It’s Barbour, actually (unfortunately he’s one of my older brothers, and no one ever fucking listens to me when I tell them he’s an abuser and predator /SIGHS), and yo if you live in Alaska (especially the Kenai peninsula area) would you keep and eye out for him and Rikki?? Please, I am begging. She only recently turned fifteen and no one deserves the type of abuse Ethan is capable and willing to dish out

Call the troopers immediately if you see them, but don’t engage at all. Ethan has violent tendencies and was recently charged with domestic violence

If you don’t live in Alaska, please reblog anyway, and if you have any questions about him, hmu in my ask box

vrepit-sa replied to your post “//”

It’s funny because these are the same people who bitch about nobody ever paying attention to them, and it’s their own fault because nobody wants to talk or write with you if you just bash yourself in the tags all the time

like if you write “NO ONE IS GONNA REBLOG OR LIKE THIS ANYWAY” in a starter call or a promo, ain’t no one gonna reblog or like it then


Good god that sort of shit is a surefire way to get me to NOT want to play with someone.

so back to the emergency escape plan thing since it’s the only thing i can do anything about right now.

Even though my grandma sounds like she rescinded her threat and may not actually be kicking me out in 2 weeks, I want to create an escape plan that I could theoretically execute in 2 weeks anyway.

I spent 2 weeks in lockdown mode with this blog almost entirely on hiatus, and did nothing but make preparations to cut a toxic friend out of my life. I could theoretically do it again to make an escape plan.

so i guess during that time, no reblogs, no checking in on everybody for funsies. the dash sucks a lot of time out of my day and i dont feel great when im reblogging anyways.

Humans are Weird - Culture

Okay so I absolutely LOOOVE the Humans are weird/space orcs conversation going around (I just reblogged a bunch of them). Anyway, it got me thinking. In MOST science fiction, every alien encountered that is intelligent enough to have a culture, has one culture throughout the entire species. What if it wasn’t just lazy writing, but that Humans are totally unique in that. Not only do we have many different cultures, but the complexity increases every time you get mixtures of them because of people living in different places or being born into mixed families etc. It would confuse the FUCK out of aliens the moment they encounter more and more Humans and NONE of them have ANY consistency. 

Alien: *makes the two-finger peace sign*

Human: Woah, hey can you not do that, please?

Alien: Do what?

Human: That hand sign. It’s very rude.

Alien: But… that other Human said it meant peace. 

Human: Oh, for them it might be, but not for us.

Alien: I don’t understand. 

Human: Where I come from, that sign is rude. It might be fine for where that other Human came from so they probably thought nothing of it. 

Alien: But… you come from the same place?

Human: Yes and no. We both come from Earth, but from two very different parts of Earth. We do things differently. Sometimes it feels like we’re just as alien to each other as you are to me.

Alien: Wait, there are two groups of Humans who just do things completely different ways for no reason at all.

Human: Ah, no mate. We’ve got HUNDREDS of different groups. 

Alien: ???

Fighting Fake Anti-Trump News

In the interests of not spending the next four years fact-checking my own side, I would like very much if we could all exercise good judgment on what we reblog.

I’m pissed off about the trend of twitter screenshots posing as “news” with no source. I’m also pissed off about people posting their own unsourced, inaccurate summaries of something they heard somewhere. This makes us look no better than Trump supporters sharing lies on Facebook, and it often causes unnecessary fear. Here’s a guide on what I want people to do instead.

Easy Mode: If there’s no source, don’t reblog it. This requires no effort on your part, but it’s still helpful. Don’t disseminate information that could be inaccurate.

Regular Mode: Add a source. Google some key words. If it’s legitimate, you should find news stories about it. Reblog and add some source links. While I’m not a huge fan of how the mainstream media has been handling things lately, for this purpose I recommend sticking to established print media, because they have better fact-checking than Internet-only outlets and they’ve been firmer in their opposition than TV news.

If it’s not legitimate, reblog anyway and add sources refuting it. You don’t have to write up a whole explanation if you don’t want. Linking to a source with the note “This shit didn’t happen” will suffice.

Hard Mode: Question the source. If there is a source link, check it. If it’s from some outlet you never heard, of or one that you don’t feel is reputable (like, say, The Daily Mail), go see if they have sources to back themselves up. They may not. Google key words again. See if anyone else is reporting on their claims. If not, wait a bit. It’s possible they have an exclusive scoop. It’s also possible they’re fearmongering based on misunderstood or inadequate information, or they’re just flat making shit up. Don’t discount the possibility of fake “progressive” outlets run by the opposition to discredit us. And remember, The Onion is not the only parody news site out there – not by a long shot.

Again, though, if you do nothing else, stop reblogging unsourced stories. It’s already going to be a long, bad four years. We don’t need to make it worse.


you’re enough, you’re enough, you’re enough,

I promise you’re enough, you’re enough, you’re enough

I promise you’re enough, you’re enough, you’re enough

I promise you (x)

Everyone who reblogs this will get a drawing of their blog as a person!

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, so here we go! 

Please be aware that how I draw your blog is not how I see you, it’s what I think your blog would look like if it were a human. For example, here is mine

If you’ve sean a picture of me, you know that’s not what I look like. 

Anyway! Reblog to get a drawing of your blig as a person!