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i hate it when people think our symptoms are fine when they’re Trendy and Relatable but then as soon as we show some sort of severe symptom they suddenly want nothing to do with us lmao

what I love abt people that watch dan & phil is like. to anyone else we’d appear to hate them. like we say “goddammit dan” or “how disgusting can you believe these two??” or my personal fave: “I hate both of them so much” and other people are just like ????? if you hate them so much why do you reblog these two men??? but d&p watchers will know

bored-and-fat  asked:

i would like a ship, im 5'3 111lbs, i have problems with my family and self image. i have no friends and am always alone. my hair is black my eyes are green and i like cooking and art. im also really dumb

(I think you meant to send this to my other blog @askingexorcists but it’s fine! I cba to screenshot and add it to my other asks, so I’ll just do your ship on here and reblog it on my aoex account! & also lmao u sound just like me except i can’t cook for shit, but i make the best toast ever !!)


Rin Okumura

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Rin would hate how your a little self conscious because he doesn’t see any problems with you at all

Although he understands how you feel and always reminds you of how beautiful you are

He always is willing to talk about your family and listen to any problems your having

He would urge you to make up with them before it’s too late and make sure you don’t make the same mistake he did

However, if the circumstances were worse, he wouldn’t push you into it and instead comfort you in every way he possibly can

Would always offer you to crash at his dorm for a while

Mephisto probably wouldn’t care 

But Rin would sneak you in anyway

Rin loves your art and thinks your the most amazing person he knows simply because of the things your able to create

He loves that you love to cook

You two and sometimes Ukobach (and Kuro who id just there hovering over drooling cause FOOD!!) are always in the kitchen making snacks and trying new recopies together

You and Rin met when when he bought some snacks to eat at lunch of a student stand, and then a little while later he came back for more. He asked you where you bought the food from because it tasted so amazing, you then told him you made it yourself and he was stunned. You then ate lunch together whilst talking all about cooking, food and your favourite dishes to make. He invited you over after school one time to cook together and you agreed. Ever since then you’ve both just deeply connected with one another. He introduced you to his friends when he invited them over to try all your combined amazing dishes. Ever since then not only have you had amazing friends, but an amazing boyfriend too.

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okay so i know these posts are really annoying when they take up space in tags but this is a sideblog so im really looking for new blogs!! so feel free to reblog (or like too) this is you post:

-boys republic
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lmao I’m that meme of ‘I won’t hesitate bitch’ when it comes to blocking people like the second you reblog my posts n say some negative shit ur #blocked. you can reblog my post n be like ‘I hate jesse mccartney’ and automatically u are dead to me n I won’t receive any of your notes or your messages like sorry but I don’t allow that kind of thinkin in my house.


most anime and manga reblogs will be on @yohakkai now instead of @grumpyfeathers!

ur welcome, u ppl who (rightfully) hate anime

ppl who might be interested, STUFF U MAY SEE OVER THERE:

  • paprika/various satoshi kon stuff
  • full metal alchemist
  • yuri on ice
  • saiyuki/saiyuki gaiden
  • mononoke medicine seller
  • kuroshitsuji
  • samurai champloo/cowboy bebop
  • urasawa’s monster (still The Best Sorry)
  • nabari no ou
  • durarara
  • house of five leaves
  • eureka seven
  • hellsing

i guess dramas will go over there too? i’ve only ever watched one though–the jdrama nobuta wo produce

which made me cry


and a few games:

  • tales of the abyss
  • tales of zestiria which i pretty much just forgot i was playing which is weird because I LOVE SOREY AND MIKLEO SO MUCH

okay that’s all!!! announcement over

 i have to go to sleep now and also try to not die bc my body is so broken lol good night

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  • cockles/j2/mishalecki - any cast loving basically
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when is taehyung gonna come hold my hand and tell me i’m cute? 😊

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Owari no Seraph

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Shingeki no Kyojin

Tokyo Ghoul


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so i need new blogs to follow so u could like / reblog if you post any of the following

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people are reblogging that communismkills post like “oh shit u got her ashley” when really all she said was “i hate muslims” and when i called her opinions stupid i was expected to back that up with fact??? conservatives and libertarians are WILD lmao

this has been bugging me for a while now and i think its just time i let it out?? im rly upset w the way my blog is rn.  the entire pastel thing 1. makes it hard to update (since my dash has rly little pastel stuff) and 2. my blog has become more of an aesthetic blog which ngl,, i hate.  i want to actually enjoy my blog and what i post here so im gna make some Changes lmao,, always remember my pastel phase + pls like this post if u see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!