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OP’s calling me out for something stupid that i used to believe in but i now understand was disrespectful, incorrect and way out of line. i just assumed i was right because i am non-binary and i never experienced any injustices in my life.

i think the post is still being passed around so if y’all could reblog this and let people know that i’ve changed my views that would be appreciated it.

also they have me blocked so i couldn’t message them but if you wanna correct them here’s the original post.


Hi everyone!! 

This is my first time trying to do commissions (aaaaaah). I wanted to see if commissioning is cut out for me and if I could actually get some extra money to maybe go to Seventeen’s concert….

Please be specific when you contact me for a commission and stay in contact throughout the commissioning period so it’d be easy to get feedback and stuff.

im so sorry i have to do this again but my electricity is about to be turned off if i don’t pay this bill. im also struggling to put food in my stomach. I tend to go a couple of days without eating a full meal. i need around $100 ($63 for my overdue bill, $40 to eat these next couple of weeks) again sorry for this. i don’t like asking for help but times are tough rn.$KiCarter anything helps

does anyone still want me to write some avoidant trini headcanons? as in, making a list about trini having avoidant personality disorder. its been two months since ppl asked and its been so long it felt too late. i still have the wip but im thinking about starting from scratch again


I got tagged by @yixingminseokjongdae + @wonshiks-bitch to do the bias selfie thing, as I did Hongbin last time, I did me and Hakyeon this time ^_^ we both look grump…

I tagggggggg @rapperravioli (I know you’ve already been tagged, so i’m increasing the pressure hehehe) @lizardshik @brekineee @theoreticallymad @kpop-loving-noona @fxck-vixx


                             blood  makes  you  related .     loyalty  makes  you  connected  .    the  strength  of  a   family      ,      like   the   strength   of  an   army     ,      is  in  its’   dependence    &     absolute   trust   in   each   other  .       //     independent .   private .    selective .    exclusive .   

                                  ROSALIE .    EMMETT .   ALICE .   JASPER .   

apparently in ignorant white folks land, there are posts that’re like “WE’RE ALL HUMANS, SO WE SHOULD LOVE EACH OTHER EQUALLY!!!” and while I love that notion, it fundamentally denies the struggle that POC (people of color) and MOC (muns of color) face everyday, both in real life and here.

you can’t tell ppl that’ve been hurt repeatedly that they should love their oppressors, or trust those that benefit off of their oppressions. some of us are okay with being civil to white folks after being hurt, and some of us aren’t, and you, as a white person, cannot be the one to decide which one we choose after bad things happen.

In June we celebrate LGBT Pride. This month I live and march for those who have died and been victims of violence from homophobia, transphobia, and the racism that is intrinsically tied to both of those things.

Do not separate racism from homophobia and transphobia. Do not pretend these things are mutually exclusive. And for fuck’s sake do not start putting blame on LGBT people of color who have been brutalized for so long for “dividing the community” that has already been divided and complicit in the deaths of LGBT folks of color. Do fucking better.

RIP to all the fallen victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting. It’s going to be a year soon. As a bisexual Latina, this attack will live in me forever, it will remind me of the different ways people can hate me and want me dead, and it will continue to remind me that those who fell deserve to be remembered. I live on with all 49 beautiful souls in my memory everyday.