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Under the cut you’ll find roughly 61 gifs of the dorky adorable Adam DiMarco as Todd in The Magicians Season 1 Episodes 7. Dimarco is an actor most known for his role in Radio Rebel, Words and Pictures, and When We Rise. Ethnically, he is of White(Canadian) descent, so please cast him accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were completely unintentional. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like to say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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☆ Kim Taehyung — V

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SuperCorp + Text Posts from the Amazing SuperCorp Fandom (pt 1) 

I can’t believe I’m posting something helpful, damn. In this post you will find #78 gifs of the beautiful Michelle Keegan, all made by moi! Please like/reblog if you use, and please give credit if you use or edit in any way at all. Notes take a second but mean the world, it also may motivate me to make more! Also please don’t nag/ask me to update this, I’ll update it when I can/when I’m motivated to. 

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🌲🌈LGBT+ Animal Crossing Canvases, Clothes and Umbrellas 🌈🌲

Made all these designs a while ago for my LGBT+ Café on ACHHD and I thought that it’d be cool to post the QR’s so that others can use them too! I couldn’t get all of them here so I’ll post them next!

These aren’t pro designs meaning that you can use them as a canvas on your wall, T-shirt’s and even umbrellas! 😁

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Matching icons for you and your fellow Space Ranger Partner™

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