I Hate To Do This But I Have Nowhere Else To Go

Despite my best efforts I’m currently unemployed and quickly sinking deeper into debt. As of now I’m in the negative $74.27, which will probably be increased by $36 around midnight as I’m billed for each week I continue to be in the negative. I’m begging that anyone who has anything to spare can shoot me something through my venmo @ cyberalien. I don’t want this situation to escalate any further and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to pay it back myself. My parents can’t help me so I’m hoping you guys can. Even if you don’t have anything to spare just please reblog. Thanks so much everyone.

If anyone needs proof or has questions I have no problem providing answers. Thanks again.

the “gender” in “gender critical” refers to the anthropological definition of gender: the social roles assigned to sex.  how could you be a feminist without being gender critical?  how could you be a feminist without criticising male & female socialisation?  how could you be a feminist without rejecting the cultural subordination of women?  what would that even look like???  oh…. that dog barked at me and i think it’s because i’m a woman…  stop being femmephobic, pupper

KARABITA WEEK: Oct 30th-Nov 5th

thanks to everyone who submitted and voted for prompts!
because there were so many winners each day will have 2 prompts that people can choose from, you may even do both if you wish, go nuts!
without further ado, here are the official prompts for karabita week:

Sunday, October 30th: Height Difference OR Switched Bodies/Personalities
Monday, October 31st: Vampire AU OR Zombie AU
Tuesday, November 1st: Hanahaki Disease OR Angst
Wednesday, November 2nd: Comfort/Support OR Blind Kara! AU
Thursday, November 3rd: First time OR Fashion
Friday, November 4th: Marriage OR Domestic
Saturday, November 5th: Free day! If there’s a prompt idea that was not featured this week, this is your chance to do the one you liked the most or to do anything your heart desires! here’s the list of all submitted prompts in case you need inspiration

thank you all for helping me put together karabita week specially in such short notice! i hope you all have fun participating, and don’t forget to spread the word!

make sure you tag your works as #karabita or #karabitaweek for me to see them, i promise to reblog them. late submissions are always okay too!
i will accept all kinds of submissions (fics, art, cosplay, gifs, edits, all is fine!)
just please make sure you follow the rules!

AO3/Tumblr Master List

All right, Tumblrererers!  Here’s the list which features your AO3 and Tumblr names.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Have no idea what I’m talking about?  Here’s the original post which explains it all.   

If you’d like to submit your info, or make any changes, feel free to contact me. I’ll make updates on Fridays.  

Be sure to bookmark it.  Additionally, I’ll have a permanent link to the Google Doc here on my front page:

these are the monsters you do not see
  • In Box 953 there was a stasis copy of Doug, never meant to breathe or see the light of day. No one on board has Communication Officer Doug’s blood type, and no one can casually give him organs. But in case of Decima catastrophic failure, there is a perfect meat bag to extract vital pieces from as needed.
  • There are no survivors of the first mission. Even Hilbert himself went mad. He found the room hidden just for him and after a moment hesitation sat down in to that terrible machine. All that data in such a calculating mind? Sent back to command to be rebuilt, another shiny copy for another mission. Maybe the next one will be built better.
  • Lovelace sailed off into the distance, yes, but her crew was orbiting a different star in a different universe. In space, you can travel sideways and never even know it. . She fell into the star and the she emerged from Wolf 359 a shadow of her former self.
  • Wolf 359 and its laughing twin Gilese 163—at least, from your perspective the best guess is that it’s Gilese. One red star and one blue star that laugh at mortal schemes, at gnats that buzz around them. They listen to you. They move you in ways you may not even realize. 

These monsters are mine. I move past them in the halls, like a shadow. Sometimes you’ll see something in the corner of your eye. Hera can hear me— something moving, unseen, unknown. She’s right, you don’t need to know and even if you ask her she wouldn’t quite be able to describe me.

And me?

I am the Hephaestus. The trials you face and pains you suffer are forged in my name.