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“Forever Yours” - Vaughnall

Connall slowly buttoned up his tunic, pulling at the collar and the cuffs of the sleeves. He stopped, his hand braced on his door, his nostrils flaring. Pressing his forehead against the door, Connall dug a dent into his lip that began to bleed. 

He should have been back by now. Fenrys should have been back. 

He wouldn’t leave. 

He wouldn’t run. 

He would leave him behind. 

Connall took a shaky breath and he turned the knob to his door, a curl falling in his face. He hadn’t noticed the out of place, but familiar scent in his room until he had closed the door, turning around again. 

“You can’t be here” Was the first thing out of his mouth and the male just watched him. Connall realized he was playing with the ties at his neck, and he dropped his hands, clenching his fists. “Get out” 

“Most we always go through this banter, C?” Vaughan asked, leaning back on Connall’s bed gently. His dark fingers were splayed out on the crisp white sheets. Connall could tell he was trying his best not to clench the fabric. 

“Don’t call me that” He kept a wide space between him and his cadre member, arcing into the bathroom. Connall slowly sat down on the stool, his arms hanging between his knees, pressing his brow onto his palms. “Get on with it, you old bird” 

Vaughan chuckled. A deep, rich, even slightly raspy sound. Connall’s shoulders slumped forward even more and he sensed Vaughan moving. Immediately, he tried to scramble back, but when he looked up, Vaughan’s hands were held in front of him. 

“I know you don’t want to be touched. And I would never touch you, Connall, and you know that” Vaughan gave him a half smile, one of those stupidly chipped teeth showing. Connall nodded and he tugged his knees into his chest. 

“When I first came I wanted so badly to mean something” Connall droned, answering Vaughan’s unasked question, fulfilling his untold demand. Connall didn’t bother to look up, only stared at his hands. 

“We’ve been through this story. You felt destined to forever be in Fenrys’ shadows, but Maeve provided a way to escape that darkness. What she didn’t tell you was you would become a victim to a much darker darkness” Connall cringed at the steady truth in Vaughan’s words.

“Dig deeper, Connall” The way Vaughan said his name ruined Connall in a thousand and one different ways and it would take him all night to put himself back together. But it ruined him in the good way. He looked back at Vaughan, who was chewing on his lip, his eyebrows raised. 

“There’s nothing else. I’m an open book” Connall said, swallowing. Vaughan’s eyes, the color of burned copper, fluttered down to his hands, watching them clench and unclench. He shook his head, clasping his fingers on his knees. 

“If you say so, C” Vaughan gestured, changing the subject with that small gesture, and Connall sighed. His fingers trembled as he shrugged off his shirt, his chest heaving up and down, his heart fluttering in his chest. Vaughan tilted his head to the side, looking up at the ceiling. His hand was clasped over his eyes, a slight smile playing at his lips. That smile…

“Anything out of color?” Vaughan asked cautiously. His normally controlled, soothing, slightly clipped voice had taken on the nervous undertone it always did when addressing the abuse Connall suffered. 

He looked down at his chest and shook his head. Connall cleared his throat and answered, his voice seeming soft, out of place, weak. He was not weak. Vaughan swallowed, licking his lips. “You should wash up. I’d suggest warm water, but I know you’ll use cold…” He trailed off, but Connall didn’t miss anything when it came to him. 

That’s what made everything so much harder. 

“You don’t have to do this every time” Connall snapped abruptly. The other male’s jaw tensed and he stood up, walking towards Connall. His hand still pressed over his eyes, he stood in front of him. Connall had this strange feeling Vaughan saw him better than any person with both their eyes open. 

“I will always do this, C, and I am past the point of explaining to you why I will do this. I know you’re bruised right there,” Vaughan pointed and Connall winced, confirming the male’s words. “And I know you’re bleeding here” Vaughan put his hand out, parallel to Connall’s heart. If Connall would just step forward, Vaughan’s hand would be pressing against his thumping, racing heart. But he didn’t. 

