Are you excited for Publish Your Stuff month?!?! Despite still coughing like a dying donkey I SURE AM.

For Publish A Month, we have:

  • Interviews: Every day we have an interview lined up from filmmakers, freelancers, traditionally published, self published, and comic artists!
  • Pitch Your Stuff: Every day we’ll be posting about one place that is accepting submissions and pitches, and what they are looking for.
  • Tips and Tricks: We have a whole slew of stuff to reblog, link to, and yell about.

ARE YOU EXCITED YET??? Watch this space, because everything will be kicked off on August 1st!

OC Fic Friday

Fic authors don’t get enough credit for their work, so on Fridays I’ll reblog fics that are linked to me, to boost the author’s work and to celebrate their efforts.

How to have a fic featured:

  • Write a fic
  • Post a fic
  • Reblog this post with a link to the fic


  • Assuming I get a good number, I’ll spread them out over the day so your dash isn’t clogged by large posts.
  • If you just want to boost it, then reblog without adding a link.
  • If it’s a non-tumblr post (so on or ao3) reblog with a link and I’ll make a new post with the author’s url etc. and a link.
  • If you reblog after Friday finishes (NZST) I’ll schedule the post to feature next Friday. It will appear, but not for a week.
  • Only one fic per author per Friday.
  • Please don’t link fics written by other people. I’m uncomfortable with them potentially not knowing that their fics are being shared in a weekly event; if they want to participate, then they can reblog the post themselves.



Well, I asked on the ava’s demon tag which character they wanted me to make a theme for next and one of the answers was Gil. I really wanna try to make themes for major characters ha ha. Anyway, this theme comes with quite a bit of features.

  • Different font options for the title, description, and posts
  • Optional custom cursor
  • Optional render image (must go into HTML to change the size and position of the image)
  • Optional sidebar image
  • Optional background image
  • Can change the color of the scrollbar
  • Can change the color for the fonts of the title, description, and posts
  • Can change the color of the sidebar background, post background, and theme background if you choose not to use an image
  • Can change the color for links and when you hover over links.
  • Can change the color of the bar for the blockquotes (or the bar you see when you reblog things)
  • 8 custom links
  • Pagination only

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Don’t remove the credit, please.

Please like and/or reblog if you like it or plan on using. Thanks.

I’m probably gonna watch Empire Strikes Back tonight. I personally have no way to live stream it right now, but a) if anyone wants to offer to do so, or b) if you want to watch it with me (and everyone else who watches) and connect in on a Skype group message, I’d love to have you!

Free icons

Yo I’m taking in free booty icons like shown in my profile picture. I’m only taking ten so the first ten who Reblog this with a link to their ref will get one. I have a tablet so I can heavily edit them to make any species, even made up species work.

I can also add clothes such as panties, thigh highs, etc just tell me.

Let the booty games begin.

someone on my dash just reblogged a link to a fanfic where two members of One Direction are minions that fall in love, complete with utterly horrifying photomanipulated imagery


none of you weirdos better ask me for the link I already blocked the post


#actual married couple stydia

Megan Theme 

Live Preview | Code


  • header
  • easily changeable colours
  • 4/5 columns
  • background image
  • header background image
  • 4 custom links
  • page support
  • custom scrollbar
  • reblog button on hover
  • changeable selection colour
  • infinite scrolling
Tutorial: reblog link in your post


1. Go to Customize > Edit HTML. You have to find your PERMALINK code, where are the date/notes code. 

2.  Go to THIS site and copy the code. You have to paste this code next to your permalink code. There’s an example:


P.S.1: You can replace “Reblog” with whatever you want.
P.S.2: This code works in all themes, but this can be a little difficult to do in some of them.