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I doubt I can ever find a moment not to be so wonderfully photogenic. 
It comes with the the marvelous territory of being so naturally unnatural. 
I should honestly show myself off more, especially when I am delving so deeply into matters Eldritch. 

Feel free to be enraptured and captivated. 
Your entertainment and awe is so very important to me. 

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Gobblepot Winter 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hey Gobblepotters! Tis the time to be merry and ship our favorite couple curled up by the fire, or building a snowman, or anything you can dream up. It’s GobblepotWinter 2017! From December 1 through 31, you can post fic, art, videos, gifs, playlists, or any other work you create featuring the boys enjoying winter wonderland. To help inspire you (but please feel free to compose any winter themed work you wish), we’re providing a bingo card:

Post your fanworks using the hashtag #GobblepotWinter2017 here on Tumblr and on Twitter. On Twitter, also make sure to mention us @GobblepotEvents . That way, we can find your works and reblog/retweet them for everyone to delight in.

Our AO3 Collection is here.

Our wonderful art is by @oswalddcobblepot and our great banner is by @stolen-starlord . Thank you, guys!

Please reblog and retweet to spread the word! The more, the merrier! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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I have a weird idea for an OTP prompt

Person A feels like dancing and asks Person B to dance with them. However, Person B doesn’t want to as they are busy with something. Person A leaves, but later comes back with a stereo.

Person A presses play and “Get Down on It” by Kool & the Gang starts playing. As the song plays, they dance around Person B and lip sync the words. Person B at first gets annoyed and tries to concentrate, but eventually, the beat gets to them and as they second half of the song starts to play they join in with Person A.

Person A stops dancing for a second and notices of how phenomenal Person B’s moves while the latter smirks in delight. Person A goes back to dancing with Person B and together, they both have fun dancing through the song.

After the song ends, as Person A is about to take the stereo away to let Person B finish what they were doing, the latter stops them saying, “Maybe one more song?” and person A smiles in delight.

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But if it had been “just” Sam (i.e. if Cas had pulled out Sam with his soul in place), then Sam would have spent like an hour tops in the Cage - call me callous, but I dont think that would be enough to make someone “pop out of Hell wrong”.

Was it as quick as that? I know that in 6x01 Sam says he has been back for ‘almost the whole year’ but I guess I have always allowed a week or two in my mind for Cas to be miraculously restored and then to work out a plan. I suppose you’re right, though, if hell time worked for Sam the same way that it did for Dean then if successfully rescued he could potentially have endured a relatively short spell underneath (say Cas pulled him out after a week, Dean’s four months are forty years, Sam’s week would be two and a half years or so??). Two and a half years of torture might have an appreciable impact on somebody, though, even if it doesn’t touch forty (or 180, the approximate length of time Sam’s soul was under in actuality by that measure). 

However, I also wonder (and have seen discussed elsewhere) if Cage time operates differently from general Hell time. This would seem plausible given that Hell time works differently to regular time anyway - I guess I think of it like Inception, levels and levels and as you go deeper time expands so what’s a few minutes up top feels like longer the deeper you go. And the Cage is in the very deepest part of Hell. I think that idea about time is based mostly on what Sam says in 6x14 after his seizure:

SAM: So, how long was I out, again?
DEAN: I’m telling you, like two or three minutes. Why, what’d it feel like to you?
SAM: About a week, give or take.

In that case, even allowing for a super-speedy angel rescue, an hour in the Cage could feel like at least 30 weeks/7+ months, and a week would be like… sixty-four and a half years. 

But I guess this is all academic anyway, because Sam didn’t get rescued with his soul in place, and it wasn’t just trauma that was making him behave oddly, and so.

Your idea that he got tugged out almost straight away though made me really think how odd it is that Bobby just went along with not telling Dean that Sam was back. Even if it was a few weeks or a month later, Bobby says in 6x01 that he’s known almost the whole time. Dean’s grief must have been so raw at first, even if he did more or less settle in with Lisa later, and it is crazy to me that Bobby was so chill about letting Sam not tell him he’d been pulled out, regardless of whether Sam was a bit unheimlich and odd feeling. Has anybody ever written or read any good fic about this??  

