(may be deleting soon) here is some things that i am insecure about. i am insecure about the top above my boobs bc that was always over sexualized for me as a child, since people always saw the freckles as sexual. i’m insecure about my eyes/eyebrows since they are different than everyone else’s, since nobody has blue eyes and uneven eyebrows/eyes. i’m insecure about how i look when i smile/laugh bc it shows my big face, my crooked smile and my bags under my eyes/the lines on my cheeks. another thing i’m insecure about are my hands since they have so many scars and since i bite my fingers, they’re always torn up from my teeth. i wanted to share my insecurities bc even though i may find these things wrong with me, i still find them beautiful in a way. this flaws of mine make me different and make me beautiful. yes, i may always be insecure bc of these things, but no matter what i know that i’m beautiful and that’s all that matters.