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me @ people who are hostile to artists: do you really think you will gain something by that? lmao what you are probably goin to earn is being blocked by that person you are being mean at and that the artist stop doing art for what you want.


I am opening commissions!!!! I hope I am able to do all of this correctly and I will try and finish the first commissions within two weeks tops ^^

Since I want to do this right, i open two slots to keep it cool.

If you are interested, send me a tumblr message or an ask on which ever blog you want @phantomstruggle @ellimpala , we’ll discuss the details and I’ll see you soon ^^

PS: 1€ is 1,16498$    ^^

Like just stop for a second with the “grey ace” and “demisexual” and “sapiosexual” labels and think about what it says about our pornofied, oversexualized society that “wanting to get to know people before having sex with them” and “wanting your sexual partner to have a good, compatible personality” and “not wanting to fuck everyone you meet” are now considered atypical sexual orientations instead of common fucking sense.

since i sometimes get asked about this, lemme state for the record:

if i write something (meta/fic/random headcanon) and it makes you want to create something of your own (a fic, a drawing, a video, an aesthetic, a gifset, ANYTHING) PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT. you don’t need to ask my permission. MAKE THE THING, then tag me in it so i can see it.

creating things should be fun and if some ridiculous idea i had inspires you to do something fun and creative i am all for that and i would love to see what you make out of it. i’m not precious about my ideas. go forth and make art.

a request!

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So according to a new interview ‘Welcome to the madness’ WAS choreographed by Yuri OVERNIGHT with the help of his DJ friend Otabek who WILL PLAY AN UNEXPECTED ROLE in the EX, although they won’t pair skate like Victuri 

he was pissed of at having messed up in his FS and didn’t want to do the EX Lilia did for him (as in another ballet hit)


Edit: Yuri wanted Beka to choose the song for him bc he followed Otabek to the club where he DJed that night (some rock club) (after FS?) altho Otabek didn’t want to take him bc he was underage