Unrelated but today my calc teacher was saying how we need an e day on February 7th (2.7) the same way we have pi day on March 14th (3.14), and I looked up what e is exactly, and it’s 2.718, which means that next February, 2.7.18, is going to be Actual Euler’s Number Day, and when I said that my teacher screeched in delight

studynest  asked:

Hey sorry to bother you but I'm a new studyblr and I was wondering if you had any advice or tips for me since I'm new to all of this ps I love your blog so much

Hi there! Welcome to the wonderful world of the studyblr community :) 

When I made this blog, I had absolutely no idea on how to begin , even what a studyblr was (true story haha).  But, I do remember seeing posts of lovely handwritten notes and those hella nice mildliners. I was instantly drawn to this fantastic rabbit hole. It motivated me to become more productive and enthusiastic in learning.

Here are my tips for you  。◕‿◕。

1. Choosing your url

You can have any url that you fancy. Yet, I would recommend that having a username that is study-related will let people know easier that you are a studyblr.

2. Determine first your aesthetic

Every studyblr has their own aesthetic. You might be someone who likes pastel-y posts, or maybe you prefer posting about cute stationery. It can be a mixture of anything under the sun! There are no rules. You can post whatever you’re passionate about.

3. Designing your theme, background and icon

A theme that is clean-looking and pleasing to the eyes will surely do wonders. My favorite theme makers are : iliyon, sorrism, ladmilk, shythemes, pohroro and neothm. For your desktop, you can also get these pretty wallpapers from Design Love Fest and from @thearialligraphyproject​. Your icon can be your selfie,  study desk, pet goldfish or perhaps something that has an affinity with your url.

4. Following studyblrs 

There are SEVERAL of studyblrs out there. You’ll get to meet tons of fantastic people who will constantly inspire you. You could check out this studyblr map to see studyblrs near your location. You could also see some communities and study groups. Here’s some of my studyblr faves as well ☺ 

@areistotle, @studyign, @gryhffindors, @dangostudy, @academla, @gracelearns, @thearialligraphyproject, @cmpsbls, @milkystudies , @studyfulltime, @studybuzz, @studyingtill-am, @17tri, @productiveflower, @jessastudy, @studeity, @elkstudies, @studyrelief, @collegetothestars, @katsdesk, @studycxlture, @studytildawn

5. Original Content

Try to make your own original posts! It could be about your notes, desk, handwriting or tips. Your posts can also range from masterposts, videos, playlists, printables or even just photos. Your original content will surely introduce you the studyblr world. As much as possible, try to be consistent. I try to post at least once a week. Don’t forget to tag it with #studyblr and #studyspo

*You can also signal boost your posts by tagging studyblrs who have their own tracked tags ☺ Some will be delighted to reblog them! You can track me in your posts and I will be happy to boost them as well

* It helped me too when I made an introductory post. I met tons of mutuals through it

* An important rule to remember is reblog never repost. It would be very rude to steal someone else’s work, and it will upset them too.

6. Apps + stationery

Here’s my masterlist of apps and extensions. You could check out my resources tag for more websites. For stationery, popular ones would be Moleskine notebooks, Stabilo or Staedtler Fineliners, MUJI pens, and Zebra Mildliners. But it isn’t necessary to buy them all, since some are very expensive. Here are some cheaper (still nice) alternatives by @elkstudies.

8. Reminders

For me, I learned that being a studyblr is not defined by the number of notes and followers one must have . Being a studyblr doesn’t require fancy handwriting or a Macbook laptop. A studyblr is someone who aspires to be a better student. She/he works hard to achieve success. A studyblr is someone who is also willing to help their fellow studyblrs, they support + help one another  ☺

Here are some advice as well from other studyblrs:

I hope this helps and if you have questions. Feel free to ask. Goodluck!!  ( ゚ヮ゚)

Muse Playlist

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Kaname Yamazaki (The Demon)

I. Linkin Park - ‘Crawling’ [ x ]

There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
Consuming, Confusing
This lack of self-control I fear is never ending
Controlling, I can’t seem
To find myself again
My walls are closing in
(Without a sense of confidence, I’m convinced
That there’s just too much pressure to take)
I’ve felt this way before
So insecure

II. Bring me the Horizon - ‘Happy Song’  [ x ]

I’ve had enough
There’s a voice in my head
Says I’m better off dead 
But if I sing along
A little fucking louder to a happy song
I’ll be alright
You want to give up
Gave it all that you’ve got and it still doesn’t cut

