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okay first off: how 

1500 is a lot of ppl for my lil blog and I’m rly grateful and I just have a lotta love to share rn

I’ve only recently been using this blog actively and the support and the friends I’ve made has just been such a wonderful experience- I wanted to celebrate that, and a blog awards felt perfect!! (s/o to michelle aka @peraltiagoisland for suggesting and helping me w it!) 

sooo I’ve made up a load of lil categories (and listed the prizes under the cut) - I follow a shedload of people here that I’d want to put in SO if you’d like to be involved please reblog this post!!! I’ll pick winners and runner-ups by thursday the 20th of july and we’ll all have a brilliant time!! this is also such a good opportunity to give ppl (esp within the b99 fandom) the exposure they deserve for their work if I can <3

without further ado:

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Heyyyy been a while since i’ve had one of these, right? Welll, to celebrate my shinny new job, which i dont really need cos i have enough money anyways, im having a giveaway! I’m about to hit 14k so i figure that’s reason enough, and that i love you all!!! 

Rules! (u lil shits better follow them) 

  • Likes and reblogs BOTH count idc if u spam ur followers, if they unfollow you thats on you sorry 
  • Must be following me it’s a giveaway for my cutie followers, friends
  • Ends march 23rd
  • There will be only one winner and they will receive everything above, sorry i find having multiple winners is a bit of a hassle
  • Ill ship anywhere and ill cover shipping costs, no need to fret 
  • You’ll have to be comfortable giving me your address (I promise i wont creep on ya) (okay maybe i will) (No i promise i wont) 
  • I will order the shirt in ANY size, dont worry 
  • If there’s anything you dont want i will substitute it with something else of equal value


  • Season 1 of Star Trek The original series 
  • The complete Star Trek motion picture collection (both these things are pretty pricey so if u win ur one lucky duck tbh) 
  • A star trek TOS poster 
  • Star trek “trek yourself” T shirt
  • Two stickers from my favorite redbubble store, i kinda threw these in on a whim cos theyre so cute uwu 

ALSO if you’re a Star Trek fan but you DONT watch TOS, and most of this giveaway is TOS, if you win I’ll be happy to swap merchandise for you and get you AOS stuff! 

ALSO (this is kinda pointless this giveaway if probably gonna flop)

  • If this giveaway gets 10k notes I’ll get you any book of your choice under 15 bucks
  • over 20k notes and i’ll get you a DVD or something, like under 20 bucks
  • nothing else really i honestly dont expect over 20k lmao
  • or even over 5k lololol 

Questions/comments/ concerns? Head over to my ask box! Good luck to you all! LLAP. 

yo listen up u lil shits

reblog if you post/reblog any of the following
* sherlock
* supernatural
* game of thrones
* doctor who
* American horror story
* hannibal
* harry potter
* Star Trek
* torchwood
* john green
* hunger games
* marvel/avengers
* chaos walking
all will be explained laterz k bye

alright fellas so this might mess up but i’m near 4k so (▰˘◡˘▰)

R U L E S ;

*:・゚✧ follow this lil shit
*:・゚✧ reblog this post, no likes pls!!
*:・゚✧ must reach 40 notes or i’m gonna cry nice
*:・゚✧ you can enter till 19th may!!! i mean it’s 48 hours so
*:・゚✧ there will be 1 winner and around 3 runner-ups!!
*:・゚✧ mm kkk k that’s it bye

C A T E G O R I E S ;

*:・゚✧ url
*:・゚✧ theme
*:・゚✧ posts
*:・゚✧ original content 
*:・゚✧ multifandom 
*:・゚✧ aesthetic
*:・゚✧ nicest blogger
*:・゚✧ personal favourite

P R I Z E S ;

*:・゚✧ a follow from me if not already!
*:・゚✧ 3 promo’s on request
*:・゚✧ any requested edit
*:・゚✧ a place in my updates tab

*:・゚✧ a follow from me if not already!
*:・゚✧ 1 promo on request
*:・゚✧ any requested edit
*:・゚✧  a place in my updates tab

and yeah!!! that’s prolly not it, but im a fucking twat so ignore me!! good luck to y’all bye!!!!!