“And Fenrys will press hard against this wound, try to soak up the blood, attempt to stop the bleeding. And Maeve will continue to stab you and you will let her. But I know, I know you want a shield. You have to want it. And when you do I will be your shield”

“Why?” Connall whispered. He wanted to reach forward, wanted to pull Vaughan’s hand from over his eyes, wanted to run his hands through his hair, let his fingers get impossibly tangled. He wanted Vaughan to run. Fly - fly far away. Instead of coming back to him; again and again and again.

“Because you’re it for me. I’ve accepted that” Connall’s heart froze in his chest, his stomach clenching. His fingers curled into his palms, his nails digging into the soft skin. Vaughan’s nostrils flared and Connall knew it was a physical strain for Vaughan not to reach out and grab Connall, to make him stop hurting himself. “You’re the one; I’m yours. You may never be mine, but I’ll spend every waking, breathing moment, making it very obvious whose I am” 

“Stop” Connall whispered. 

“I am wholly yours. I know it. I know that my soul would sooner collapse than be without yours and I’d let it. But you’re not ready and you may never be ready. It could be centuries from now, and we’d still be here, and I’d still be yours. That’s how sure I am. I’d rather die tomorrow, knowing, trusting, and loving that I’m yours, than live a thousand years, ignoring this fact and moving on” 

Connall stared at Vaughan. He looked ridiculous. His hand resting over his eyes, his other hand thumping on his leg. He was restless. Connall was standing there, letting him pour out his heart, and Vaughan was staying still. Because he knew that’s what Connall needed. 

If Connall was normal, he would have shoved away Vaughan’s hand, and held him. Kissed him, maybe. Given him a physical touch, an emotional caress. Given him something. But he did nothing. Nothing

Deep down he knew Vaughan didn’t mind, but he minded. 

“Get out” Connall’s voice shook. Blood dripped onto the floor from the crescent moon cuts in his palms. Connall’s breathing had sped up, his shoulders moving up and down. Vaughan’s face fell, but he nodded. 

“Don’t come back, V” Connall froze and continued, “Vaughan, don’t you dare come back” 

“We both know I will”

“You’re hurting me” Connall whispered. 

“Then it is very clear we are not mates,” Vaughan forced a laugh from between his lips. “Because you’re hurting me too, C. But I wouldn’t have it any other way” 

Connall should beg him to stay. Beg him to take care of the bruises, to wash him of Maeve’s scent and touch. Beg him to run his fingers through his hair. Beg - Ask, never beg - Vaughan, and Vaughan only, to allow him to rest his head on his lap, to be lost in another touch, another scent. A scent he couldn’t name, but didn’t care, because he knew that’s what home was supposed to smell like. 

“I’m sorry,” Connall whispered instead. This was all his fault. He couldn’t dig deeper because it hurt. He couldn’t admit the truth, not to Vaughan. He couldn’t bear this weight, handle what might happen. 

“I’m not” Vaughan’s shoulders sagged. In another life Connall would walk forward and grip Vaughan’s shoulders, straightening him. He would hold his face and Vaughan would hold his, and their foreheads would touch. Then their noses, maybe even their lips. And from there, everything would be okay. 

But in their world it was simply not possible. 

Vaughan turned away and Connall let him walk to the door. He watched as Vaughan braced his palm against the door, the same way he had done before he walked in, then pulled it open. “When you were gone you took a part of me with you” Connall whispered. 

It was the most truthful thing he had ever told him. 

Vaughan must have sensed that, known that, deep down. 

Vaughan turned around and their eyes met. Burned copper and onyx. Vaughan’s eyes didn’t once dip to his bare chest; it didn’t even look like the urge was there. Though it was not because of the lack of physical attraction. 

“When-” Connall choked on his words, struggling. He clenched his fists again, grasping at the air. He shook his head, the words failing him. Vaughan was so, so good with words. But they always seemed to fail him when it mattered most. 