III.  Gemini Syndrome - ‘Zealot‘  [ x ]

Not to concerned with deserting
All the differences everyone’s observing
Take me away from the verdict
All the simpletons, all our minds are blurring.
Raise the hands for the haunting
All the imbeciles everyone is running
Put it all down till there’s nothing
Not repentance, at-least you live with something.
We will believe
Whatever you think we need
Everybody’s scratching just to get to the surface
Find their purpose in this wasted life
Everybody wants to know their ending is worth it
That its worth it
It’s not wasted time

IV.  Bullet for my Valentine - Waking the Demon  [ x ]

Helpless, my eyes are bleeding from the fear that’s inside,
You sealed your demise when you took what was mine
Don’t try and stop me from avenging this world,
No voice to be heard
Waking the Demon,
Where’d ya run to
Walking in shadows,
Watch the blood flow
There’s not much longer so don’t try and fight,
Your body’s weakening so walk to the light
All those painful times so alone so ashamed,
I’m not coming back there’s nothing to gain

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(For those of you who I tagged twice, you don’t have to do it twice. I mean, none of ny’all have to do the meme at all but y’know. Just wanted ny’all to know I’m interested in more than one of your muses lol, and I also tried not to tag people who were already tagged by someone else)

I. Starset -  “Bringing It Down” [ x ]

There’s something inside you that isn’t right!
There’s something that haunts your dreams at night!
There’s something that you have lost,
And you’re bringing it down!
You’re bringing it down!
…On top of us.

II. Kira ft. GUMI -  “Monster”  [ x ]

Funny how you think I’m bothered!
Know I’m nothing like the others!
You shouldn’t have messed with me ‘cause I heard
That you’re afraid of monsters.

Are you ready for the monster?

III.  CrusherP & The Living Tombstone ft. ARAKI -  “Again”  [ x ]

I am on fire!
A crying, burning liar!
Seeing nothing, nothing, but myself.
And I’m the one with the lighter.

Every inch of me is charred!
God, what happened to my heart?
I’m about to fall apart…
Again! Again!

IV.  Digital Daggers -  “Can’t Sleep, Can’t Breathe”  [ x ]

You tried to tempt fate.
Be careful what you wish!
I’ll take you deeper,
And strip you of salvation!

It’s a crusade,
To bring you to your knees.
It’s what you wanted,
Your last manipulation.

I’m taking you down with me.
I’m taking you down with me ‘til you…

You There! Fic Writer!

I see you. I see you not finding things that speak to you in fanfic. I see you writing what makes you happy, writing what feels right to you, writing down what makes you all hot and bothered.

I see you hold that fragile little pet in your hands and wait until right before your bedtime to post it. I see you checking the number of notes and comments when you get up to pee at 3 AM. I see you getting 12 notes and two shitty anon messages questioning your choices, dismissing what you created.

I see you happy when others love it, too. I see your delight when a mutual reblogs and the tags are all #YUSSSSS #FINALLY #THIS IS MAH JAM.

I see you frustrated when a week or a month later, after you’ve taken all the heat - anon or not - for talking about this odd thing you love that others don’t quite get or are afraid of.

Suddenly someone else is on board with it, and gets nothing but love for posting that thing you offered with a cringe and an apology for being the weird one.


And I remember what you did and when.

Man Face Monday - Face the Day Edition

Heya Peeps. Howzit going?

Season 5 is kind of simmering for me. Not really sure where we’re going, but there is plenty to hold my curiosity and interest. And of course, one of those things has a face. The face. 

How adorable is it? This adorable.

How broody is it? This broody.

How serious can it be? This serious. God bless whomever made this gif. Sorry the provenance is lost on Giphy.

How pillowy are the lips? Downright mountainy. 

How dangerous is the face in black and white? Boom. 

How delicious is the profile? Yes, please. I would like seconds. 

Ending today on another adorable. Because adorable bookends are the best kind. (Once again, thank you gifmaker who is a star)

Sigh. I needed that face today myself. And putting this post together always gives me a lift, as do your delightful likes, comments and reblogs. Thanks especially for the reblogs because I find that the tag list almost never works and I know folks don’t get to see these unless they are shared. 

Have a lovely day!

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