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I doubt I can ever find a moment not to be so wonderfully photogenic. 
It comes with the the marvelous territory of being so naturally unnatural. 
I should honestly show myself off more, especially when I am delving so deeply into matters Eldritch. 

Feel free to be enraptured and captivated. 
Your entertainment and awe is so very important to me. 

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Man Face Monday - Face the Day Edition

Heya Peeps. Howzit going?

Season 5 is kind of simmering for me. Not really sure where we’re going, but there is plenty to hold my curiosity and interest. And of course, one of those things has a face. The face. 

How adorable is it? This adorable.

How broody is it? This broody.

How serious can it be? This serious. God bless whomever made this gif. Sorry the provenance is lost on Giphy.

How pillowy are the lips? Downright mountainy. 

How dangerous is the face in black and white? Boom. 

How delicious is the profile? Yes, please. I would like seconds. 

Ending today on another adorable. Because adorable bookends are the best kind. (Once again, thank you gifmaker who is a star)

Sigh. I needed that face today myself. And putting this post together always gives me a lift, as do your delightful likes, comments and reblogs. Thanks especially for the reblogs because I find that the tag list almost never works and I know folks don’t get to see these unless they are shared. 

Have a lovely day!

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