“Good bye, little wolf,” Vaughan whispered. Connall watched helplessly as the door closed between them. He slowly lowered himself down to the ground, pulling his knees into his chest. He pressed his cheek against the wall, breathing shakily. 

“Good bye, old bird” 

My very first Vaughnall piece. More to come. 

holy shit we did it! the big 30k!!

as always i’ll take this time to say this: thank you so much for following my blog. somedays i still can’t really believe that this is my reality, but im so, so grateful for it.

all of you guys have been so supportive of me over the years, your lovely messages have gotten me thru some hard times, and just your likes & reblogs mean more to me than you ever know.

thank you so much. i love every single one of you. you’re the best, seriously. thank you.

have a wonderful day!

Good Morning

Good morning tumblr friends, just a quick note of thanks for all your kind words and continued support through the years. You still amaze me every day with your outstanding writing and art.
You guys rock!

I’m going to be on a 2 week hiatus and will have limited internet availability so I will not be posting.
Lzlabseesu will be reblogging only a few each day that I have in the queue. I hope to see you all in a few weeks.
So stay safe and be good to each other.
Love to all
Lauren <3

OMG guys!! I never thought I would get this far but the last giveaway I had was for 300 followers so I think it’s due time for another one!! Many Xs and Os for all 1,056 of you who have reblogged my art and followed me over the past few months, waking up every day to your sweet comments and lovely messages means the world to me!!!!!! After nearly ten years in this fandom, I’m still meeting awesome people and making new friends and that’s honestly amazing to me. But ENOUGH RAMBLING, on with the giveaway!!

-Follow mizzmello and reblog to enter!!! Yaaaay!
-The winner (chosen by a random generator) will be announced on Tuesday, May 2nd, so a little over week from today! 
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-Aaaand, most importantly, what you get!!

Winner gets a full-color commission of whatever they’d like, up to three characters, aaaand, because I recently re-obtained a lot of my old sewing materials, a totally custom hairbow/choker/mini-plush/whatever (see sample pile of said materials here), in a little care package from moi with a note and stickers and whatever other little trinkets I may throw in!!

(Final note: since I do know that a lot of my followers are younger, feel free to reblog even if you don’t want to/can’t give out your address– if you do win, I can still draw you a few commissions, and perhaps redirect the care package somebody else’s way!! The last thing I want to do is exclude any of you bbs)

SILF = Sim I’d Like to F…ondle        

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

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I was tagged by @rethdis-love (thanks sweetie!!)

My SILF is…

Efren Hartley by @bustedpixels (this pic belongs to bustedpixels). I’ve showed my love for Efren before by stalking him at @bustedpixels‘s tumblr and reblogging multiple pics :P I’m in love ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I tag: @john-sims, @bratsims, @sympxls , @loniden & @theartofqueenie if you guys want to do it of course ❤

since i just reached 2k i wanted to do something that i’ll actually be able to complete and thank you guys with so i decided to do a MAY BLOG OF THE MONTH!

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IronHawk (Part Five)

Yay! An update!! SOOOO sorry for the delay!! Ugh #computer problems

If you are new to the story catch up HERE!

This Chapter: Fury is an asshole (but we knew that), Protective!Alpha!Clint is a BAMF (But we knew that too) and Tony can’t resist Hawkeye (but who can)
NSFW (Holla!!)
Then some feels because we love them :)

Thanks for the reblogs guys, please please keep them coming! Love you :)

“Dammit Stark, you promised me that your Omega-biology wouldn’t be an issue!” Fury’s angry voice cut through the tension of the conference room, and the team all exchanged uncomfortable glances.

“It’s not an issue, first of all.” Tony was squared off against him across the table, fists planted on the table angrily. “Second of all, the only reason you even know that something’s happened is because Captain Boy Scout over there blabbed about it!!”

“Sorry about that, Stark.” Steve held his hands up in apology. “I thought Fury knew, or I wouldn’t even had told him you were off your heat.”

“Why would that even come up in conversation?? I was very adamant that I never wanted to talk about this EVER!!”

