reblog this or ur gay

Reblog and see if you get a colour
  • mahogany: im gay
  • crimson: ur gay
  • scarlet: we're gay together. like together-together. we're dating.
  • blood orange: do u want to share a bowl of macaroni
  • honey: would you be open to ordering a pizza together sometime. like are we friends in that way
  • butterscotch: i would give you candy if i could
  • PANTONE® 315 C: i want to message you off anon but i am too shy
  • chartreuse: what do u think kissing is like
  • seafoam: we should be friends
  • teal: my friends say we should date
  • celadon: i want to hug you
  • wisteria: i support and believe in u
  • lavandar: please await further correspondence!
  • eggplant: boy howdy!

yall im just gonna come right out and say a thing that I Extremely want

remember how the “taaco” last name was kind of a goof and justin said he’d reveal taakos actual last name later on

imagine some years down the road. all the grand relics have been collected and destroyed, everything is ok enough that all the members of the bureau of balance are able to enjoy a relatively comfortable and secure life. stuff is good. and magnus and taako have been through some shit and it took them a long time, like an achingly long time, and things weren’t always good and there were false starts and dead ends, but they eventually realized that holy shit theyre completely, totally, cannot-live-without-each-other in love.

and it took magnus even longer to get past the doubt and the worry that something like ravens roost would happen again, or that moving forward meant abandoning julia, but he finally whittled a little walnut ring and fitted it with a diamond and he proposed to taako. and right then for probably?? the first time in his life?? taako had 0 doubts that he’d be abandoned, or betrayed, and knew he was loved unconditionally, and he said yes.

and the two of them plus merle are hanging out one afternoon. magnus is working on building a whole gazebo. taako is trying to figure out how to make a cake big enough for practically everyone they’d ever met. and merle is getting his notes ready to go ahead and fulfill his duties as both a cleric and their best friend and preside over their wedding. and its been such a long time that he’s never even thought to ask before since there was so much else that was more important, but he has to, now that theres a ceremony for him to bust out his extreme teen bible and oversee.

and merle looks up from his notes and over at taako and goes, “taako, what IS your last name?”

and taako thinks for a second. looks around. over at magnus, back to merle. and he goes

“it’s burnsides, darling.”


only cool kids and gremlins hang around outside of mcdonalds at 12:30 am