hello here is a psa on why you shouldn’t write real life serial killers :

  • obviously they did fucked up shit, we know this, but in case that isn’t enough - remind yourselves that their victims were real people, because they were, and so are the families / everyone else left behind.
  • there is nothing cute, quirky, or relatable about people like te/d bun/dy or jeff/rey dah/mer. they were also rapists who, you know, killed REAL PEOPLE with REAL FAMILIES and REAL LIVES.
  • in case we need to get even more personal, imagine someone you loved was killed. now imagine that someone else made a blog for the person who killed your loved one. that’s fucked up, isn’t it ?  exactly.
  • this also applies to school sho/oters but that’s an entirely different post.
  • stop being nasty.

So do you all remember how Stan had that fear of heights?

Well look how great he has been with heights since accomplishing that fear 

He was able to be high on the water tower 

He was able to punch a dinosaur up in the air 

He was comfortable to be on the roof of the shack 

 He was able to sit in the balcony of the theatre 

He was able to be so high up on a helicopter 

He was able to go up on a high mountain to get his hands back 

He was able to fight agents while high up in the air 

He was able to move towards Mabel while up in the air 

He was able to go so high on the statue of Mayor Befufftlefumpter to rescue the kids 

He was able to be on a sky tram

He was concerned about the kids safety, not even worrying at how high he was when Bill brought him and his brother up in mid-air 

And he was able to take his brother with him high up in the air for a grappling hook 

I’m so proud of my husband 

He’s conquered and fully gotten over his fear of heights :*) 

Reblog and show how proud you are of Stan for getting over this fear 

It’s the calm before the storm, people.

This is a warning. We have no idea what’s coming but better safe than sorry. It’s time to prepare for the worst.

Jack is likely preparing for something huge. We’ve had hints of Anti, Chase and Jackaboy this past month. No one is safe.

Repub this with pictures of the resources you will need in this situation.


My phone

A pillow

A fluffy blanket

me thinking about how fanon Roxas went from having relatable existential angst, cynicism, and tired frustration with the world we could all align with, especially us being about 10-16 at the time, even when he was called emo by the fandom, to everyone writing him like he’s 5 years old, randomly gets angry over everything, and turning him into a pouty soft boy only to be coddled and cooed at bc he was naive in the first chunk of Days:

Espero que seas feliz. Espero que lo que estás haciendo ahora sea lo que siempre quisiste hacer en tu vida. Espero que finalmente encuentres consuelo que siempre has anhelado. Pasaste por tantas dificultades y sufrimientos que mereces interminables días hermosos y personas que te apreciarán por todo tu ser; personas que amarán las partes tuyas que muestras y que ocultas detrás de interminables fachadas. Espero que cuando te despiertes todas las mañanas, solo sientas el calor radiante de la luz del sol mirando a través de tu ventana y no el dolor de tu pasado. Y espero que cada vez que te sientas inútil, espero que recuerdes que eres una poesía en movimiento. Recuerda que estás hecho con los mismos materiales que las estrellas. Así que brilla, sin pedir disculpas.

commission info & prices [slots opening november 1st!]

after a long wait i’ve finally redone my commission sheet and prices. (i kept promising i would be opening these month after month but was always too busy orz). the types of commissions i offer have been streamlined to try and get the most out of every drawing. prices have increased slightly, but not by a ton so i hope they’re still relatively affordable for anyone interested!

the header will be updated regularly as slots open/close. also here’s a handy link to my commission slots and also to my art tag!

thank you for reading! and if you want a drawing hmu when november rolls around <3