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Fanart Friday

im gonna be doing a thing every friday on @pandapearlcomic where ill be posting art people have done for me for panda pearl, either for here or just general art for me!! i dont wanna post anyones art w/out permission ofc tho, but i wanna help promo the wonderful artists who have been kind enough to do wonderful pieces for me.

ill still be reblogging individual works too, ofc, but if ur cool w me posting them to the comic blog in a masterpost for an extra promo, pls let me know!! ill also have v nice things 2 say abt each of u when i link ur blogs.

i appreciate everything u guys do for me and i want to help u all get some of the attention yall deserve, ily guys!! : >

note that this wouldnt happen every friday or anything, i dont get that much fanart or anything. but if i get more than one piece id like to share them all on the blog :0

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

some thoughts on the taz graphic novel

Before I get into this, I wanna say that I’m not mad at anyone, I’m just disappointed. As well as this, I don’t speak for everyone, you know? I’m just one person.

I’m also not-white. I’m mixed-race, and I, god, really hate fantasy.

I’ve never been able to get into anything in the fantasy genre, because it’s not a world I can see myself in. To get straight to the point? It’s really white. Apart from black-coded monsters, there’s really nothing for me there.

One of the reasons why The Adventure Zone is really important to me is that it made me like fantasy. Like, I went into it pretty hesitant and ready to just, give up on it, but I ended up binging the whole thing in a few days. Now, I absolutely adore it. It not only introduced me to really compelling storytelling and pushed me into making more content that I’m really happy with, it also let me be a part of an amazing group of people, and I really feel like I’ve made some good friends in the community.

Another reason why I like it so much is that there are so few real character descriptions. As someone who seeks out representation in media because it validates my experience as a human being, it was really cool to be able to actually relate to characters. And as an artist? Being able to really do whatever-the-hell I wanted because no one could tell me I was wrong? It felt really good.

This was really the first time I felt I had the freedom to make people who looked like me. What was cool, as well, is the fact that people would send me messages and tell me how they felt they were represented in my art, or how it inspired them to create their own designs, etc. I only really started seriously posting my art on the internet a year ago, and being able to instill that feeling in others was really… Nice.

Recently, I talked about how I find white character designs “boring”. A lot of people took offence, and I got a lot of anonymous messages telling me I was wrong, that I was mean, etc. I didn’t get mad or upset, because at the end of the day I know that white people don’t understand what it’s like to not be represented in media. Seeing the same white guy over and over again gets old, especially when the art featuring these white designs gets the most attention, to be honest. Coming from a world where I’m a minority, to engage in a fandom - a proposed “safe space”, (or at least a conduit to escapism) where I’m still excluded and marginalised on that basis? Kinda sucks.

Over the past week I’ve had people constantly telling me I’m not drawing things right, that I’m being over-dramatic, that I’m not being nice - people getting defensive of white character designs, when in reality, I’m not attacking anyone. I’d hate for anyone to think as much.

But it’s disheartening, is the thing.

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i wanted to make a little appreciation post for all the avpd folks on here, so here’s to all the avoidants who:

  • spend hours or days working up the nerve to make that phone call
  • still share things with your friends even though everything in your body is screaming at you to stop
  • don’t text back for days or weeks at a time because it’s safer to let them wait than to humiliate yourself
  • can’t do anything in public comfortably, not even read, look at your phone, etc
  • stress sweat all the damn time
  • spend 40 minutes reading and rereading a post to make sure you didn’t accidentally say something stupid
  • have to use anger, snark, etc, to fuel yourself when you want to say something
  • are unfairly labeled as weak and timid because of you disorder

this doesn’t really even begin to encompass it, but i see you and i believe in you.

Lololol the reblogs in that Richard Spencer getting wrekt video have a bunch of people whining “omg why r u so mean? He was just being calm…. and y u say he’s a Nazi, like, he just said he’s not one …”

Dude literally says he wants “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of non-whites, and was the guy in the infamous video clip showing him making the Nazi salute while saying hail Trump. It’s almost as if Nazis almost always lie about not being Nazis when they know they’re out of their hugboxes and dealing with the general public

other FO Star Destroyers 

the Finalizer

lil psychosis things:

- *something moves in the corner of ur eye* *turn to look @ moving thing* *thing is now regular thing but you knOW ITS ONLY PRETENDING*
- bugs?? everywhere?? why are they in my skin and my hair why 
- is that a gif
- hey look these two delusions totally contradict each other but they are also somehow both true
- seriously is that a slow moving gif or a photo or
- thinkin ur friends arent real
- thinkin ur friends hate u 
- everyone is In On It. u arent sure what It is but they are In On It. 
- really slow moving hallucinations. u know the ones. like the floor is moving ever so slightly under ur feet or the ceiling shifts a lil and ur like god damn go big or go home son this is hurting my eyes 
- those voices that essentially just shitpost constantly
- tfw suddenly everything phases in and out of existence and ur like woah
- impulse control?? what is that?? 
- seriously i smashed a glass and then squeezed the shards??
- why did i do that
- who knows
- rage

where your heart is by anhcor + tvshows-addict

“things harry knows now, that he hadn’t known two hours ago:

louis is covered with skin. everywhere. and it’s all just as smooth and honey beautiful as the skin on his hands. it’s thick and richer in some places, more like crushed velvet than silk. but it’s all his. and all wonderful.”

We hit 500+ followers!! Thank you guys for being with me this whole time, I own you! and to you new followers? just chill on your seats while I tell you how I’m gonna celebrate this occasion

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Been wanting to do one of these things for a LONG time but never had the motivation to do one ^ w ^;;; 

The way we are doing it this is with my oc Betty, who’s right now is a bit skinny but I’m sure that you guys can fix this issue ¬ u ¬

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So let’s make this kitty a big and softer fatty of a kitty > u <!!

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dan makes me want to wear low-cut shirts and lipstick, and dance on bars in front of crowds. he makes me want to drink gin and make out with men twice my age. he makes me want to scream the lyrics to my favorite song out the passenger window of a car as it speeds down a deserted highway. he makes me want to be, for all the good and the bad of it, and he makes me want to live.

phil makes me want to wear short, bright skirts and paint my nails pretty colours. he makes me want to smile at strangers and laugh at the clouds and spin in circles for no reason whatsoever until i fall onto the grass. he makes me want to volunteer at a local animal shelter and clean my room and learn french. he makes me want to text my friends to make sure their day is going well. he makes me want to love, for the good and the bad of it, and he makes me want to create.

literally the worst thing on this website is when you see a post and it’s like “u know that feeling when all u really want to do is get into bed and lay down with all the lights off or like when ur friends text u but u just don’t have the energy to have a conversation with anyone” and then someone reblogs it and adds “actually, that’s a symptom of depression!” like…… no………….. that’s not how it works just because you sometimes feel tired and sometimes don’t want to talk to people it doesn’t make u depressed it makes u human and there’s nothing wrong with having depression and depression is definitely something that needs to be destigmatized/talked about but diagnosing people over like tumblr posts is not the way to go about it

My biggest fear is that i’ll always live a mediocre life and nothing will happen to me and i won’t go on adventures or achieve anything remarkable and i’ll just be another soul among million others doing a boring job… And the fact that this kind of life is actually inevitable scares me even more,,,