“You were, Tony, and I’m sure Cap feels awful about it–” Bruce started to interrupt but Tony just snorted irritably, and the scientist shut his mouth.

It came up, because I asked how things were at the Tower!” Fury snapped.

He always sounded like he was pissed off, even when he wasn’t. Of course, he absolutely was pissed off right now, and Tony was the reason. “There hasn’t been a whole lot of missions lately and I thought it would be polite to ask why Iron Man hasn’t been blowing things up! Little did I know it’s because–”

“It’s none of your fucking business!” Tony was looking a little red, and the three Alphas in the room were leaning towards him.

Waves of anger, as well as panic and insecurity, were pouring off the agitated omega, but Fury couldn’t sense them, being the only Beta in the room, and therefore didn’t realize how close he really was to starting a physical confrontation. None of the Alphas there were mated to Tony, but pack mentality declared him family, and right now their family was under attack.

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Birthday Page!

i just hit 800 followers, which is crazy?? like i’m not even done with my 700 follower celebration! i love you guys so much!! so, i will be making a birthday page to celebrate! please don’t let this flop


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4.000!! 😳

I feel like I make this kind of post every month because it went sooo fast and we grew so much, I just wanted to say thank you guys. Thanks to those who’ve followed me since the beginning and thank you to those who follow me since yesterday. I love every single one of you and because of you all, I go on doing that stuff I love, astrology is my hobby, my passion, it’s where I glow up. ✨ Every ask means so so much for me and every reblog shows you care about my blog and that makes me so happy. ☺️ I have made some really great friends on here, some I am sure I’ll still have 5 years from now. Who knows if this blog is still here in 5 years, but I wanted you to know that everyone of you matters and I adore and love you all. ❤️

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do you love vampires? how about villainous vampires? how about the most villainous vampire in the history of fiction? meet dracula, an old-as-balls fallen angel whose sole ambition in life is to torment a reincarnated goddess and end the world as we know it. you may know him better as nerdy zoologist dr. alexander sweet ─ yes, that guy from the london natural history museum!

he’s from the showtime drama penny dreadful, but also from bram stoker’s infamous novel ( if that’s what you prefer ). like or reblog if you’d like to interact with everyone’s favorite ancient, omnicidal immortal!

Personal ; TBH my dash has been pretty “ d e a d ” lately a.k.a. I’m seeing the same people on my dash over and over (I love u guys but I need variation)  so could you pls like/reblog this  if y’all wouldn’t mind interacting with a BUFF, SLIGHTLY INTIMIDATING, DORK that goes by the name of DARYUN. Mah boi is from the series ARS//LAN SEN//KI mangakied by the infamous ARAKAWA HIROMU (you know, FULL//METAL ALCH//EMIST? - ye, that chick ). 

Anyway, pls do me a good one and help me with my dead dash- I really need more people to stalk.

12/100 days of productivity!
APHUG is gonna kill me. Mock is coming up soon, too. Oh boy.
I got accepted to the AICE program and the IB program at the high schools near me! I’m looking at both, but I might just stay at my current high school. I’m not sure.
Anyway, thanks for dealing with my and my messy desk and writing! Love to see you guys liking and reblogging!

I recently hit 5.6k! Thank you all so so much, it really does mean a lot to me that I have so many people that enjoy my blog <3 I love every single one of ya~ SO, as a thank you I’ve decided to do blog rates! The rules are below! I look forward to seeing all you guy’s blogs <3

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the lovely @wonshiks-bitch tagged me for the bias selfie challenge (thanks johanne 😘😘)

since the last time i did this i used my bae yixing this time i decided to go with my next ultimate han sanghyuk even though he has bitch face on and i actually look happy for once (please ignore my eye bags finals are taking a lot out of me)

im tagging @xxanimeliaxx @well-when-you-say-it-like-that and whoever else wants to do it because i’m lazy about tagging and if you want to congrats you have been tagged by me!