reblog if you want I don't care who knows about My Organs or lack thereof

tomorrow (Friday 20 Oct) I go in for surgery – it’s elective, by my choice and request and not because there’s anything bad going on. Just getting my uterus and ovaries and fallopian tubes taken out, since I’ve got no plans to ever use them, I don’t want to menstruate ever again, and I plan  to stay on testosterone basically forever. 

(I wish I could, like, rehome them to a trans sister who wants organs to make estrogen… but since I’m 38, I doubt they’d be great reproductive specimens anyway??? but still if uterus and ovaries transplants were A Thing…)

I ought to be home tomorrow night, or the day after if I feel particularly lousy. I will accept things such as funny screenshots, cute animal pictures, and puns as well wishes.