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i passed 2k follows yesterday!! a big thank u to everyone who’s supported my art, left kind tags on my drawings, messaged me or hung out with me during streams !! u guys keep driving me forward to keep churning out content and i rly appreciate it

but enough of that, time for The Rules™:

1. gotta be following me (ill check!)
2. reblog = entry, winner will be chosen at random
3. u gotta have either ur dms or askbox open!!
4. if u win but dont respond to my message in 24 hours ill randomly pick someone else

what im willing to draw:

1. up to two characters
2. they can be from any series, even ur ocs are fine! 
3. ships are ok unless theyre gross (check my faq if u want specifics)
4. as long as its sfw and not overly complicated im game!!! in any case ill let u know and we’ll figure sth out

u can reblog this post until july 20th, ill pick a winner at 8PM (EET)!!!

(edit): if uve got any questions check out the raffle faq first before shooting me an ask!


Hey dudes and dudettes and non binary dude-babes; I finally hit 3k followers! To say thank you (and get rid of some of the junk I have lying around) I decided to do a give away!

What you get:

  • Three patches -  hand embroidered, made by me! 
  • A rosary style peace sign necklace and a russian doll necklace (both brand new, i never wear them?)
  • a pair of black titanium 6mm gauge tunnel earrings (only worn a few times, will be sterilised and cleaned for u xx)
  • three stainless steel belly bars - one is missing a ball but u can use the one from one of the other ones u know (also sterilised for u xx)
  • Five lil crystals and a cute bag for them! (my hand is there for scale) Disclaimer: I don’t actually know what the crystals are except for one amethyst and on rose quartz
  • A compact mirror with wee roses on it :+)


  1. must be following me
  2. likes don’t count (ok for bookmark tho!!)
  3. no give away blogs pls
  4. only ONE reblog will be counted so there’s no point spamming it
  5. if you want more of a chance to win, follow my instagram @tashbourbon (you will be entered into the draw a second time!!!)
  6. must be willing to divulge personal info (address, email, etc.) so I can get it to u if u win :^)

For updates or any questions about the giveaway, follow my give away blog HERE 

I’ll draw the winner with a random number generator when this reaches enough notes! a date may be selected in later august, depending on notes.

I know its not much but I wanted to do it anyway. Good luck my angels!! xxx

~Mini giveaway~

So I was going through my phone pictures and I realized I bought Super Mario advance 3 for the Wii u using my club member points and never redeemed it ?
And since I sold my wii u I have no use for it
SO, if anyone wants a chance to win the game
Just Like and or reblog,each count as an entry
No need to be following me.

I’ll pick a winner tonight or early tomorrow morning (Oct 10,2015)


hi u crazy klancers!! it’s justklance here with my 1st contest! :D ok, so..


the objective is simple: create a voltron fanwork using the following prompt: 

“A Very Voltron Halloween”

Will you draw the paladins in costume? Write a fic about a costume party or trick or treating? Maybe a couples costume pair of your fave ship? An AMV to This is Halloween? Whatever you want to do, you are welcome, as long as it follows the prompt!

+be following me (if you are entering from a side blog, let me know your main blog, because i will be checking if you are following)
+reblog this post!
+link back to this post in your post
+mention/@ me in your post
+make “#justklance 500 contest” the 1st tag & “#voltron halloween” the 2nd (i will only be tracking the 1st tag, the 2nd tag is optional)
+no hating on another user or group in your entry
+all content must be EITHER original or edits of OFFICIAL material, no stealing content from other fic writers or fanartists
+mention what character u want fanart of if u win 1st and what character and ship you want a drabble of if you win 1st or 2nd.(see prizes second for details)
+last of all… HAVE FUN! :D

there will be THREE winners. entries will be judged based on creativity and overall presentation, not just on talent alone, so even if you aren’t the best writer/artist/editor, that’s ok! as long as you put effort in, you still have a good chance! also, i will not be biased based on choice of character or ship, even if i don’t ship it, even if it’s a listed notp for me, this will not decrease your shot at winning! draw what your heart wants, not what you think i would want!

This is really mostly just a fun event to being people together n get them creative, but i wanted to add some prizes too, just to add some competition!
3rd prize
+a shout-out in the winner’s post
+a headcanon on my blog dedicated to you
2nd prize
+3rd prize prizes AND
+a drabble written just for you about any character or ship you choose
1st prize
+2nd & 3rd prize prizes AND
+a flower crown cutie DRAWN BY ME of any voltron ld character you choose! 

…ive already done keith n lance, here are those two examples:

good luck, everyone! :D -justklance

bvlletsmikey's february botm!

i have no idea how to introduce this so um here we go??


  • mbf me 
  • reblogs only
  • u can like if u want to but it won’t count 
  • must have 20 notes or this never happened mmkay


  • a place on my blog for a month
  • promos whenever u want and also just random shout outs by me bc ily
  • selfie reblogs guaranteed (actually if u want me to see and reblog a post literally just tag me in it)
  • a possible friendship 

i’ll make a poll containing a few people who reblog this on like the 27th or 28th and then the voting thing will happen and it will end on the 30th or 31st and whoever wins will be my botm 

erm yeah so if ur interested go reblog! 

Mari's Shiny Pokemon Giveaway c;

~❋ wow  reallyamazingneat❋

3 Winners

:: First Place - Choose the shiny that you want and you also get my torchic haha which looks like this in case you don’t know

:: Second Place - Choose the shiny that you want

::Third Place - You get the remaining shiny

~:: Rules and Guidelines ::~

- SEE THOSE CUTIES IN THE SPRITES? those are what u can get

- This is for MUTUAL followers only because I love you guys and I know a lot of you love pokemon~! I might extend it out to non followers though if literally no one cares about this lol

- Likes and reblogs count okay

-Random generator used to pick u lucky people haha

-give me ur friendcode when you win if i dont have it already

Winners will receive a fanmail because I don’t want tumblr to eat asks. reply to me within a week or i’ll choose someone else kay

END DATE WILL BE FEBUARY 6TH - WINNERS ANNOUNCED FEB 7TH WHEN BRAVELY DEFAULT COMES OUT because i will literally be playing nothing else after i send these cute pokemon away