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A - Age: 21.
B - Biggest fear: all the things.
C - Current time: 9:08PM
E - Every day starts with: checking my phone/wondering if i can sleep in five more minutes/hating myself for how long i slept in if its my day off
F - Favourite song: oh man i don’t think i have one! i love sigh no more by mumford and sons though!
G - Ghosts are they real: i think so?
I - In love with: me gf.
K - Killed someone: no 
L - Last time you cried: like five minutes ago i love mental illness haha
M - Middle name:  michelle
N - Number of siblings: one
O - One wish: to get a job i like in the career im in! 
P - Person you last called/texted: my girlfriend
Q - Questions you are always asked: do you do musical theature?! (bc my last name. people are dumb)
R - Reasons to smile: dogs and memes and my girlfriends and cats
S - Song last sang: 69 Boyz (Tootsee Roll)
T - Time you woke up: 4pm bc depression
U - Underwear colour: tbh im wearing a t-shirt dress and no undies bc im about to take a bath haha
V - Vacation destination: tokyo! my gf wants to go so bad and i really want to take her!
W - Worst habit: literally so many bc im an awful person haha
X - X-Rays you’ve had: soooo many, tho i’ve never broken a bone
Y - Your favourite food: mac and cheese!
Z - Zodiac sign: leo 

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petition to move girl meets world from disney channel to freeform

disney isn’t very open to exploring mature topics because it’s a channel aimed at kids. gmw is a show aimed at tweens/teens. on freeform, the maturity and lgbt representation levels and other current phenomenas in this society are beyond great and this is amazing because gmw is supposed to be realistic and showing what it’s like to be in this day and age, not what it’s like to be 10 (i’m sorry if i’ve insulted any ten year olds haha.)
on freeform gmw could talk about mental illnesses, breaking gender roles, risky topics like blm, underage drinking or smoking–so many things that should be spoken about but aren’t.
signing this petition will get the idea of gmw being killed off of disney channel to freeform proposed, and this really needs all the signatures it can get please- and it would be really helpful if you signed, shared with friends, reblogged this and everything else that you can. in advance, if you do sign this, thank you so much in advance for working towards improving this show!
petition here: