submissions, but I want to make sure as many as possible are heard. 

happy friday everybody! i reached 600 (!!! thanks so much!) a little while back (i’m almost at 700 now so this is long overdue) and finally have some free time so i wanted to celebrate. since these seem to be everyone’s favorite i’m doing ~blogrates~ yaaaaaay

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Happy (early) holidays! Since American Thanksgiving is coming up, I figured I would go ahead and ask if anyone is interested in doing hummelholidays again! 

For those of you who don’t know, we simply release prompts for every day of December and you can write fic, make art, edit photos, etc. based on the theme. The only catch is that it is for either noncanon Kurt relationships (popular ones have included Kadam and Kurtbastian) or Kurt-centric/family based works. There is no sign up or obligations or anything; you just fill the prompts you want to and enjoy some new holiday-themed works!

We could easily do the same prompts we’ve had in the past years. Let me know if there’s any interest and please reblog to help spread the word! And apologies in advance for using the ship tags.

Happy holidays!

iloveprettylittleliars1234567  asked:

Hi! I'm making a stranger things gc on whatsapp and was wondering if you could spread the word. If anyone is interested they can message me!

Of course, here you go.

So to anyone reading this: If you want to be in the group chat, contact them!

Please reblog to spread the word, even if you don’t want to join!

God fucking bless the “worried well” who seek psychotherapy. They can mostly keep their lives/jobs/families running, but want an increase in their mood or quality of life, and come to me for a tune-up. They talk about existential questions and childhood dreams and personal fulfillment, and worry that they’re “whining” or “taking up [my] valuable time.”

I like them for them, of course; I find their lives and worries interesting and valuable, and enjoy the work we do together. But also?

They make the more “serious” work I do possible. People with the greatest need for therapy are frequently the least able to pay for it. When one of my clients loses their job and benefits, they need therapy more, not less. And in private practice I can only afford to keep treating them for free if I have enough people on my caseload who are paying me full price. My ability to volunteer at a homeless shelter and talk to them about grief and trauma is strongly dictated by how many upper-middle-class people pay me $200 an hour to talk about optimal job performance.

And emotionally, it is an honest fucking joy sometimes to get out of a session with someone whose childhood abuse makes their entire life difficult, and spend an hour talking to one of my worried writer clients about anxiety management and creativity and nothing too deeply painful.

So if you’ve ever paid a therapist but felt self-indulgent or whiny or like your problems “weren’t serious enough”: please know you’re valuable and important. Not just for yourself (though you are), but because your presence in that therapy room makes a lot of other things possible.


I am looking for more writing-centric blogs to follow. If you post any of the following: prompts, original writing, writing advice, writing tips, prompt lists, etc. Please reblog this post!! I want to follow all of you and enjoy your content. It’s just a bit difficult to find. Also, for those of you who aren’t writing blogs, please tag your favorite writing blogs so I can check them out!!

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✨Fallen in love with Hawkins, or with Eleven and the gang?✨ This is a potential Stranger Things Zine, centered around the hit Netflix series. Before setting up applications, we’d like to see how many people would be interested in participating or purchasing! 

If you’re interested, please reblog and share to spread the word!

(or check out our twitter!)
S.H.I.E.L.D. on the Bubble: Keep or Cut?
By mid-May, the broadcast networks must make some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2017-18 TV season, and which… won’t. As that deadline draws near, TVLine is singling out a few “…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

I really don’t like these kinds of articles due to the “click bait” and “panic” factor.   And I don’t wholly agree with all his arguments….

BUT we live on that stupid bubble so…

Its another place we can made some noise and drum up support for the show.  The final decision hasn’t been made.  And while this won’t tip the scales it shows how many of us want it to stay around.  So go vote guys!  It can’t hurt!

So since it`s almost Taylor`s birthday I wanted to do something for her. So I decided why not make a book with letters from her fans and birthday wishes. The book will be online to make it easier to get to her. If you want to be in the book just send me a message with your name, your age, your letter/birthday wish/ and if you want you can also send me a picture of yourself and any social platform like your (twitter, swift life, instagram, etc.) The deadline is December 1st and I will post the link with the book on December 13th! (If you have any questions send me an ask and I`ll get back to you as soon as possible! X)

hey there!! i’m gonna attempt to hold my first meetup on tumblr. So where do you turn to when you’re feeling down? what’s that little thing that keeps you going? The Safe Haven Meetup is that place where you can share that little thing of yours that keeps you safe and makes you feel better when things aren’t going quite well :D

how can you participate?

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is share a picture/video of that little thing that you look up to when you’re going through a rough patch. It could literally be anything. Feel free to share a little picture of you as well.

Don’t hesitate to get things off your chest. We’re here to support each other as a family.

use the tags #safe haven meetup and #safe haven phandom meetup if you want to participate to this meetup.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate as the aim of this meetup is to spread positivity and be supportive of each other.

When is the meetup being held?

The meetup is being held on Tuesday, the 22nd of August at 17:00 pm GMT.

please don’t hesitate to send me questions if there’s something that isn’t clear to you.