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A series of fake numbers to leave behind.

1-888-447-5594 - Easter egg number for finishing God of War, contains a dramatic speech. Personal favorite.

605-475-6968 - Rejection hotline, politely explains that whoever gave you this number turned ya down, buddy

888-276-6760 - The 24-hour Klu Klux Klanline where you can get a FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET!!!!1!

866-740-4531 - Only responds with “I am Groot”

206-629-6430 - Seattle radio station “Loser Line”, updated number. If they leave a weird voicemail, it could get broadcast over the airwaves.

Stay safe, people.

Q and A: Sherlock edition

Send a number, get an answer and reblog for your followers to ask you too!

1. How did you come to start watching Sherlock?

2. What makes you happiest about the show?

3. Which character did you hate at first but grow to love? 

4. Which character did you love at first but eventually hate? 

5. In which year did you begin watching Sherlock?

6. Your top three most heartbreaking moments in the show? 

7. When did you realize how deep into this show you were?

8. Do you recommend Sherlock to others or prefer to keep it to yourself? 

9.  What is your unpopular opinion in reference to any aspect of the show?

10. Which Season (or the special) is you favorite?

11. What is your ship? 

12. What is your favorite fan fic about them or fan art of them? 

13. Your favorite moment(s) between them? 

14. Why did you start shipping them?

15. If you had to get rid of one episode, which would it be? 

16. Who is your favorite character? 

17. Which character do you relate to most? 

18. What is your favorite moment in A Study in Pink?

19. What is your favorite moment in The Blind Banker?

20. What is your favorite moment in The Great Game?

21. What is your favorite moment in A Scandal in Belgravia?

22. What is your favorite moment in The Hounds of Baskerville?

23. What is your favorite moment in The Reichenbach Fall?

24. What is your favorite moment in The Empty Hearse

25. What is your favorite moment in The Sign of Three

26. What is your favorite moment in His Last Vow?

27. What is your favorite moment in The Abominable Bride?

28. Try to explain in words how you are feeling about Season 4 coming out in less than a month?

29. What is your best prediction for Season 4?

30. How has Sherlock changed your life?

31. Create your own question!

also feel free to add more questions upon reblogging to your own blog!

This is Over, but look out for more!!

If you DID NOT enjoy the Assassin’s Creed Movie, this is NOT the give away for you!!!

I liked the Assassin’s Creed movie and I also like being nice, so I’m giving away 3 things based on the movie to 3 people. 

So rules and stuff are basic. 

  • Followers only (If you follow for the give away that’s cool but do stick around)
  • Likes and reblogs count but try not to spam your followers
  • I’ll use a random number generator to pick a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winner
  • I’ll pick the winners on January 31st so you have until then & I’ll try to reblog this twice a day so you all can see it 

And yeah since I can’t figure out what each winner should get, I need you guys to help me pick. So here’s a link to a survey I made for that. I’ll keep the survey open till the 27th so go and vote!!!

Christian asks!

Okay. So. I see stuff like this going around Tumblr for all sorts of communities, and thought I’d do one for the Jesus community because I love y’all and also because it seems like fun. 

Send me a number (or two) and I’ll answer the question. (Reblog to have numbers sent to your ask.)

1.) How old were you when you accepted Christ into your life? Tell us about it.
2.) What’s your favorite Bible verse?
3.) What do you think Heaven is like?
4.) Have you read the entire Bible?
5.) What time of day do you usually read the Bible/how much do you read?
6.) If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
7.) Favorite book of the Bible?
8.) Favorite Christian bloggers on Tumblr?
9.) (Because we’re so down on ourselves so often) List three things about yourself that you think God loves about you.
10.) How has God changed your life?

Hiccstrid game!

Let’s play a little shipper-game while we are waiting for S4 news, shall we? :D

I’ll throw the question at you: how do you think the first Hiccstrid kiss scenario will be like?

I’ll give you five options. Pick the one you like best, and reblog with your answer (number is enough (and a comment is also enough if you don’t want to reblog)) :)

I’ll make a Hiccstrid comic out of the winning/most voted kissing scenario!

(Options are under the cut to not spam your dash :) )

Keep reading

For the love of anything holy! Do not post a 10k fic without a keep reading! Actually don’t post above 1k without a keep reading please. 

I can also tell you that small feature will without a shadow of a doubt increase your number of reblogs. I never ever reblog anything about 1k without it and I know a lot of others feel the same.

Seymour Is Giving Away Free Cans Of Food Halloween Promotional

Rebog And Say: Your Favorite Number, Your Zodiac Sign, And Yor Zodiac Sign, And See What You Got In Your Free Can

FR Tumblr Secret Santa ‘16 Sign Ups

Hi! This post is for signs up for FR tag based secret santa. On this post you will be able to sign up and read the rules.

How To Sign Up:

1. Reblog with your Flight Rising username and ID number. 

2. Visit this post to fill out a fun little form with questions to help your person find something to give you.


1. This is only for the FR tag. However, you don’t need to have a main FR blog to participate. 

2. You have to spend a minimum of 50kT. There is no maximum because there’s no limit to one’s generosity. This does not apply if you plan on gifting art. 

3. If you end up not being able to get your person a gift, you have to let me, lauren akaa thelaziestdragon aka Surfbort know before the day of the gift exchanges!! You can PM me on here or on FR. This one is important because it’s no fun if someone is expecting something and their person bailed without letting anyone know!

4. Don’t publicly post whose name you received.

Other Important Things To Know:

1. Sign up dates: November 1, 2016 - November 30, 2016.

2. Names will be sent out on December 1st via an ask.

3. Gifts will be exchanged December 20th - 25th on Flight Rising.

Hey folks, I’ve decided to come up with new Mewsim concept art, but I’m having troubles deciding which pose is better for his portrait. Which one do you like more? Pirate, rocker or maybe hula dancer? LET’S VOTE – reblog and write your favorite pose number.

professor layton ask game!

simply reblog and your followers ask you numbers!

(if you’re going to reblog this from someone maybe ask them some?)

  1. what’s the highest number of picarats you’ve ever earned on a puzzle?
  2. do you like clive despite what he did?
  3. which type of puzzles do you find the hardest?
  4. do you like to get through the story quickly or spend time finding hint coins, hidden puzzles, etc?
  5. what did you name the bird in lost/unwound future?
  6. what did you call the hamster in pandora’s box/the diabolical box?
  7. did you cry during any of the games?
  8. who is your favourite character?
  9. who is your least favourite character?
  10. have you seen eternal diva?
  11. which ships do you ship, if any?
  12. have you ever had to look up the solution to a puzzle?
  13. do you prefer the original format or the 3ds format?
  14. which game do you think had the best music?
  15. do you like or dislike inspector chelmey?
  16. which minigames do you like?
  17. do you save up your hint coins or spend them often?
  18. which is your favourite game overall?
Reblog to see who your followers ship you with

Send in:

Pastel Blue - Yoosung

Purple - Zen

Brown - Jaehee

Black - Jumin

Crimson - Seven

Red - Saeran

Turquoise - V

Green - Yoori (Yoosung’s Sister)

Orange - Tom

White - Elizabeth the Third (the non-romance option because everyone deserves a beautiful cat in their lives)

(I threw in a few fun ones ;) If you tell me why I’ll cry tears of joy )

+ Give me three of your personality traits and I’ll tell you who I ship you with in return!