I wanted to redraw my anthro versions of the original four animatronics, but I also wanted to do the toys and the Sister Location ladies. 

The solution was obvious: group pictures! I like to think that they all have a friendly rivalry going between them. Some of these I’m happier with than others…I wanted to redesign Toy Chica and give her ‘feather hair’ like Chica…that didn’t turn out well -__-

Oh well. Like and reblog anyway?

Attention everyone: The Agreste family is getting a new member!

No, it’s not another baby thank goodness, but a precious addition none the less. See today is a special day, a day that should really be a Canadian national holiday. Because today is the birthday of the lovely and talented @toriitorii, who is the primary reason this family came to be in the first place. For the past few months, Tori has been gracious enough to allow me to borrow her sweet babies for sims shenanigans, and without her we wouldn’t have the next gen characters we all know and love. 

So, in a very special one-time-only queue, Adiren and Marinette are getting a temporary child for the day, and Tori is getting her own cameo in the Miracusims! 

(Running the posts between 4 and 5 EST)

Just a friendly reminder that we fans are the faces of our respective groups. Please remember that we can leave such a lasting impression of a group to another person who merely watches from the sidelines! Prime examples of this would be how people view the BTS boys in almost a negative way due to the immature actions of ARMYs and this was the case for EXO-L’s in the beginning, so to NCT stans, rookie stans and just stans in general. Please remember to try and put your best face forward and to get pulled into petty fanwars! I know you love these kids with all your heart, I do too but don’t let them down by saying nasty things about another fandom’s group just because they did so to you. I know it’s hard but trust me, if you act like this, your group will acknowledge it and treat you with so much love and compassion that’ll really make a difference.