i need ppl to understand something. the reason most jews in the diaspora support the existence of israel is not simply out of some long distance nationalism, but b/c we can feel the next death camp or pogrom in our bones, waiting around a corner for us, and fleeing to israel is seen as the last resort for survival if the world turns on us…

given that knowledge, as well as knowing how important it is for palestinian liberation for jews en masse to reject zionism, it shld rly be fairly obvious not to do things that make us feel that fear deep in our bones and to instead struggle against those that do those things. every jew who goes against the grain and becomes anti zionist has to make a decision saying “no, i wld rather die here in the diaspora than have israel oppress ppl in my name.” this is a big decision, clearly, and one that will never be made by the masses unless ppl start giving a shit abt us and dismantling the antisemitism that is making us afraid for our futures or like we need to have a foot in the door just in case the noose tightens.

fighting antisemitism is not just a good thing to do as an anti zionist, it is essential to our goals.

hi!!! so 2016 rly is the year of Realizing Things so if u romanticize abuse, ship pedophilia, (dickdami, bruce/any of the batkids, etc.) or anything else Gross pls unfollow/softblock/block me rn!!!!!!! i rly want this blog to be Pure and not to make anyone uncomfortable so bye y'all!!! ✌

A little ‘thank you’ piece/sort of gift for @ssaravinter because she drew me a gorgeous piece that I felt really bad about receiving for no reason SO I drew this because it was inspired off a little conversation we had where I accidentally called her ‘Stars’ instead of her actual name on accident haha

shoutout to the people who have been saying this all along!

shoutout to the people who fight against the ugly parts of fandom every single day. you deserve thanks and praise so much more than us because you’ve been saying this shit all along, and the people who are speaking out now only just joined in.

thank you for being the voices that paved the way for ours. thank you for fighting for so long and being brave. thank you for being heroes.

Okay so I’m a little worried

In “Mindful Education”, the two Holo-Pearls fuse

And when they fuse, their two gems become one, even though everyone knows that it’s still two Holo-Pearls making up the big one.

We’ve only seen gems fuse when they have gems in different places.

But if this is implying what I think it is… If Pearl and Peridot, or any other characters with gems in the same place try to fuse… Will they literally become just one gem? And worse still…

Would they be able to separate?