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I’m taking a Poll

If you are gay/queer and you ship eremin, then reblog this

If you are straight and you ship ereri, then like this.   


There is a flaw in my methodology as some people have pointed out.  I fixed it.

Link to eremin post

Link to ereri post 

Staying through the shit storm FOLLOW TRAIN!!
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  • This is for everyone staying through the literal shit storm thats happened this week
  • This is for everyone who will stay
  • Everyone who is stuck in this hell hole forever
  • This is for everyone who wants new mutuals
  • This is for those who wanna update their dash
  • Follow people u think are rad
  • I’ll check out everyone who reblog this
  • If this doesn’t get any notes this didnt happen
  • I gained over 200 followers on my last follow train

What you gotta do:

  • Ask me a question/tell me about your day/ship me/mlt/wyr/jokes
  • Have a face/about page/ just describe yourself if you don’t have one
  • Like/reblog this
  • If you would like a short blurb make sure to give me a prompt for it

What you get:

- Ship: C | A | L | M

- Gif of ship (not mine):

- Mini playlist of 4 songs:

- Short blurb: (Only if you give me a prompt/idea)

- Fake Text:

No notes and this never happened lol