Paramore asks

1. First Paramore song you’ve ever listened to
2. 5 Favorite Paramore songs (because i know it’s impossible to pick one)
3. 5 Favorite Paramore songs to listen to when you’re sad
4. 5 Favorite Paramore songs to listen to when you’re happy
5. Favorite Paramore song to listen to when you’re upset or angry
6. 3 Paramore Songs that makes you cry
7. 3 Favorite music videos of Paramore
8. 3 Favorite Paramore songs played live
9. Favorite Paramore song from a lyrically aspect
10. Favorite Paramore song from the melody aspect
11. Last Paramore song you listened to
12. Favorite line from a Paramore song
13. Favorite live performance of Paramore
14. Favorite acoustic song of Paramore
15. Favorite Paramore album
16. Favorite song of All We Know Is Falling
17. Favorite song of Riot!
18. Favorite song of Brand New Eyes
19. Favorite song of Paramore (the self titled album)
20. Favorite song of Singles Club
21. A Paramore song that you didn’t like at first, but ended up loving
22. A Paramore song that breaks your heart
23. Favorite Paramore song to sing in the shower
24. Favorite Paramore song at this moment
25. An underrated Paramore song
26. A Paramore song that calms you down
27. If you could get any Paramore lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
28. Favorite Paramore song title
29. A Paramore song that has a lot of meaning to you
30. A Paramore song you can’t help but dance to

send me a number and I’ll tell you!

language buddies

okay, so i wanted to put together a system for those who want to learn a language, and i dont know if this will work, but here goes:

so, basically, you put down what languages you speak and what languages you want to learn, and i pair you up with someone who wants to learn one of the languages you speak, and speaks the language you want to learn. Sometimes, you may get two people, one person who will help you with learning the language, and a different person who will send things to you.

i will try as hard as possible to pair people up with a fluent speaker, but some people may have to be paired with someone who is also learning that language, depending on the mix of people who want to do this


  • dont have to be following moi
  • reblog this post
  • fill in this (very very very short) form
  • have an open ask box

please bear in mind that your partner’s blog may not be similar to yours at all, this doesn’t matter, it is the language learning that matters <3

any questions, shoot me an ask <3333

Oh you’re annoyed with how ~angsty~ Harry is throughout OotP? Well I’m annoyed with how he’s been severely abused his entire life and how dumbledore never misses an opportunity to further compound this abuse and how he SAW A FELLOW TEENAGER BRUTALLY MURDERED BEFORE HIS EYES and then spent a full year being gaslit and tortured and lied to and THEN AFTER ALL THAT also saw his godfather, the closest person to a parent he’d ever had, murdered before his eyes just to top off the worst year anyone has ever had in all of history.

But like, I get it. His perfectly valid expressions of anger and sadness and frustration as a reaction to abuse and ptsd annoy you.

ive been trying to think of a way to publicly explain this because without knowing me personally it’s very complicated.

i guess what i’m saying is i have a new name that’s just a nickname. cause johnny is my name and i dont wanna get rid of it like my name is jonathan. but i have a couple people that will call me tyler for reasons that are kind of hard to explain and that i don’t want to get into publicly.

but i have days where it feels like i’m a little different of a person and i wish i had a different name and they’re always the same days and it’s the same name but i don’t want to change my name i just want another one as an option i guess.

you can call me johnny of course. and my nickname will always be cherry bomb since it’s my favorite one i was ever given. but you can also call me ryan or tyler. switch it up, whatever. i just figured i’d mention it i guess.

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: a davepetasprite fanmix

holding onto you twenty one pilots // treasure flyleaf // cat eyed glasses joel faviere // starry eyed ellie goulding // lost kitten metric // spectrum florence and the machine // screen twenty one pilots // on top of the world imagine dragons

( listen here! art by me. i hope you like it ?? )


I thought I’d start my own follow train since I’ve discovered sooooo many great blogs because of them and have met loads of incredible people! So if you have a Taylor blog or your a swiftie who wants to meet some other swifties, reblog and follow everyone else who reblog a this post!

Anyway, I hope this follow train helps everyone out and that you all have an incredible day!

Nadine x


“What hero am I if I don’t help? Could I even call myself one? 

No. I couldn’t. It’s my purpose: helping others and making a difference.

{ listen }


i. titanium | david guetta ft. sia ii. she’s so lovely | scouting for girls iii. put your records on | corinne bailey rae iv. like a lady | the sounds v. boys wanna be her | peaches vi. radioactive | marina & the diamonds vii. roar | katy perry viii. king of anything | sara bareilles ix. tubthumping | chumbawumba x. i am woman | helen reddy + bonus track

do u ever see a really positive and adorable post and ur like “damn i wish i could relate” but u reblog it anyway because ur fake as hell

So I’m Tumblr Famous now?

I mean, not really, but 80 new followers and 20K notes on a post is nothing to sneeze at. I guess that’s what happens when Tyler Oakley reblogs you…

Anyway, welcome everybody! My name’s Nick, I live in Texas, I’m 25. I don’t post anything specific, just stuff that tickles my fancy. You can always message me if you want to talk about anything, yadda yadda yadda. 

Anyway, the thing people usually ask about when that post gets a spurt of notes is: “So what happened next?” Nothing particularly long or complicated, but full story after the jump…

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For some reason I was blocked by the fyeahgreenbaypackers, so you’ll have to endure possible reposts because I can’t reblog from them. 

Anyway, here is the new alternate uniform.